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Janna Build Guide by Evilbusy

Janna, Queen of CC

Janna, Queen of CC

Updated on September 3, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Evilbusy Build Guide By Evilbusy 14 0 53,588 Views 30 Comments
14 0 53,588 Views 30 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Evilbusy Janna Build Guide By Evilbusy Updated on September 3, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hi, and welcome to my Janna Guide, I'll be explaining in depth about playing Support Janna and all its epicness, I'll explain everything as much as possible and ill be updating the guide regularly. I'm not really a competitive League of Legends player so I hope this will help you with normal's, and if good enough ranked play.
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Pros and Cons

+ Lots of cc
+ Attack damage buff
+ Shield
+ can interrupt channeled abilities
+ best joke ever
- Squishy
- Hard to land Tornado for new players
- Wrong use of ulti can ruin a team fight
- Not good with bad laning phase AD champs, E.G. Vayne
- Only one heal, which is her ulti and it has a long CD
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Support Role

Support, in my opinion, is a very important role in a League of Legends game. Not only do they have the capability to change the outcome of a team fight from a loss to a win, they also provide utility to a team, be that heals or CC and also able to build supportive items like Aegis of the Legion or Zeke's Herald which provide an AoE effect to Buff your team, or items like Frozen Heart to debuff the opposing enemy's.

They also provide vision to the team by using Sight wards or Vision Wards around the map, showing key map objectives like Dragon and Nashor or keeping there team safe by using the wards at key points to avoid ganks from the jungler or other lanes.

There is many different ways to support in League of Legends, for example you could provide sustain in a lane with heals like Soraka, or provide CC like Janna or you can even do both with Champions like Alistar or Taric.
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Summoner Spells

I always take this whilst playing Janna, usually with an offensive summoner spell like Exhaust / Ignite, but Flash is a must for escaping ganks etc.

Can replace Flash it would work well with your passive and your passive from Zephyr.

Don't really take heal unless the AD (Attack damage) carry is taking something other then Heal, if the carry doesn't take it, you should replace your offensive summoner ability with it.

Was in the old meta for supports to take Clairvoyance, but after the nerf I see more use in summoner spells like Exhaust or Heal, but if you wan't to keep track of the enemy's jungler and to watch for ganks, take it.

I only ever take this if we're against a Soraka in lane and the AD carry still wants to take heal.

My most used second summoner spell, able to reduce the damage of the enemy's carry by 70% and movement speed by 40%. A must have on any team.

Any summoner spell not mentioned in my opinion isn't worth taking.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
I take this rune because of the sole fact that you'll be against an AD carry, making them not hit as hard against you, it keeps you durable and able to stay in lane longer.

Same reason as Greater Mark of Armor makes you more durable and you're able to stay in lane longer.

I take Magic Resist per level glyph's because you won't really be fighting the AP carry / AP solo top until you start roaming or team fighting, and they're better then flat runes after you hit level nine. So it helps you later on in the game unlike the flat armor runes which are only really there for when you're in lane.

these Quints give you 1 gold every 10 seconds, this with your Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold will be raking you in 13 gold every 10 seconds, which makes it so your AD carry is able to farm whilst you sit back and baby sit them whilst actually getting an income of your own without needing to farm.

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Other viable Runes

These could be useful to make your abilities hit a little bit harder, but I don't see why they should be because you're the support, but if you wanna do some extra damage, I suggest taking these.

These would be good if you find you're going OOM (Out Of Mana) too quickly, giving you some extra MP5 & Janna is really mana hungry early so they could benefit you quite a lot.

These Glyphs are good if you would like to change around the Item build provided to make sure you hit the 40% CDR cap.

These Quints grant you more health, making you able to take more hits, these are great if you don't feel the need for the 3 GP10 Quints.
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Tier 1 // ] Summoner's Insight - The 15 second reduction on Flash from this mastery makes it worth the one point, being able to use your escape summoner spell 15 seconds sooner makes you that much safer in a game.
I take Expanded Mind because ss Janna, you're pretty mana hungry early game. So the increased mana enables you to stay in lane longer then you would of if you didn't take these.

Tier 2 // Meditation - Same reason I take Expanded Mind the mana regeneration is useful to you early game as you're mana hungry.
Taking Scout as a support, in my opinion is one of the most needed mastery in this build, it grants your wards an increased vision range of 5%, and as you should be warding a lot it is really beneficial.

Tier 3 // Greed - I take this because it gives you more GP10, and as a support you won't be creep farming so you'll need all the help you can get trying to get some gold.

Tier 4 // Wealth is really so I can buy an extra Health Potion for lane sustain for levels 1 - 5.
Awareness - I take this because you're receiving less experience then what you would be doing if you where creep farming and trying to net some kills, so the increased experience is beneficial to you.
Sage this helps you again with your Income, you're receiving more gold on assists which enables you to buy more supportive items for your team.

Tier 5 // Intelligence I skip this because you're already reviving 40% CDR from your item build, so its just a waste of three mastery points.

Hardiness - Same reason I use Armor runes, more defense in lane

Durability & Veteran's Scars - More health and more health regeneration. Why not? Makes you more durable and you're able to take more damage.
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Skills, and how they should be used.


In my opinion, one of the best passives in the game. It gives everyone on your team 3% Increased movement speed, which benefits everyone. (The passive is lost on everyone if you die as Janna)

Howling Gale

This ability is very useful in lane and in team fights, its able to knock up the enemy team for a duration, its very good for chasing enemy's, and retreating.

The knock up duration is 0.8 seconds, and increases by 0.1 seconds for every second it charges for, the distance and damage is also increased. (Charges for 3 seconds)

Interrupting - Its able to interrupt channeled abilities like Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero or Katarina's Death Lotus, making them do less damage then they would do if they where channeled for the full duration.

Chasing - When chasing an enemy, this ability could easily stop them in there tracks and secure a kill for your team, if you're able to Flash Howling Gale and you are sure to secure a kill for your team, then you should.

Retreating - While running away from a gank or people chasing you or a low health team member you can send out a quick tornado to slow them down and making it a lot easier for you or your team mate to escape without dying.

Ganking - When another champion, be that the Jungler or another lane, comes to gank your lane you should try your best to hit them with a Howling Gale because it could mean the difference of ensuring a kill and them getting away.


Passive - Increases Janna's moment speed by 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 % and makes it able for her to move though units. When running away from someone I think its best to keep this Passive up and not using it to slow the enemy chasing you. The reason is because the cool down is a lot longer then the actual slow, and also it enables you to move through units. So you get more benefit from the passive then the slow whilst running away.

Active - This ability slows whoever she targets with it for 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 % for four seconds, but loosing the Passive. When chasing a target you should use this to slow down the enemy to get in range for a quick Howling Gale, also its useful when an enemy champion is chasing one of your team mates and you're able to slow them and then knock them up.

Eye of the Storm

Janna shields her target absorbing 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 damage and increasing there attack damage by 14 / 23 / 32 / 41 / 50. (Attack damage buff is lost when shield breaks) This ability is what makes Janna who she is, its absorbs damage and gives the person with the shield increased Attack damage, which is amazing because throughout the game you're in lane with an AD (Attack damage) carry. It gives them more damage whilst shielding them from enemy damage, it can also be used on turrets to stop some incoming damage on them, which makes this skill have a lot of uses.


Janna knocks back all enemy champions 875 units and channels healing winds restoring 70 / 110 / 150 health to all friendly targets stood in the winds. This ability has a lot of uses, it can be used to heal; interrupt, break up a team and knocking enemy's into your team.

Interrupting - Just like Howling Gale this ability can be used to interrupt channeled spells, it can also be used to knock back enemy's using ability's like Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom and negating most of the damage from that particular ability.

Healing - I don't use this ability as a heal that much, unless its really needed (for example whilst fighting Nashor and everyone is really low) but occasionally you'll be able to get off the full channel in a team fight and a little bit of a heal is better then no heal at all.

Breaking up a team - Being able to get in between the tanks and the carry's and splitting them up is what I use this ability for the most. Splitting a tank away from a carry will make it easier for your carry's and tanks to focus there carry's thus winning a team fight.

Knocking enemy champions into your team - This is also a great way to use your ultimate, flash ulting onto an over extended enemy might just win you the game, creating what would of been a 5v5 team fight into a 4v5 just because you where able to catch them off guard.

Here's a quick video with some good ways to use a Janna ultimate, hope you enjoy:

Note: This isn't my video, all credit to x8thful who uploaded the video on youtube.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

I priorities my ulti over everything because the healing from it increases with each level.

Next is my Eye Of The Storm this comes second because leveling it up makes the shield absorb more damage, and the AD boost is greater the more you level it up.

This comes third because the more points you put into it, the greater the slow speed & the movement increase is from it.

This comes last because the only difference in the higher levels is the damage, and you're not there to do damage you're there to support the team in any way you can.
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Item Sequence

Vision Ward 75
Stealth Ward 0
Stealth Ward 0
Health Potion 50
Nomad's Medallion 850
Boots 300
Ruby Crystal 400
Heart of Gold 825
Oracle's Elixir 400
Aegis of the Legion 1400
Frozen Heart 2500
Mercury's Treads 1100
Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Randuin's Omen 2700

I always start the game off with Faerie Charm, Vision Ward, 2x Sight Ward and a Health Potion. I get the Faerie Charm because of the mana regen and it'll aso build into my Philosopher's stone later on the game. The wards for warding around bottom lane but the Vision Ward is so I can clear up the wards from the enemy team making it so my jungeler can gank.

On your first back you should be picking up your Philosopher's stone and Boots, make sure you buy wards. If you have the choice between Boots & three Vision Wards pick up the wards, you should always have wards in the river between you and mid, I can't stress enough how important wards are. You should be buying them every single time you go back to base.
Philosopher's stone This should be the first item you pick up on your first back, it gives gold per 10, health regeneration and mana regeneration, all the stats are useful to you and it'll build into Shurelya's Battlesong later on in the game. Philosopher's stone

On your second back you should be picking up Heart of Gold and some more wards, and if you can afford it an Oracle's Elixir. Remember... Don't forget wards!
Your next gold per 10 item, same reason as why you pick up Philosopher's Stone and you get bonus health!

This, in my opinion is one of the best support items in the game, it gives you armor, health and magic resistance and also gives out a unique aura of +12 armor, +15 magic resist and +8 damage to allied champions. Its a cheap and effective item and gives everyone around you a decent buff.

All around well rounded item for you as a support, granting you 99 armor, 500 mana, 20% CDR and an aura which slows enemy attack speed by 20% Surely to reduce the damage out put from the AD carry and making you more durable in team fights.

This is also a very good support item, building from your Philosopher's Stone it makes it a must buy for any support. Giving you 330 health, 30 health regeneration, 15 mana regeneration and 15% cool down reduction. It also has a one in a kind active ability where it speeds you and nearby friendly champions by 40% making it great for retreating and chasing enemy's. If you're having trouble with warding and engaging/escaping from enemy teams you could also build this straight after your Aegis of the Legion

This is an all around great item to have late game, giving you armor health and health regeneration it just makes you that bit more tankier, also giving you a unique active which slows the attack speed and movement speed everyone around you for 35%. Which makes it a must have for late game team fights. Building off your Heart of Gold makes it that much more appealing.

I take these boots because I don't feel the need for Ionian Boots of Lucidity because i'm already hitting the 40% CDR cap with my item build, also they're really good for a team with high CC.
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Other viable Items

Zeke's Herald Another well rounded item, good to build if you have (for example) Lee Sin Jungling and a Jax solo top, providing Lifesteal and attack speed for them, making them do more damage in a shorter space of time and able to heal themselfs more in fights. I would replace Frozen Heart with this if I feel the need to build it. I'd also suggest getting an Elixer of Brilliance if you decide to build this just to boost you up to that 40% CDR cap. Zeke's Herald

This is a great item if you're getting destroyed by the enemy team AP Carry's, it also provides a debuff to all nearby enemy champions reducing there magic resist by 20, making your AP Carry's hit harder. I would suggest replacing your Zeke's Herald with this if needed.

Your AP Carry needs the extra spell vamp? He's getting destroyed in a short space amount of time? No problem! With this Item you're sure to help them survive a little longer, also with champions like Kennen they already build a WoTA giving them the benefit of the aura you give out with this item, and the passive from his own WoTA. I would suggest replacing your Zeke's Herald with this if needed.

This is a newer item in League of Legends and its perfect for supports! It builds off your Heart of Gold and provides you and nearby friendly champions with a shield absorbing 50 (+10 per level) damage and also granting them 15 health regeneration per second. It also gives you a nice 35 armor and 300 health, i'd only really build this if you or your squishes are being killed too quickly it makes your team more able team to absorb some more damage.

Another way to get a quick and cheap armor boost if they have a lot of AD Damage coming from there team.
Having trouble counter warding because you're always getting caught? These boots will sort out that problem, making you run even faster then before.
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Role in team fights

There are 3 key things needed from a Janna in a team fight:
You need to position yourself correctly with Monsoon or Howling Gale to make sure you don't knock back enemy tanks into your carries, this could potentially ruin your chances of winning the team fight.

Are the enemy tanks attached to your Carries? Monsoon or Howling Gale them to peel them off your carries and make is easier for them to hit there carries.
Do they have a channeled hard hitting champion ultimate like Galio's? Try to stand back so you don't get taunted too, when your team gets taunted you need to send out a quick Howling Gale to disrupt it.
Can you break up there team making it easier for your tanks to attach to there carries? Basically you need to get into the middle of there team and Monsoon there carries into your team and try your best to knock the tanks away.

If your tanks aren't able to defend the carries you need to try your best to be there wall, even though you're pretty squishy yourself you can defend carries pretty well.
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As a support you should always be buying wards, be that sight wards or Vision wards its a must!!! Below is a map of Summoners rift and a short explanation on what all the different colored dots mean.

Red dots - High priority defense wards, are a must throughout the game.

Yellow dots - Low priority defense wards, provide some more defense throughout the game, some are only really needed while you're in the lane.

Purple dots - Objective wards, usually warded throughout the game with Vision Ward's to keep an eye on them and make it so the enemy don't have vision on them.

This is an Image from a game I won, as you can see i'm mid with the Talon because I was roaming around warding and ganking, some key points in this picture is that the river from mid to bot is fully warded for my AD carry to avoid ganks, also objectives like Baron, dragon and there blue buff is warded. This is what the map usually looks like for me till about 20 mins, then I start roaming up the river between mid and top to ward Baron, there red buff and put some defensive / offensive wards down depending how the games going.
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There is a few champions which work well with Janna, and ill be explaining some of them in this section of the guide.

Strong Champions

One of my favorite lane comps, incredible CC with Frost Arrows, Enchanted Crystal Arrow and your abilities. Great harass and a very hard lane to gank.

Tactic: A good tactic is for Ashe to fire a point blank Enchanted Crystal Arrow and start nuking the stunned champion, whilst shes doing this, you should position yourself behind the stunned champion and cast Monsoon to knock them into Ashe. Next you should always try and stay in front of the champion you're nuking and Zypher them to make this a little more easier, Because you're in front of them if they flash you'll still be in range to Howling Gale them. This tactic should pick you up an easy kill, or at least burn a flash.

I love being in a lane with a Miss Fortune there abilities seem to complement each other, your Howlining Gale keeping the enemy champions in her Bullet Time, her passive Strut harmonies greatly with your Tailwind, and her damage! Great for a super aggressive lane.

Tactic: Get up behind your targeted champion and Monsoon them, wherever they land your Miss Fortune should use Make it Rain to slow them, then you should Zephyr them and Miss Fortune should use her Bullet Time. Whilst Miss Fortune is using her ulti you should Howling Gale them to keep the champion inside it. After this combo they should be dead or low health Zephyr them and because of Miss Fortune Passive you should be able to pick up a kill.

Weak Champions

This comp is one of the weakest in the game in my opinion, because of her squishy and low damaged early game Vayne needs a tanky / agressive support like Alistar, Taric or an agressive Sona. She could also work with a sustain support ( Soraka) Janna doesn't really fit with her, but it could still work if you play defensibly. One thing I can't stress enough is that you and Vayne won't be able to win a 2v2 vs most comps, so let Vayne afk farm till level 6 then devastate them with your CC combo.

Tactic: Vayne should pop her Final Hour and stun the champion into the wall with Condemn after the 1.5 seconds of nuking you should try and Monsoon them into Vayne, Howling Gale them, then Zephyr them to slow so Vayne can carry on nuking. If Vayne has enough damage you should be able to kill them or blow there flash.

This isn't a bad comp, but I don't really like playing Janna with a Caitlyn, I don't really know why but its just something about the lane which feels like she should also be with a champion like Alistar or Taric

Tactic: Engage on this with your Howling Gale Whilst you're doing that Caitlyn should use Buck Shot to make sure it hits. Then try to position yourself to knock the enemy into your Caitlyn with Monsoon. Zephyr them to slow so Caitlyn can keep up to auto attack, this should net you a kill if the Caitlyn is hitting hard enough with each auto attack, enemy escape on low health? No problem, Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole should be able to finish them off.
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Just some pictures of my games with Janna / others with the help of this guide. Just for some fun really.
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What needs to be done

What needs to be done
    Adding 'Other viable Item' section. - Completed
    Making the guide a bit more pretty. - Completed
    Adding some headers to the guide. - Completed
    Adding more information to the 'warding' section. - Completed
    Adding more information to the 'Champions' section. <-- Next to be updated.
    Adding more information to the 'Role in team fights' section
    Adding more information to the 'Other viable Runes' Section.
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Change Log.

Change log

Published Guide! 07/07/12
Started 'Warding' section. 07/07/12
Started 'Champion' section. 07/07/12
Edited my map for warding. (credit goes to The LZ for correcting me on this) 07/07/12
Edited Vayne information. (credit goes to The LZ for correcting me on this) 07/07/12
Edited Item build. 08/07/12
Got my CDR from 45% to 40%. (Credit to Gott der 7 Meere for helping) 08/07/12
Edited masteries. 08/07/12
Added 'Picture' Section. 08/07/12
Edited 'Warding' section. 08/07/12
Added 'Role in team fights' Section (Credit to Icecreamy for suggesting) 08/07/12
Edited 'Mastery' Section. 08/07/12
Added my pretty banners (Credit to LaCorpse for making them) 08/07/12
Added 'Other viable Runes' Section 10/07/12
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Special Thanks

I would like to thank jhoijhoi for her 'Make a guide' guide, and also for the coding and dividers. Check out her guides!

Making a Guide?

Also I would like to thank IceCreamy for his help with columns and coding for them too! Check out his guides!

How to use and make colums

Would like to say thanks to Gott der 7 Meere for helping me with my item build to hit the 40% CDR cap.

Would really like to thank LaCorpse for the banners, they're really pretty and you should check out her Banners & Sig shop!

LaCorpse's Signature Café!

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