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Jarvan IV Build Guide by WorrDragon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WorrDragon

Jarvan IV, Carrying 4 for Season 4.

WorrDragon Last updated on February 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro to WorrDragon

Hey everyone and welcome to one of WorrDragon's guides to dominating Solo Queue.

These guides are specifically based around building your champion to allow the best possible carrying capability in solo queue games.

My name is WorrDragon and I am a S3 Diamond Jungle Main who is well known for articles and coaching on, Activity within the Reign of Gaming Forums and activity within the Reddit/r/Leagueoflegends community.

You can find my stream at
or my Youtube at

My LoLking account can be found here

Check out my stream series right now on how to climb from silver to Diamond in which I give explicit instruction on how to take your play to the next level, one move at a time.

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Introduction to Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is one of my all time favorite characters. He offers a kit of control, mobility, damage, and straight up domination. He has the capability to tank, deal massive burst dmg, control objectives, and absolutely carry games.

If you feel like your team has been too heavy and you just don't know how to carry them, it may be time to try out Jarvan. This character can completely shift the tide of a game
single handed through proper timing, skill usage, and target understanding.

In this guide I will be touching on a style of play focused around early damage utilization to control the speed of the game via successful Ganking, counter Jungling, and overall impact.

I hope you enjoy.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

High burst damage High Mobility champion with CC.
High Tank from skills from passive gain on E and shield from W.
Team Attack speed Steroid.
Massive team fight control.
Excellent Ganking capability.
Hp Based Passive Dmg.
Scales extremely well into late game and has carry capability.

Cons -

Combo sometimes tricky and difficult to land.
Fairly long starting Cooldowns.
Relatively Low sustained damage without itemization.
Possible game throwing ultimate when used incorrectly.
Slow clear times.
Objective control low compared with other strong jungles (Elise, Lee sin, Vi.)

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To start with runes, we're going to lean towards a fairly basic jungle setup on armor seals and MR scaling glyphs.

The reason we do this, is because the Flat armor seals allow us to have better jungle control early through good damage mitigation and the scaling MR adds to our late game Tankiness so that in most situations we won't have to focus more than 1 item on MR. To give you a quick rundown on the armor, Each point of armor increases our Effective Health 1%. and at early levels we are talking heavy damage mitigation via the armor seals. That armor will make all the difference with our initial few clears due to the fact that Jarvan is simply not the best camp clearer in the game. We have a great passive to utilize if we switch targets, but it just doesn't simply add up to the early clear times we see on characters like Udyr, Gragas, Amumu or Shyvana.

We're gonna run 5 Arpen and 4 Dmg runes on this guy giving us just a tiny tough of added AD and a good amount of armor pen. Base Armor penetration stacks very well with his natural shred caused from Q and having a bit of it early will make a good difference on your clear time and a huge difference on the burst damage caused by your Q,E,Passive, Ult combo.

Lastly I run MS Quints. People often hate on this choice, and I understand "Different strokes for different folks". But I like having Movespeed. It gives me more map control, gives me more capability to outplay and dodge skill shots, and allows me to get to my gank target easier. (more on this in the patience section)

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Last season I was a 21/9/0 Jarvan. I lived and thrived off the offensive tree and the dmg it could give me. But as of now, the defensive tree is just too strong to pass up. (Watch for updates to the guide). It's a pretty standard setup for mastries, but I take the CDR over attack speed in offense because I feel like Jarvan isn't much of a SWING SWING SWING SWING champion. I need to be able to utilize my skills to deal proper dmg, and utilize them often. I often treat my junglers like Boxer's and I Stick (E+Q) Stick (passive attack) Move. (RUN AWAYYY!!!!) Then when I get them offguard, I repeat with another combo and (VINCE CARTER!!!) DUNK some fools.

Tenacious is an amazing stat this season. Get it. (+15 armor and 7.5 MR in the middle of their team? What a freaking efficient stat.)

I take second wind because I often buy Spirit Visage and get a Hydra. The combination below 20% of Slapping someone with a hydra, proccing the hydra, with SV and Second wind allows for quite a massive amount of life regen. Generally I can get a quick 200-300 hp through this action. (if you KNOW you aren't going to take the hydra build path, or get a warmogs. it may be a slight burn on you, in that case sac the 1 point for reinforced armor if they have some crit heavy champs like cait, trist, jinx or for the extra 2 mr for a point in resistance.)


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The items should be fairly self explanatory. Elder lizard adds huge control in fights, and with the upgraded Spirit stone adding the dmg allows for better sustain in the jungle. You lose out on the tenacity so if you REALLY need to get that tenacity, (Aka their team has a ton of high burst dmg CC and your team already has a ton of dmg and you are the only tank) I strongly recommend considering AG.

It's important for you to get Elder lizard and mobilities as soon as possible. This will allow you to have good map control and be able to respond to gank reads and counter gank reads more quickly. The most important skill in a jungle's kit is his timing. This comes in the form of the ability to read and respond to the enemy jungle and apply pressure where and when it is needed.

I can not impress upon you enough how important it is to always keep potions and wards on you early. Pot's will allow you to keep farming for longer obviously, but in addition you can (AND SHOULD ALWAYS) pop a pot before going for a gank if under full hp. This will allow you to make sure you are capable of taking as much damage as possible. I have many times walked away from a gank with under 50 hp. Potions make HUGE differences.

Also - A 75g ward could be the difference between stealing an enemy buff and getting a kill, or getting killed. If you properly time buffs (basic blue buff 2nd spawn 7:10) and drop a ward in their brush 10-15 seconds prior, or have a ward that spots the jungle out of position, you can make easy work of it. and remember, stealing a blue or a red will completely refund your ward money as well as give you your 2 and a half minutes of added statistics which will EASILY make up your money in clear/ganks.

Following your initial buys, you can go a few different ways. I'll grab a Brutalizer if I'm doing very well to add that oh so important CDR, Arpen, and Dmg. Remember that hands down the most important things in Jarvan's early game arsenal should be his mobility and burst dmg, making CDR, mobility and Armorpen your three most important features. As the game goes on, We want to get control and survivability. That's where the Randuins and Spirit visage come in.

With EL - BRUT - Spirit visage + runes we have 35% CDR and huge burst dmg. We can easily get everywhere we need to get (whether it's offensively or defensively). Adding a Randuins into the mix makes us DECEPTIVELY tanky with our E passive, and when added onto our already ridiculous mobility and W slow, we have complete and utter control of situations.

Finish up with necessities. If you've noticed your team is having problem killing things, and that you're generally not taking all that much dmg before your team is dying, Pick up the Hydra to allow for some serious damage gains. If i can ult 3 chars, Slap em with a combo (remember the armor shred from Q?) And that Slap my Martial cadence proc on each target and proc my hydra, I can lay down an absolutely devastating amount of damage to the entire group.

If you are dying too fast, and need to be tankier, adjust accordingly. ADC is destroying you single handedly? (F*(&$&@^ VAYNE) get a thorn mail. Is it multiple AD targets and you are having trouble with kiting? Grab an IBG For more dmg, armor, and aoe control. 2-3 Ap's on their team and you are getting Slaughtered? Grab a banshee's vail.

In the event you are facing a Kassadin or leblanc who are starting to become a problem, Get a hexdrinker early and utilize that amazing life saver to take back the snowball.

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Skill Sequence

E at lvl 1. Attack speed, passive armor boost, Dmg, vision. Don't question it. If you take anything else first, Stop.

Some people level E first. It's not a bad decision. It gives more dmg from distance, it's a much easier skill shot to land than Q, and it gives slightly better creep clear with the added attack speed bonus.

I don't.

You decide what works best for you. I like killing champions. Armor shred kills champions.



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Ok, So let's take a second to go over the basics on Jarvan's skills.

This guy has an amazing kit. He has double mobility (triple if you include flash) and both include a type of CC. The only major issue is that since the patch especially his E+Q combo is difficult to land when rushed.

His W offers a slow with a decent shield if he's really in the fray.

His E gives a decent attack speed buff that works wonders for powering down objectives and it also gives vision. THIS VISION IS HUGE. THIS IS WHY WE ALWAYS TAKE THIS AT LEVEL 1. (remember?)

So. Jarvan ult. Tricky skill I hear. Some people say that there are still friendly champions still stuck in the cataclysm from 2009, but that my friends may just be an old ghost story. Did you know you can put your ult down? IF you didn't, now you do. HIT R AGAIN! simple. If someone jumps out and you want to chase them, Hit R again and continue. caught your own team in it at a bad time? slam R again and run.

*pro tip* ** Jarvan's ultimate can be used to save lives yo. friend got caught out of position? Entire team chasing him down? Ult the one's closest to him (as long as they are out of range of him getting stuck) then E+Q out leaving the wall up and them stuck inside. Too close to the guy? E+Q combo in to slow them down, Ult the team together, Flash out. IT IS WORTH WASTING YOUR FLASH TO SAVE AN ALLY ** This may seem like common knowledge to some... but it's not to most. Really.. Most people don't do this.

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Jungle paths and Gank understanding.

I highly suggest if you want to know how to play Jarvan in the jungle, (Creep Path, Ganking and more) That you take a look at this video. It also shows how to turn your team of solo q teammates into a team and utilize their strengths with yours by giving you a sense of leadership via friendliness. Be friendly to your teams guys. It will pay off more often than not.

It can be found here.

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Patience is key

The best tips I can give you with playing Jarvan is that patience is key guys. Too often I see Jarvan's rush into top lane for a gank, and immediately toss down that combo only to be side stepped by a skilled player or be beaten out by instant mobility (Renekton Slice/Dice, lee sin Iron Will, yada yada).

But Worr, How do I gank if I don't combo?
Good question! You ready for this ? You RUN UP TO THE GUY AND SLAP HIM IN THE FACE!!
But Worr, Won't he just use those same mobility skills to run away from me?
But Worr, If he uses mobility away from me, won't I have to use my own mobility to catch him?
Wow, You are truly brilliant reader! Yes Yes you will. But the only difference, is now he has no way of dodging your combo. He has most likely just utilized his mobility and put himself in a single spot where it would be very simple for you to simply combo him up, Slap him with martial Cadence, and Utilize W to slow and allow for your teammate to catch up. Other wise, he's going to flash. (remember, if you gank and get a flash. You've had a successful gank, just remember to come back and score a kill within the 5 minutes it's down.)

**Tip ** Wait till the target has landed from the knock-up to smash W, Don't want to waste a crucial half a second of your slow on a non moving target.
**Tip #2** When possible, Run up to your target, Attack with martial cadence and Slam W. This will allow your laner to catch up and get in closer to be ready for you to combo in, If at all possible save your combo unless necessary, or for after the enemy flashes so you can secure the kill post flash, keeping your combo up may also be the difference between life and death in the event of a counter gank. If an Elise randomly shows up and tosses a cocoon at your face, you will be very happy you have that mobility up to get away.

Remember guys. Patience is key, so keep calm, time your skills and make sure to utilize properly.

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Alright guys.

That's all I've got for you for this guide. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by my stream and say hi. I love talking to my viewers and will always answer any and all questions you can throw at me. If you can't stop by, Shoot me an E-mail at or stop by
to contact me or any of my teammates.

Good luck out there summoners,
Keep calm and creep on.