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Jax Build Guide by AnhViet

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnhViet

Jax - Imma Kick Your ***!

AnhViet Last updated on June 22, 2011
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Jax is known to rape melee/dps champions. He is one of my very first 3150 IP champions. I usually do AP Jax but I took into consideration his auto-attacks. That is why I play a hybrid Jax. Jax is also pretty defensive as well because of his bonus health and dodge chance. I've seen Jax's get pentakills and face pwn people. With advice from several of these people, I've created this build!

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I go with -
9 Marks of Alacrity - Jax needs the extra attack speed early on in the game.
9 Seals of Evasion - Helps his already massive dodge chance.
9 Glyphs of Focus - Helps his already short cooldowns.
3 Quintessences of Evasion - MMOORREE DDOODDGGEE CCHHAANNCCEE!!!!

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Summoner Spells

The Top 2 Picks

Gives a nifty slow and extra CC. With your stun and Rylai's slow, you will most likely be more successful
Pick this over Ghost because its just more reliable in my perspective

Other Picks

If you don't like flash, get this
Very useful, gets you out of most CC and this helps Jax overcome his worst nightmares, stun and slow.
This kinda guarantees you a kill if you think you don't have enough burst to take down that annoying champion.

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Pros / Cons


- Kills melee champions with ease

-I hate Jax so much that I wish they removed him from the League!

- Has HP from attack and ability power
- Can go Hybrid
- Can stun an entire team and win a team-fight
- Is not as squishy as most melee champions


- Picked on by ranged champions
- Is prone to CC
- His potential isn't exactly reached until level 3

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I usually start with first and than get a after my first recall. Than I build it into a . From there, you build a . After this, build a . This should give you a great start for LateGame.

Late Game Items

gives you a stun on every spell you use. Amazingly viable on Jax and gives him more CC.
gives you attack damage from 2% of your Maximum Health. Great for Jax because he gets even more Health and attack damage. If only it stacked infinitely.
imagine your W doing an extra 100% of your attack damage too its already powerful burst damage. Makes me wanna cry in horror every night thinking about that time I got raped by a Jax who got a pentakill.

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Team Work

- If you have a stun use it to save your teammate if he is getting killed by the enemy.
- Don't kill steal with your leap strike unless the guy wants you to get that kill.
- Ping to tell your teammate to get in there and help you finish an enemy.
- Don't bash other players if they kill steal you. You still get the same amount of gold depending on how much work you did!

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A Tip in Farming

Remember too get those items you want you gotta farm. For Jax, this can be very easy. Last hit as much as you can. Auto attacking a minion is not very reliable because your own minions may kill your creep. Let your minions push and kill that creep that's right about to die.

Tip to Farm as Jax

As Jax, use your stun to farm minions. Don't be afraid to use all your skills to farm because Jax, if you used the cooldown per level glyphs, can get his skills back really quickly. If an enemy champion engages you, harass and/or kill that champion. But remember, always farm a lot and don't get too distracted harassing the enemy champions!

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Hybrid Jax - The reasons why it is the best path!

In all honesty, I believe a Hybrid build is best for Jax.

Hybrid Jax

- Is still very strong with his auto attacks
- Can still destroy champions with ease
- Your skills potentials are unlocked because your Q and W use both AD and AP
- Still has a lot of HP
- Can kill both Armor and Magic Resistance tanks
- He's still a BOSS!

Jax is practically and put together! SOO MUCH BURST!!!

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Jax is very strong and undeniably dangerous. He is not someone to mess with and should not to be underestimated. With my build, you will kick *** and hopefully score a pentakill. Also, I would like to say Hybrid is the way to go. You dish out more than enough damage and can still have enough HP to do more. Jax is a very great champion especially for his cost and can certainly be a force to be reckoned with. So please kick some *** in the Fields of Justice!

has slain an enemy

Xin Zhao - You just love doing this don't you?
Jax - Nigga if you say that again I will come to your house!
Xin Zhao - Oh God please don't!