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Jarvan IV Build Guide by ZorenThaKnight

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZorenThaKnight

Jarvan the shouting boy. (Remaked 2nd time)

ZorenThaKnight Last updated on July 7, 2012
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Isnt it nice with a champ with extremely high burst, alot of cc and just kicking some ***?
Well, if you want that, i'll suggest you to play Jarvan IV.

This is my first guide Afterall, and i see many of my friends use the same way to play Jarvan, But this guide must be something different as i'm not running "tri force" to him.

If somebody should ask me how good i am to play Jarvan, i would say "I'm not the best to play him, but aslong as i know how to build him, use his combos and bursting down the enemy team I'm fine ;)" And i'm not gonna lie to you that i'm actually stock at ELO Hell at the moment, because i started to play ranked too early..
i remember a time when i had 40 more losses more than wins, but now i know how to play and now i got the same wins as losses ;)

My first time as Jarvan was really just ****.. cus i really fed the enemies and stuff, But yea u know, Jarvan is hard to play as a first timer, but when u know him, he become 1 of the funniest champs to play.

Lol i bet if this guide is being popular, 90% of u guys wont read this sh!t XD

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Why play Jarvan?

Heres the things i love about playing jarvan
Making some good combos
Alot of cc
High damage burst
"Free flash" champion ( the e-q) combo
Can hold the top lane like forever.
Can jungle quiet fast too.
Every skill he have makes a form of CC to the enemy team.
Farming really great!
He yells "DEMACIA!!!" when ulting :D
He has a commando skin :3

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Explaining the skills

Martial Cadence This is a very usefull passive, and does a higly burst damage with Madred's Bloodrazor To stack his passive more.. i mean if the enemy have full hp its 8% of the enemy's (current HP) and 4% of the max HP .. And the CD on it isnt that much really, i mean 6 seconds are really not that much if it's a 1v1 fight. In teamfightes you might feel like, "this passive have a too long CD!!" but you know, teamfightes happens in 5 secs sometimes.
Dragon Strike This skill really does highly damage, and this is why you would run a trinity force to this guy, and the reducing armor are really doing it easier for your team to knock the enemy down if u could hit all of them. Try land Demacian Standard first and then dragon stike to knock all the enemys up in the air, or just to run away in a situation you might die in.

Golden Aegis This is the only skill i really don't like so much about jarvan, cus the sheild sux, but its slows so, sometimes it might be usefull anyways... and try use the slow when ur chasing the enemy down or if 1 of ur team are about toe die to save him. Lol i'm not saying that only the slow is usefull, but the 200 ekstra HP youu'll get isnt that much..

Demacian Standard This skill just makes Jarvan the perfect jungler!. Note if u jungle Jarvan u might max his Demacian Standard first just to get the attack speed and the armor, for better sustain. In solo top this skill is really usefull too aswell, tit's gives you a totally sustain champ. (try land this in the teamfightes cus ur allies does needs the ekstra armor it gives) Demacian Standard with madred's bloodrazor gives the perfect combo with his passive Martial Cadence (the attack speed you know).

Cataclysm Thissskill is the reason why i love Jarvan as much as i do, the "DEMACIAAA!!" he shouts everytimes makes me smile seruosly :D. and if u know the enemys already used their flash,then this skill is perfect! they are trapped in this ****ty arena for so long that they should be done in the meanwhile.. (note u can cancel the ult if u dont already know it, and u can use ur q-e combo out of the ult)

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Why these runes?

Greater Mark of Desolation
These are pretty straightforward. From the beginning of the game, ArP runes are going to make an AD champ do more damage. It's scientific fact. However, if you're choosing to level up Dragon Strike faster than Demacian Standard, you might be better suited for something else, like flat armor or even attack speed. And ArP runes are better than flat ad to jarvan cus of flat ad doesnt give as much ad than Arp in marks.

] Greater Seal of Clarity
I originally ran flat Armor runes (which aren't a bad substitute) but switched over to mana regeneration runes because Jarvan has some serious mana problems throughout the course of the game, and you shouldn't be itemizing for mana. Going Mana Regen per level helped cover that weakness and made holding solo top a much more pleasurable experience for me. I can see the potential in HP per level yellows too, so you could use those if you're less spammy than me in your Jarvan playing. But as a jungler i truly recommend that u take flat armor in seals plus ur "e" gives u a really tanky start.

Greater Glyph of Shielding
Another pretty straightforward pick. These runes give a decent amount of magic resistance, which gives you more leeway in taking on some more offensive items if you feel you can do without the extra survivability. Flat CDR blues are an acceptable substitute, but it will make you less tanky. And i recommend that u should run jarvan as a Bruiser, so thats why i recommend this

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
This is mainly personal preference, as there our several other quints that could be useful. I find the extra movespeed makes tracking down, knocking up, and steamrolling carries that much easier, which often times is Jarvan's main priority. Suitable replacements would be Armor Pen, flat HP, or maybe even flat AD (which would benefit from maxing Dragon Strike first). It's also been suggested to me that Flat HP Regen Quintessences work well, which seems very solid in theory, especially with the purpose of this guide. Those would be another acceptable substitute.

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The build..

Everytime i decide to play jarvan, i usually start out with Boots of Speed and Health Potion3x to get a better sustain, so i can easily run away when people are ganking me, and so i can land my combos easilier + the 3 health potions gives me a long time sustain so i can get my Heart of Gold earlier. basicly why i suggested mercury treads is that i don't know what team you'r up agains't but i do buy it 65% of all the time i play Jarvan and simply the rest of the times Ninja Tabi.
I really think that you will need the Madred's Razors early just to get the ekstra armor and att dmg and because of the good farming!.
the reason why i would suggest to buy a Frozen Mallet, is that you need some health and the ekstra slow you attacks gives u are really helpfull in the teamfightes, or if you just like to chase the enemys down ;)
as usually to all bruiser's ill suggest you to get an Atma's Impaler as u know the ekstra attack dmg could be helpfull and the armor it gives you are great too..

Force of Nature This is 1 of my favourite tank items as it gives so much health regen and MR that the ap carries have nothing to do about it! the cant burst you down as you can burst them down!!

Randuin's Omen This is 1 of the best items you can get to jarvan, cus u can simply slow all the enemys and in the meanwhile they are in Cataclysm you can slow their attack speed!!
The finnally build should look like this :
, , , ,

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Why run a madreds bloodrazor to jarvan?

the reason why im running a Madred's Bloodrazor to a bruiser like Jarvan is, that his passive + the madreds are really a high dmg burst, and i really think that when ur ulting a enemy u should could 1v1 them.
And the passive from Jarvans "e" Demacian Standard gives enough att speed to just stand in the fight a basic attack and do combos in the while...
The third reason is, that Jarvan is so tanky that he can just stand in the fight and basic attack while all the others are fighting to get their carries.

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Champion spotlight!

Explaining the video:
It's sounds that phreaks nose hurts huh? ;)

While i was watching this video for the first time i was like .. oh a new champ -.-...
But now i'm like "LETS PLAY JARVAN!!"
i really dont agree with phreak that he's build is good tho.. i rather think that my build is better..

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Cons to Jarvan

Yea. Everytime ur ganking u might just only waste their flash if u only ult, but try do ur "e-q" combo before ur ulting ;) and i know the feeling of the flashes what saves the enemy team -.-. and the second thing is that Jarvan has no life steal so try care for em who have life steal fx ww.. and really.. DO NEVER ULT SOME1 THAT U CANT 1v1 IF UR ALONE! (aslong as u both have full hp) oke alright if ur feeded like a baws and can burst the enemy down in 2 secs its alright ;)

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Trinity force?

I agree with all the other guides that Trinity Force is really 1 of the best item to Jarvan, but i mean that if u already got 1 to focus their carries down Madred's Bloodrazor will be much better..

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I usually try to first recall at 1190 gold so I can pick up my Heart of Gold & Philosopher's Stone combination, which can also be done at 1540 gold if I want to pick up a pair of Boots of Speed. I only do this if my Teleport is up or if I can return before my lane is pushed to its tower. Hell, you can even do it immediately at 365 gold to pick up Philosopher's Stone right away and maximize your early game sustainability and it gives the early 5 gold per 10 sec ;).. (note, i do not recommend teleport as i mean ignite is better]

It seems champions can sometimes Ghost out of Cataclysm. Keep that in mind when preparing to use your ultimate on a victim.
Sometimes you can time Cataclysm right so that you'll follow someone who is blinking away. If you feel you can predict their movements, don't hesitate to "DEMMMAACIAAAAA!!!" on their face.
While you can accidentally trap unwilling friends in your Cataclysm, you can also save them from pursuing enemies. Just drop your ultimate on a chasing foe, drop Golden Aegis so they're slowed, and then use your knock-up combo to escape your own cage, thus leaving the enemy alone in there for another second or two.

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Comment and rate!

This is my first guide:) and im kind of newb to bb-code yet so just say what i could do better in the comments ;)
Jarvan can't solo the whole team and get a penta like Heimer, but he can shouts "DEMACIAAAAA!!!!" and that makes its all better:D