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League of Legends Build Guide Author Periphetes

Jarvan - Jungle King (v112)

Periphetes Last updated on March 5, 2011
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This is a mix of standard warwick and xin jungle builds, but using Jarvan. The general goal behind the build is to carry WINS with horrible players on each side (hence 99% of my normals). I would not suggest playing this in ranked unless you are in 'elo hell', since it is easy to counter. The items and runes are designed to allow you to simply zip around the map without stopping your farm and gank, plus add tons of dps without going overboard and becoming squishy.

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Pros / Cons

-EXTREME dps and cc
-AMAZING ganks
-Sturdy jungling
-Not squishy
-Takes advantage of your own team missing minion kills

-Requires map awareness
-Requires some skill (if you mess up a gank, you have now become your team's QQ goat)
-Can't kill tanks very quickly
-Somewhat vulnerable to mages in midgame

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Just enough to get your first jungle trip down, and FAST.

More jungle efficiency

More jungle efficiency

The sooner you get these, the sooner you can zip around and stop your team feeding (or gank the enemy team). Failing to rush these will make your farm slower and your ganks sparse.

More surv, plenty to keep you at full hp between fights for the rest of the game.

As long as you remember to pop it (i suggest binding it to mouse wheel or side button), the absolute best early jungle ganking item. On top of that, stacking with Madred's Razors makes you bulldoze the jungle creeps.

Around midgame, and since you have Madred's Razors already, the most efficient item after Sword of the Divine. You shouldn't need any surv items yet, if you runed right.

A matter of preference and usually worth the money, skip this item if only one enemy is using armor at all, but in general you will pick it up.

You are a farming beast, and this item fits right in with that role for some defense. As a nice bonus, you don't have to debate over what to buy to counter the enemy at this point.

At this point, Atma's Impaler will be your standard item, but FoN can be better if they have any super-fed mages.

The Bloodthirsterx1-2 (2 would be skipping and replacing Warmog's) if you have already snowballed the enemy team into oblivion and they are of no concern, you just need to push towers down.

Thornmail if the enemy has one fed, or multiple average physical dps. (IE: fed tryn, average MF+ashe)

If you ever feel like you WANT them, buy as many Health Potion as you feel you need. Likewise with sight ward.

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Skill Sequence

I max first simply because it's best offensive spell by a mile. Since we build Attack Speed, is not very good and we max out first. One point in for the mobility and early jungle aoe.

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Creeping / Jungling

The paths are sequential. You will always start at golems.
First part: Go with a Long Sword and Health Potion. Recall after killing wolves.
Second part: Buy your Cloth Armor and one Health Potion, go kill Blue. Travel down to kill golems again, then recall and buy madred's Razor.
Third part: Annihilate Red buff, and then either gank a lane or jungle some more. Usually gank a lane. Health potions are still important at this point, but they are at your discretion now. Continue to run around and gank lanes+farm empty lanes long after your early jungle adventures end.

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Unique Skills

-Gank sequence: Run close, Cataclysm on them, Plant Demacian Standard on them, attack, use Dragon Strike for the knockup (if possible) right as Cataclysm is ending, else/after use Exhaust to finish them off. Exhaust inside Cataclysm if they are capable of actually putting up a fight.

-You can jungle MUCH faster if you use Demacian Standard and pull yourself through the wall with Dragon Strike

- Cataclysm can be interrupted early if you need it gone, just press R again

-You NEED to hit jungle mobs with Demacian Standard aoe to be effective.