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Jax Build Guide by Haru.Panda

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haru.Panda

Jax the bass Hunter

Haru.Panda Last updated on May 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Author's note: Please give me feedback, this is my 1st guide I've made.

Introduction to Jax.

Brief overview: Jax is a volatile champion who can be both tanky and a bruiser at the same time. Jax is one of the champions who has a strong laning phase, as he has both an escape and crowd control in his hands.

Playing Jax can be easy knowingly when to approach your enemy and when not to. Through this guide, you will learn how to play and the mechanics involved with playing Jax as a top laner or jungle.

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How to play

To play Jax is pretty simple.

1, try to out farm, dont fight until you level both empower and leap strike.
2, once youre level 3, you can trade easily, if you want to trade under level 3, be careful because you might get ganked. Which might lead you to use summoner.
Some times its better to leave a skill point, and picking up the skill when needed. Eg, you leave the level 2 skill point free. If jungler comes gank you can change it to leap strike instead of the require empower.
3, to trade, you use counter 1st, leap in and auto attack once before you use your empower to optimize damage.
4, remember to use ultimate at the start of the battle to reduce damage taken, many people use it later which causes them to have already taken too much damage, hence they fall.
6, carry the game and win. If youre doing bad, you can change the build to optimize in defences instead of damage as there is no more reason for you to do damage if you die faster than you can output.

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firstly, you may wonder what's up with your seals?

You can have full flat armor, it's just my preference with 3 armor per level. The reason is because I think that 4.2 armor difference at the start isn't much of a difference. Once you reach level 10, it's the same as flat and will continue to rise. Then you'll probably say, "whatta noob," 4 more armor can mean life or death, while armor doesn't do that much late game. I know all this, it's just my preference to be a little bit tankier late game.
1.41x9=12.69 armor
1.41x6=8.4 + 2.7@lvl 18x3=8.1 which gives 16.5 at lvl 18

For the glypfs, you would get magic resist per level. This is general as most ap damage wouldn't scale heaps in early game, as they won't have their items. Magic resist per level with counter act the damage gained in late game.
2.7@lvl 18x9= 24 mr

Attack marks, is just purely for cs and early damage for kills. 8.5 damage extra may not seem much but it really helps keeping the creep score up high. If you think you got enough ad and want to scale at late game, i'll suggest penetration runes; ad pent or hybrid pent. I prefer an easy farming phase with flat ad, helping me with my gold income. This also heaps if you're jungling, you can clear faster, hence gank for often.

Lastly, Movement quint. I think they're the best quints for top laners and junglers. This allows them to gain the mobility to out run, roam and kill their targets. 4.5% extra movement doesn't seem much, but it can help you get kills and run away without the worries of them catching up.

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Masteries can be your own preference, however for me, I feel I do better with offensive mastery on 21/9/0.

Explanation: Firstly, the offensive mastery gives an edge in trading damage during laning phase. Points on "butcher" gives an edge on creep score, this also includes the armour penetration and physical damage. You may wonder why I didnt put any points on "havoc", this is because 2% of 200 damage is only 4 damage, I would rather have it on cool down reduction and extra 5% turret damage. The rest of the offensive tree is pretty self explanatory since it's called offensive for a reason.

Lastly, you can see that there is 9 points on defense. These points are put onto extra health points per level, armour and magic resist and finally the last point on reduction in turret damage. This is pretty good for top laners as it means you can feel "a little" bit safer during tower dives.

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Since the new patch, the starting items have now changed.

You should buy a ward, regen bead and the rest potions. This is a pretty good start, you can choose to give up the bead with vision wards or extra sight wards.

To justify my build, I choose to build blade of the ruin king first because it fits well with Jax's play style, a bruiser with attack speed and damage. This item gives a good amount of sustain to Jax in lane, a crowd control to catch up and heal Jax. The damage granted is also very nice to top it off.

Next item is a phage, which is for the health and slow proc. Depending on the game obviously you can change the order of items or change the build for a better suited environment.

The Hextech gun blade is a good choice for Jax as it allows him to heal from his magic damage and also extra life steal, With this item, Jax gets an extra slow which he can use with the blade of the ruin king to slow down his opponent twice, ultimately giving him a kill.

Trifoce is a good item on Jax as it gives a sheen proc, slow and more attack speed which Jax needs for his grandmaster's might.

Lastly his defence items, randuins and visage. These items are useful for Jax as it grants a lot of health for Jax to tank the front line of his team, while outputting his own. It also grants a slow to chase down enemies and extra healing from visage.

In conclusion, Theses items are great on Jax as it optimises his potential in sustaining, tanking and output damage. With can be seen through the ability power granted in the hextech gunblade and trifoce to increase the damage of his empower and grandmaster's might.

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Skill sequence

1 point on counter strike to counter early ganks. You can dodge physical attacks and stun enemy when wanted to escape. Don't flash when you know you're definitely going to die (out of position), this allows you to escape another time. You can use it if you know you can survive, like if you're near a tower.
Max empower as it's your main damage with the short cool down. Maxing this skill also allows you to get cs easier like the cannon minion.
Leap strike on the 3rd for escape or initiating.
Get ultimate when possible.
The skills is pretty normal like the others. Don't want to explain reasons in detail as it's all the same.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great summoner to pick up for Jax, as it allows him to be more mobile during escapes and can/may allow him to leap to safety.

ghost is a nice escape and gap closer,

Ignite is a awesome killing summoners as it deals true damage and reduces healing, which is important during Jax's duelling.

If you are jungling, then obviously change the ignite to smite.

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Every Champions gets stronger farming for experience and gold.

This build gives an edge for you as the player to farm easier during the laning phase. This can be done by his input damage with the master and marks, allowing him to kill creeps easily. If you want to win the lane without a sweat, you can push the creeps for a faster experience to level up while using you wards to gain vision on enemy ganks.

In early game, try out farming the enemy as creep score is one of the most important things in the game along with objectives. Only stop your creep score if the poke is not worth it, meaning you lose to much health just for 1 or more creep. This is playing safe, on the other hand, if the opponent is trying to farm, you can leap strike, them empower to trade, while you counter strike to fend off the creep damage.

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In summary,

This build optimises Jax's potential to carry the game to victory. This can be seen through his output damage, defences and mobility from his skill, summoners and items.

Now you have learn the way to play the REAL Jax.