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Jax Build Guide by WhoThatGuy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhoThatGuy

Jax - Solo Top/Jungle

WhoThatGuy Last updated on July 8, 2012
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Solo Top



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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Meet Jax and I ~

My name is WhoThatGuy and this is my guide on Solo Top Jax and Jungle Jax.

Ok, enough about me lets get to Jax. A few months ago the dodge mechanic was removed from the game. So they did a complete re-work on Jax's abilities. I wont touch up on the re-work to much since this build is being made after the re-work and not before. If i had made this build before then i would have to almost completely change the build

Jax Is a very very fun champion to play, and plenty of people get very frustrated playing against a good Jax

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Why Should I Solo Top As Jax?

You should solo top as jax for many reasons young summoner.

-Great Poke
-Able to jump to minion/team mate for quick escape
-Great Stun

-Easily countered by someone such as Malphite who is armor heavy
-Runs out of mana quickly
-Relies on constant fights to keep stacks on his passive up

Jax As listed above, has many pros and cons. But one big thing that i didn't include is the fact that he's pretty hard to master. I didn't want to include it in the pros and cons because I wanted to talk about it separately. They're two main reasons why Jax is complicated to master. 1-Timing his w for max damage. 2-Knowing when to use your ultimate for the most effect. I'll talk more about those things later in the build.

Ok, now to finally answer the question "Why Should I Solo Top As Jax?". You should solo top as Jax because of his great poke,dodge and his awesome stun!

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Solo Top Runes

I choose kind of more defense runes, with an AD edge. I like the AD marks for extra AD in the beginning, and the AD quints really top off the AD. I choose the Armor and MR Seals and glyph's just because you never know who your going to be playing top and you'd rather be safe than sorry with your runes.

Jungle Runes

Since Jax has the dodge and stun i go for almost straight armor runes and some AD. The AD marks and quints really help a lot with early damage and clear times, and the early armor really help with staying at a decent amount of hp

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Summoner Spells~

I love ghost on Jax because it's a great chasing spell and a great escaping spelling. The reason I don't get flash is because of Leap Strike, it allows you to Jump to team mates,minions and wards

I love Ignite because it's great for finishing off kills and denying peopl[e like Dr.Mundo.

You can substitute Flash For Ghost if you want to, in my opinion Ghost Is better

You should always grab smite when jungling not just for faster clear times but mainly for securing Baron Nashor and dragon.

Summoner Spells Not To Use~

You may use heal if you would prefer it, I just thnk that you can survive without it!

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I like to start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion's mainly because it gives you that extra mobility and you have your health pots just in case you need to heal back up!

Now,I hope you're not thinking "Why in the world would you get wriggle's on Jax" Haha, well I like to get wriggles mainly because most Top champions are AD and it gives you more armor than you already have so you can last in fights longer. And the lifesteal and AD always help :D


I want to talk about boots kind of separately because you have a choice between two kinds of boots basically. You can get Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads because your either going to be facing an AD heavy champ, an AP champ or an AD champ with some cc. So if you facing someone like Riven you would get Ninja Tabi but if you were facing someone like Malphite you would get Mercury's Treads

I've been getting Hextech Gunblade on Jax before his re-work. It's an all around great item and i don't see why you wouldnt get it. The AD is great, the AP is wonderful and to add onto it, it has spell vamp! And the active on it always helps securing kills.

Yes, Tri Force. I like getting Tri force on Jax because, It's just an amazing item all around but I recommend that you after you get your Wriggle's Lantern you get a Sheen THEN you get your Hextech Gunblade i recmomend this because Sheen gives great AP and Mana plus the active increases your damage output in the laning phase

Frozen Mallet, This item is great on Jax because it gives an amazing amount of health the AD and slow help chasing people if you haven't already destroyed them with your stun ;)

Yes,Yes,Yes,RAGEBLADE! I absolutely love Guinsoo's Rageblade On Jax it doubles his passive and the flat AP and Flat AD increse the effectiveness of his ult and increase the damage output from his Empower and base attack damage.

Substitute Items~

You should get this if they have an AP heavy team or someone like a Mordekaiser or Karthus to remove their ults from you

You should get this if they have an AD Heavy team or someone like a Tryndamere It will really help you survive in fights a lot longer

Jungle Items~

So with the jungle items, I really get the same items but instead of a Guinsoo's Rageblade i get a Wit's End Mainly because it give great attack speed and the passive's on it are amazing the magic damage on hit and the MR on it so it really helps you last in fight.

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Laning Phase~

In the laning phase you're going to want to play kind of passive just last hitting but every once in a while when your enemy goes in for a last hit auto attack then Immediately after that Q them because it resets your auto attack giving you a great burst of damage.

When the enemy comes in for a gank you can simply just Leap Strike to a minion, and this is why i take 1 point in it first so you can avoid any level 1 ganks. but if leap strike is on cool down or you don't have a minion to jump to you can just ghost away!

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Jungling/Jungle Route

Starting with your [Counter Strike], you should start at the wolf camp. Aattack i it first then get your top laner to deal some damage to each wolf without stealing any exp then go to the blue buff and have your mid laner leash it and your top laner deal some damage to it. after you get the blue buff you should head to wraiths after wraiths head to red and afte red, depending on how far your lanes are pushed/getting pushed you should gank or continue to jungle.

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The End~

I Hope You Enjoyed My First Build There Will Be More To Come