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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drazev

Jax - Showing people the light one lamp post at a time

Drazev Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Jax is solid character with a unique kind of ultimate and passive that make his item builds a bit unusual when compared to traditional melee or mage style builds. Play Jax only if you wish to assume an aggressive play style. Once you learn to play this character correctly you will frequently find yourself one of the most feared adversaries in the league of legends with exemplary burst damage that is difficult to defend against.

This guide is designed for both new and old players to read and improve their game. I apologize in advance to any veteren players who are reading this because I go into detail and explain the items, and how they effect Jax. I also go into detail about the game play including what Jax should do when, and how the average League of Legends game will progress through the eyes of Jax. I also explain game mechanics for those who are new to the game.

I hope you enjoy this guide, and take something positive from it! Don't forget to give me a good rating :D

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Pros / Cons

**All the pros/cons are in respect to this build**


  • Extremely high spike (burst) damage
  • Damage is distributed between physical and magic damage with both elements being significant so it is difficult for opponents to properly defend against Jax
  • Strong harassment ability with Empower + Leap Strike combination
  • All abilities except ult benefit from both ability power (AP) and attack damage (AD) allowing great flexibility in item choices.
  • His passive Relentless Assault grants HP for each point of PD or AP you build allowing you to have more offensive builds since they also contribute to your HP total
  • Very strong in 1v1, especially with the presence of minions or champions who depends on auto attack

  • Harassment ability commits Jax to the fight and puts you at risk when you retreat
  • Bellow Average survivability - He has HP but his natural escape abilities are poor leaving your own battle instincts as your best defense.
  • Natural defensive ability is dependent on evasion to which only one item can build. (must supplement with runes)
  • Very vulnerable to harassment early game since all his attacks require or place him in melee range

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Quantity 3
Benefit 4.5% = (1.5*3)
Explanation: Jax has two abilities ( Counter Strike, Relentless Assault) that are very dependent on his evasion statistic. Since only one item ( ninja tabi boots) can boost this statistic you must compensate by building this statistic with runes.

Quantity 9
Benefit 6.75% = (0.75*9)
Explanation: Jax has two abilities ( Counter Strike, Relentless Assault) that are very dependent on his evasion statistic. Since only one item ( ninja tabi boots) can boost this statistic you must compensate by building this statistic with runes.

Quantity 9
Benefit 8.55% = (0.95*9)
Explanation: All of Jax's abilities deal magic damage even through they benefit from both AP and AD. Magic penetration is always a good choice to boost the actual amount of damage you deal. All characters start with some natural magic resistance so this choice never goes to waste.

Quantity 9
Benefit 5.76% = (0.64*9)
Explanation: Much of Jax's offensive strength lies within his ultimate Relentless Assault which triggers a burst of magic damage every 3rd strike in addition to building his attack speed up. In order to improve your survivability you need to be able to wind up fast and make the kill and dash out before help can arrive. Having an additional 5.76% attack speed bonus helps you get there faster.

Total Bonus from Runes
Dodge 11.25% (With Ninja Tabi and Counter Strike at max level this gives you a 41.25% chance to dodge)

Magic Penetration 8.55%

Attack Speed 5.76%

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I will not parrot all the choices down here that are visible in the mastery tree above.

Jax is a very offensive character and my mastery simply reflects this. Almost all the points are in the offensive mastery tree as pretty much everything there benefits Jax since he is a hybrid. Haste is a notable choice because I consider Ghost a critical summoner ability since it can be used both to run away, and to chase.

While you can build utility and defense I consider that a waste since the mastery's alone will not contribute much to your survivability or ability on the battlefield. More offense is your best defense with Jax so you can kill your targets faster, and get the heck out before the reinforcements arrive.

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Summoner Spells

I consider this a critical ability for Jax because early game you will not have any natural ability to stay on your opponent and finish them off. I generally use this offensively in early stages of the game to seal a kill or catch somebody by surprise. In any stage of the game it allows you to run away from a fight gone bad and make it back to base alive. It's shorter cool-down timer then Flash also adds to its usefulness.

This is always a good ability as it allows you to teleport to your cursor's current location (or at it's max range in the direction of your cursor relative to your character). Use this to dodge powerful attacks, escape using terrain, and tower dive early in the game without taking too much tower damage. It can also be used offensively to suddenly get into range and jump somebody who was not expecting you, but that is not something you will do much with Jax since he lacks skill shots and leap strike has longer range.

Why did you take two escape abilities?
I take Ghost and Flash when I play Jax because it allows me to be more aggressive and increases the likeliness I can score some early kills and survive. Moreover these two abilities combined mitigate Jax's aforementioned weakness in the survivability department. When combined you can escape most situations by first flashing out of the hot spot, and then hitting Ghost to make the getaway.

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Starting Items

This is always my first item for Jax. The extra 100 hp boost is helpful in resisting harassment early game and improving your survivability. The 15 AP it gives you will benefit all your attack abilities in addition to contributing 30 HP to your total through your Relentless Assault passive ability. Furthermore the 5 manna per 5 seconds allows you to lane longer and allows you to use Empower + Leap Strike more frequently for last hits, harassment's, and killing blows.

Core Items

These are the 3 basic items that once Jax has he will be potent in any situation and able to kill quickly, navigate the field with ease, survive, and catch fleeing opponents. Once you have these 3 core items you can choose any items you wish depending on the situation.

The Finished Items

Phantom Dancer

This item was chosen mainly for it's 55% attack speed boost as it will help Jax build Relentless Assault to its maximum of 10 stacks faster. Moreover attack speed translates to DPS much more for Jax then any other champion since every 3rd strike Relentless Assault triggers blasting your current target with a moderately powerful blast of magic damage. The faster you attack, the more it triggers. It's 15% movement speed bonus is helpful for chasing and running away, and 30% critical strike bonus makes Jax's auto attacks more potent.

Phantom Dancer vs Trinity Force

I will be honest that originally I used to build Trinity Force which is a much better item for Jax because he greatly benefits from everything it has to offer. However Trinity Force left me unsatisfied with that amount of critical and attack speed forcing me to buy more items if I wish to improve his wind up speed and physical damage. That was an expensive proposition considering Trinity Force already costs 4,070 to complete compared to 2,895 Phantom Dancer. The Phantom Dancer alone satisfied my need to wind up Relentless Assault quickly and maximize my physical damage without the purchase of another attack speed or critical boosting item. This allowed me to invest the 1,175 savings in getting other items quicker that will contribute more to the overall effectiveness of Jax by building raw AP and AD which also boosts his HP due to his passive Relentless Assault

Hextech Gunblade

This item is incredible for Jax more so then any other character because he uses EVERY aspect of this weapon to its full ability. It costs 3,625 to complete increasing your attack damage by 60, and ability power by 75. Since Jax's two main attacks Leap Strike and Empower receive a benefit from both attack damage and ability power that gives those two abilities a combined bonus of 135 before modifiers are factored in. However it also boosts your survivability by adding 20% Life Steal on physical attacks and 25% Spell Vamp (same thing as life steal except for magic damage) on magic attacks meaning everything Jax does will heal him including the burst of magic damage that triggers off relentless assaults every 3rd strike. It gets better, the active ability of this weapon is a 300 damage strike from range 700 that slows movement of the effected target by 50% for 3 seconds allowing you to kill fleeing targets. For most characters this sort of value in an item is not possible.

Ninja Tabi

This is critical to Jax because it not only increases his movement speed to level 2, but more importantly it adds 12% to his evasion. Remember evasion not only increases your survivability vs auto attacks, it also allows Counter Strike to trigger more often, and its dodge contribution also is added to the magic resistance bonus for the active portion of your ultimate Relentless Assault. In addition to that it adds 25 armor to Jax again improving his survivability.

Optional Item Choices

(once you have core items)

These are just SOME of the many items you can use once you have your core build. In most cases you will pick based on situation. In whatever you do always remember the HP boost Relentless Assault gives you and that both AP and AD contribute to Leap Strike and Empower.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Cost 2,235
This is an item you should get as soon as you can once you have your core items. Next to the Hextech Gunblade there is no other item out there that gives better value to Jax. Passively it will give Jax 35 attack damage and 45 ability power (195 HP contribution with Relentless Assault, 80 points of damage before modification for Leap Strike and Empower). It adds one stack for each attack or ability you use lasting 5 seconds and each stack gives a 4% attack speed bonus and 6 AP stacking a maximum 8 times. This means it adds another 48 AP and 32% attack speed at maximum stacks.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Cost 3,105
This item adds a 35% snare to your magical strikes (including when Relentless Assault triggers every 3rd strike) and 80 AP. It also adds 500 HP which when modified for the HP bonus given by your AP through Relentless Assault becomes 660 HP.


Cost 1,260
Mainly useful for the Empower + Leap Strike combination as it will increase your base damage by 80%. This allows you to pack one hell of a hit, and late game should result in another 100 damage give or take. It offers 25 AP (+50 HP with Relentless Assault) and 250 manna. Sheen's effect lasts for a bit after it is triggers and cannot be triggered twice within 3 seconds of its last activation.

Moonflair Spellblade

Cost 1,290
Take this for the 25 Tenacity if your having trouble with a team that has heavy CC. It also provides 50 AP (+100 HP Relentless Assault).

Madred's Bloodrazor

Cost 3,800
This is an item you can take if your encountering a team with lots of meat. IE they all have lots of HP and your having trouble killing them quickly. If you have your core build though, only main tanks are any difficulty to kill and you leave them for last where they will die a slow death anyways. I generally do not takes this except to speed up the end of an overly tanked team. This item offers a 40% attack speed bonus, 25 armor, and 30 attack damage (+90 HP Relentless Assault). It's main ability is that it does 4% of the enemies maximum health as magic damage per hit allowing you to take down high HP targets quickly. If you plan to take this I suggest getting Trinity Force in place of the Phantom Dancer and I will warn you that your start will likely be slower. With all your attack speed bonuses you would make quick work of anything with this expensive toy.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Cost 3,300
This is what I can an offensive survivability item for Jax and has good stats for him. It has an activity ability to make your champion invulnerable and untargeatble for 2 seconds which is generally enough to take the heat off you when you are focused, and give you a chance to escape. It also can help you survive a big ult your not going to be able to escape. It boosts your armor by 50 which is really nice if your against a lot of melee opponents, and increases your AP by 100 (and grants Jax an additional +200 HP due to [[equipment mastery. Get this if your finding yourself pushing up daises too often.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Cost 3,600
This is if you just want to add more punch to your character. It also has the side benefit of giving Jax a boost in hp due to his passive Relentless Assault. It grants 155 AP (+310 HP Relentless Assault) and a 30% bonus to all your AP. This item mainly works wonders if you are AP heavy. A nice choice if you just need to increase your raw damage and already have Guinsoo's Rageblade.


Cost 3,000
This is something you choose for Jax if you need to both increase your physical offense and survivability by increasing your leave steal. It will grant 60 attack damage (+180 HP Relentless Assault) and a base 15% life steal. However it scales the more your kill adding 1 point of attack damage and 0.25% life steal for each kill you participate in for a maximum of an extra 40 attack damage and 10% life steal. These bonuses are lost upon death though.

Banshee's Veil

Cost 2,715
This item is a great choice if your finding your dieing a lot and getting locked down in fights with CC. It adds 375 HP, 375 Manna, and 50 magic resistance. It also blocks one negative spell on you every 45 seconds. Against a caster heavy team you will already kill them fast enough piling on more damage is not as good as dramatically increasing your survivability to deal that damage.

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Skills & Sequence

Understanding Skill Jargon

When viewing skills on the League of Legends main site, or on sites like mobafire you will find the statistics of each ability written in a peculiar way. Since each ability generally has multiple levels some statistics of the ability will change with each level and those differences will be separated by a forward slash "/" with the value for the lowest level of the ability on the left increasing by each level for each separation to the right. You will also notice that at the end of the numeric values some will have a value in the bracket at the end of the sequence. This value in bracket represents the proportion of your bonus ability power or attack damage the ability will add to this statistic and is formally known as a "growth modifier". Characters with high growth modifiers are generally called a carry because their performance dramatically increases with items when compared to other champions. In most cases the ability will only use the bonus attack damage (bonus attack damage doesn't include the champions base melee damage value. At level 18 Jax has a base damage of 115) if the ability deals physical damage, or ability power if the item deals magic damage. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule such as Jax where both ability power and attack damage bonus' are used, and if this is the case the growth modifier uses the combined value of those two statistics.

For example take

It has three levels as an ultimate ability. For the passive portion of the ability it reads...
"Passive: Jax's basic attacks increase his Attack Speed by 6/10/14% for 2.5/2.5/2.5 seconds (max 10 stacks). Every third consecutive attack deals 140/170/210 (+0.7) bonus magic damage."

This means his attack speed will increase by 6/10/14% or 6% per stack at level one, 10% per stack at level 2, and 14% per stack at level 3. The cool-down portion is listed as 2.5/2.5/2.5 which means at level's 1 through 3 it remains 2.5 second cool-down. Every third consecutive attack deals 140/170/210 (+0.7) magic damage. Now you noticed the (+0.7) in the description which means this statistic has a growth modifier attached to it in addition to the per level damage as described previously. Since the ability only benefits from ability power lets assume you have 150 ability power to demonstrate how the growth modifier works. To find out how much it will contribute to the ability simply multiply the bonus statistic by the growth modifier. For the purpose of this example the equation looks like 150 ability power X 0.7 = 105. This means in addition to the base damage listed it the ability will do an extra 105 damage. Thus the ability will do 140+105 = 245 damage at level 1, 170+105 = 275 at level 2, and 210+105 = 315 damage at level 3 for each strike. You can also view the (+0.7) growth modifier as saying the ability will add 70% of your ability power or attack damage to each level of the ability.

Jax's Skills Explained

This is a VERY important defining skill for Jax that allows him the flexability to choose any item and use it well. Some are obviously better then others, but you must judge them differently then other pure caster or pure melee characters you have played. For each point of bonus ability power Jax has he will gain 2 HP, and for each point of bonus attack damage he will gain 3 HP. This means an item will 50 AP bonus will give you 100 HP in addition to its normal benefits, and an item that gives 50 AD bonus will give you 150 HP in addition to its normal benefits. Thus Jax can build survivability with offensive items!

This is a Jax MOST IMPORTANT active ability hands down and bar none. It allows him to deliver a powerful blow to an enemy at a distance putting you into melee range with them. Very useful when your trying to jump somebody or finish them off. However also take note that because it brings you into melee you need to be careful when you use it because it WILL commit you to the fight with no easy escape. Generally its not a good idea to initiate a battle in group fights, and this ability lets you run around on the sidelines and enter when the time is right. Combine this with Empower before you leap in order to maximize your damage. At max level this ability does 150(+70%) benefits from bonus attack power AND ability power at the same time!

One additional important point that many people seem to overlook. Leap Strike is also an escape move and can target friendly units too. It will not do any damage but you will leap towards that friendly. This can allow you to escape from a fight or get away when enemies are hot on your heals. Legal targets are allied champions, and minions. It's not the best escape ability since you need a target, and have to click on it. However its better then nothing!

This is a spam ability for any engagement and is a big part of your damage. It has a short cooldown and does a wack of damage on your next physical attack. This can be combined with Leap Strike to deal a massive hit from range. It is important to note that when you use Empower it will reset your auto attack timer causing you to attack immediately so try to use it right after Jax attacks. At maximum level this ability does 215(+40%) magic damage and benefits from bonus attack power AND ability power at the same time!

This is a key defensive ability for Jax and enables him to face-off with melee opponents with an advantage. It will grant up to 18% evasion chance allowing him to dodge melee attacks. The active portion of this attack does area effect damage and a 1 second stun. The damage is only effected by ability power however. At max level this ability does 200(+60%) magic damage.

Tactical use of this ability is what makes it shine though since head to head 1v1 melee battles are not common. Use minions to your advantage and have them fuel this ability so it's always up. The cooldown is very short so if you have a few minions attacking you during a fight the enemy will be stunned frequently. One way to do this is to get minions to attack you and then when they trigger Counter Strike you have 7 seconds to find a fleeing target and Empower+ Leap Strike them and activate Counter Strike to hinder their escape while dealing more damage. It also is really annoying to the enemy if your constantly stunning everybody around you because of minions. Minions are your friend!

This is Jax's ultimate ability and its fairly complex as ults go. It has two components one passive and one active. The passive component is a character defining ability that makes Jax the dps machine he is all the time. At max level it will do 210(+70%) magic damage every 3rd strike to his target, and add a Relentless Assault stack. Each stack will add 14% attack speed at max level and can stack up to 10 times. The effect dissipates if you do not hit an enemy minion, champion, or tower within 2.5 seconds. Please note that inhibitors do not refresh the timer and do not add to your stacks. Level up your ultimate Relentless Assault when available as it is a big damage boost. Polish off Counter Strike once Empower+ Leap Strike are both at level 5.

The active portion allows him to reduce incoming magic damage and at max level it will last 8 seconds adding 50 + your dodge% to your magic resistance. So if you have 40% dodge, it increases your magic resistance by 90 for 8 seconds. I like to use this in big team fights, typically right after I jump in.

Skill Sequence and Explanation

The basic skill growth for Jax in my view is very simple and relates to the role he plays in combat. He is first a foremost a killer, and has poor staying power meaning he cannot endure too much hostile attention on the battlefield. He also has good burst damage and harass if you Empower+ Leap Strike in early stages of the game. Through the early stages of the game focus on building Leap Strike and Empower keeping them within one level of each other giving Leap Strike the level advantage since it's cool-down is naturally longer. This allows both to become available in roughly the same frequency.

Key Level Choices
Level 1: Start with Leap Strike to level 1 since it will let you keep your range and jump in for last hits.
Level 2: Get Empower to level 1 so that you can start using your Empower+ Leap Strike combination. It will allow you to more reliably last hit, and harass enemy champions.
Level 4: Get your first level into Counter Strike giving you access to this key ability. You will not build this much more until the end, but you want to have access to it. It will still be quite effective with Ninja Tabi and your runes.
Level 6: Grab your ultimate Relentless Assault. Now Jax will start to operate as he should.

Key Ability Combination

It is very important to note that a key ability combination as mentioned numerous times in this guide already is...

This is a key ability combination that does a massive amount of burst damage placing you in melee combat with your target. In the early stages at character levels 1-6 during the laneing phase of the game when you only have around level 2 Empower+ Leap Strike this combination will do 110+75=185 damage in addition to bonus damage from your ability power and attack damage. While that doesn't seem like a lot, many characters will have 500-700 hp during these levels and 185 damage is going to be about 1/3 of a casters hp to 1/5th of a tanks hp after accounting for enemy armor and magic resistances. Keep jumping and you will quickly wear them down. Even if they are low you can scare them out of XP range for fear you will finish them off. They will even become nervous if you get them 1 combination attack from death as not even the tower will protect them since you can dive the tower by leaping in and flashing out.

In later stages of the game when you have around 95 bonus attack damage and 215 ability power your damage with this combination will look more like this...

Leap Strike damage = 150 + (95 AD*0.7) + (215 AP*0.7)
Leap Strike damage = 150 + 66.5 + 150.5
Leap Strike damage = 367

Empower damage = 215 + (95 AD*0.4) + (215 AP*0.4)
Empower damage = 215 + + 38 + 86
Empower damage = 339

+ = 339 + 367
+ = 706 damage

That is a pretty massive strike, and later in the game it only opens your attack, or gets the finishing blow to an unsuspecting victim. Your not gonna hurt a tank much with that due to their defenses, but the softer targets who are doing all the damage will feel the pain when you cut them down by 1/3 their hp to begin your attack.

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Playing The Game as Jax

Each game has three main phases and the tactical situation and how you play will change with each phase.

Laneing Phase

This is the first phase of the game when the map is virgin with all towers present. This phase begins with the game, and ends when the first tower dies. At the beginning of any game you will generally find the team will automatically use one of two setups depending on if you have one champion jungling or not.

The standard setup without a jungler is Two in the top lane, two in the bottom lane, and one in the middle lane. Should there be a jungler this setup will change dramatically. If there is a jungler the top and middle lanes will become solo lanes while the bottom lane will be your only match-up. In this setup you will require your strongest solo champion in the top lane as they might have to deal with two champions alone where as the middle lane will only have to deal with one.

Jax is not very strong solo lane as he is easily harassed and lacks any natural toughness or regenerative ability and has no ranged attack he can use to stay at a safer distance and avoid harassment. Since Jax's only ranged attack Leap Strike places him in harms way at it's conclusion, it is generally better to lane with a team mate in the bottom. You want an allied champion to draw the attention of the enemy so it creates more opportunity for you to harass with Empower+ Leap Strike.

In the lane the order of the day is to "last hit" enemy minions only. That means you do not auto attack and spend your time dodging around until the minion is low enough for you to kill it in one hit to get the kill money. If both you and your partner do this the enemy minions will push your minions back close to your tower but not in range. This is ideally where you want to keep the minions in combat because it provides you with the most opportunities to last hit, and more importantly Gank enemy champions. This is because in order for them to gain experience they will be forced to go further away from their towers making it harder for them to run away, and giving your jungler or center lane an opportunity to sneak in behind them and gank in a 3v2. It also provides Jax with the best possible situation to harass with Empower+[leap strike]] as he will be close enough to retreat back to the friendly tower.

In all this you should be building your items. As soon as possible you should get Ninja Tabi boots when your funds hit 850 gold. You might have to make a return before you hit that number in order to heal up. If you do I suggest the purchase of the basic boots to give you maneuverability and 2-3 health potions to keep you in the lane longer. You should have your boots completed by level 6. Once the Ninja Tabi boots are complete you should have Relentless Assault which is very dependent on attack speed to wind up. As soon as possible build a Dagger and upgrade it to Zeal. This will give Jax a decent attack speed for that part of the game and greatly improve his melee damage especially since Relentless Assault will wind up much faster and your 3rd strikes will come more frequently as a result. Once you have Zeal buy a Vampiric Scepter and upgrade it to a Bilgewater Cutlass as soon as possible improving your survivability, attack damage, and giving you the ability to snare your fleeing champions so you can finish them off. You should be able to accomplish all this before level 10.

Once the enemy resistance starts to fade and you manage to kill both the enemy champions you can push the tower and wear it down or kill it outright. If you manage to kill the tower the "laneing phase" is now over.

Mid Game

So now your level 10 or a tower has been destroyed ending the laneing phase. The reason why a tower being destroyed will end his phase is because it will become very dangerous for the team that lost the tower to farm minions as they will have to do this far from their tower. It also means that if you push minions to their tower you would also be at risk since you would be a long way from your tower. Thus the champions attached to the lane that lost the tower will generally begin to roam more posing a risk to all the other lanes. As a result of this risk team fights become intermittent and ganking common. At level 10 people also begin to roam as the strength of each champion at level 10 allows them to overwhelm and kill towers quicker making their protection less potent causing people to roam seeking gank kills.

In this phase team fights begin to occur with increasing frequency as the game progresses. There will still be some solo activity as players seek to farm minions when possible but the income available will be unreliable since at this point champions can kill groups of minions with ease and minion groups are often found in risky places leaving you open to ganks. The jungle becomes open season for anybody to kill even if there was a jungler and a frequent stop for champions trying to pinch a few more pennies and finish an item. At this point in the game your main income will be through champion kills and assists, or if your unlucky the automatic ticks of gold and minions.

In this phase you will need to stick most times and wait for your tank to initiate the fight before jumping in. Your focus is now to finish your core item set asap and then adapt your item build to the situation that has presented itself in the game. The first order of business is to buy another Dagger then finish the Bilgewater Cutlass into the Hextech Gunblade as soon as possible increasing your damage and health substantially. Following that you will finish the now almost complete Phantom Dancer which will give you a good movement speed, and dramatically increase the effectiveness of Relentless Assault and your damage as a result. This completes your core item set and you should now be quite the killing machine with Jax by now.

Late Game

If your game lasts until the 30 minute mark it is now entering the late stages. By this point team fights are common place and most champions on both sides have their core items. If your team has not been doing well and you survived this long it means you might stand a chance of turning it around. Death timers are now very long and players are starting to finish their 4th final items.

At this point in the game for Jax it's all about the team fight and building your items towards what you need. In most cases you will try to get the Guinsoo's Rageblade right away, then Rylai's Crystal Scepter to improve survivability and prevent enemies from escaping. The slow from the latter is important in late game because most of your melee targets will now be tougher to kill and you wouldn't want somebody escaping the wrath of your lamp post! Team fights will become harder to survive now as there will be lots of damage flying around and any advantage you had earlier because of items will not be as big so you need to be mindful of this.

If the game got this far you need to soften their defenses when the opportunity presents itself. This means pushing their towers and killing them off until all they have are exposed inhibitors. If its a close game you will spend lots of time with exposed inhibitors that you keep killing and the battle will rage around the nexus and its two tower defenses. Your base is likely in a similar state and with the power of each champion at this stage a team will treat towers and inhibitors more like speed bumps the obstacles. This means you need to be very careful not to get aced because with long death timers they enemy team can run across the map and finish off your two final towers and nexus before your team re-spawns. It is not uncommon for the team that is loosing to defend and send one person to push towers and inhibitors in your base while you attack them until only your final towers are exposed. At this point they are just trying to defend until they can ace you and then counter attack hard to your base and finish your base off.

Past your core items just read my item suggestions and figure out what you need to combat the enemy team's build. Pay attention to their builds and counter them with your own. Whenever possible try to solve your needs with offensive items to utilize Relentless Assault while increasing damage. For example Zhonya's Hourglass is a good choice if you need a some physical defense because it adds 50 armor and 200 HP through Relentless Assault while increasing your damage significantly. Plus it has the 2 second immunity ability you can use to take the heat off you and allow for escape.

Thus concludes my guide. I hope you take something positive from this guide that helps you improve your game. Have fun thrashing people with your lamp post :) I know I do!