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Jax Build Guide by GehennaPT

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GehennaPT

Jax Hybrid

GehennaPT Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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It's still a Build Guide TEST and i will update or change the Guide if something is wrong.

Jax is an extremely strong top lane pick. He is able to outscale many bruisers due to his kit giving out tons of free stats as well as amplifying every full item he completes. Jax has very few counters in top lane, can go even in most top lane matchups, or because of his strong duelist kit shut down many of the traditional top laners who are considered top tier.

Jax has a somewhat fragile early game where he is the most vulnerable, but if you can overcome his weaknesses in that early phase he'll come back mid and late game and completely dominate the flow of the game. If you can dominate early, then you basically win the game because of how well Jax amplifies with items and how strongly he scales.

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Summoner Spells

[Flash and Ignite] I see no reason why to take anything else.

Flash is good for a lot of reasons. It lets you Flash > Empower > Leap Strike for the killing blow, lets you escape, lets you Flash > Stun, etc. Some people say Flash isn't necessary because you can always Leap Strike to a ward, but you won't always have wards, mana, etc. Flash is generally more reliable in clutch situations.

Ignite is generally used to secure early kills or cut down the healing potential of some champions. Not much to explain.

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Skill Sequence

Leap Strike (Q) - Levels 3/7/12/13/18
Empower(W) - Levels 1/4/8/9/14
Counter Strike (E) - Levels 2/5/10/15/17
Grandmaster's Might . Levels 6/11/16

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Mercury's Treads - The worst thing that could happen in a fight is being CCed so often or so hard that you cannot get your passive stacks up and die as a result. Tenacity will help reduce CC duration so you can get to the enemy carries easier.

Ninja Tabi - If you aren't worried about CC or you need auto-attack damage reduction against whoever you're laning against, then buy these. Ninja Tabi makes it harder for the enemy AD Carry to kill you, which makes it easier to survive in fights as you reduce the major damage source from the other team.

Buy Boots of Speed during lane phase, but hold off on Tier 2 boots until team fights start happening. Jax has enough mobility with Leap Strike to forget 20 Movement Speed in return for some more damage.

Enchant your Boots with Enchantment: Furor if you need to stick to Carries in a team fight. Otherwise, build Enchantment: Homeguard.

Lich Bane only if have above 300AP, doesn't compensates getting it bellow 300AP. Hextech Gunblade gives you a nice sustain for the fights with lifesteal and spell vamp :D

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[Show Dominance]
Very few champions can fight against the damage output of a level 6 Jax. If you ever want to bully your lane, now's the time to do it. Every time your Leap Strike is off cooldown and you have the third hit of your ultimate up, get into their face and trade with them, using Counter Strike if necessary. When they're half health or less, utilize Counter Strike for the stun and kill them.

[Lane Control]
Freeze the lane as much as possible, or push it hard if you're ahead. Pushing the lane will stack up your passive faster, so you can be ready for duels in case they try to fight. Pushing the lane will also make you have the third hit of your ultimate up very frequently, so you're always ready to bully the enemy laner, but makes you unprepared for ganks, keep one or two wards to Leap Strike into them.

[Abuse Enemy Misplays]
Always look for mistakes the enemy laner is making, and capitalize. Common mistakes are using abilities to push farm or missing skillshots. In that case, you should almost immediately start a fight, as they cannot use that ability when it's on cooldown, and you have an advantage.

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Team Fights

Teamfighting as Jax is simple, you just have to follow two rules:
1) See AD Carry, kill AD Carry.
2) After killing the AD Carry seak out the supports or the players with lower defense.

Jax, no matter how farmed and feed you are, you should never initiate a fight. The team fights need you, so if you initiate kill one and get killed doesn't compensates even with your team win that fight. Only iniate 1VS1 or if you're feeded 1VS2 sometimes. But in team fights let one summoner go ahead of you.

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Please, like comment or hate just give me your feedback, i am open to critics and
, but please just say something about it, thank you all, Good Luck Summoner's.
AD and Offtank Jax build coming soon.