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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShacoTheHatter

Jax - The Deadly Lamp 3 Vs 3

ShacoTheHatter Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Jax - The Deadly Lamp

Use this build, you wont regret it. The early rush of the bilge water cutlass gives you a mana free 150 damage slow, at a really early level.. And most of the time as jax youll find yourself outlaning people but not being able to kill them becuase you dont have any cc other then your stun but it doesnt last long. The bilgewater cutlass also alows you to stay in lane longer seeing as it gives decent lifesteal.

Okay so this is my first build, I play Jax often and my 3v3 rating is 1307, witch I guess is decent seeing as I just started playing ranked 3v3's. Please do not look at the composition of the items, masteries, runes, Etc. and seeing somthing you don't like and downrate. Read my entire guide becuase Jax is a very flexible character and the item selection above is just some of the items that can be viable for Jax.
The items I've shown in Tab 1 are just an average Jax build. For tab 2 I'be shown a vast selection of items that are all viable on Jax, but some are more situational witch I'll talk about later. But just an example would be, say you're versing a Vladimir, Kennen, and Mundo, you're going to want to get items like Abyssal scepter, because it gives Ap and Magic resistance. And Vlad and Kennen deal heavy Ap.
Now playing Jax you'll usually be going top. I like to get a point in for mobility purposes, you can jump to enemies, allys, or objects like wards, it also does amazing damage, especially in combination with Empower, which you will be getting at level 2.
A combination of + + (If you have dodged recently) will do amazing damage, after that you can start auto attacking the unit while spamming Leapstrike Empower and Counter Strike as often as possible. Save if you plan on switching targets or making a get away. Pop Relentless ***ualt if you are takeing magic damage (any at all really you can use your ult quite often, however save it if they have a heavy ap character ).
As Jax you will have great farming once you hit level 6 becuase of Relentless ***ualt Relentless ***ualt. Once you get your Guinsoo's Rageblade you will really be able to farm. Remember Jax's passive will increase your health while attacking thanks to Guinsoo's Rageblade. It increases your Ap whith every auto attack and your passive increases your maximum health depending on how much Ap/Ad you have :).
Remember, never get cocky in games, as any character. Cocky and risky moves lead to deaths. You may be able to pull some risky moves if your fed but it's sometimes just better to leave it. After all no one likes being 13/0 and getting a death. Well I've given some decent lane advice now let's move to items!

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The items I showed in the above selection are all items you may want to get Jax, some more important than others depending on who you're versing, how they're building, and your team's composition. Also remember, at anytime you have extra money, don't be afraid to buy Sight Ward Wards, Ap/CD pot, Hp/Ad pot, or As/CrC Pot.

Okay so with Jax you have a HUGE selection of items, If you're team is lacking Ad, Or you just prefer Ad Jax, lean more towards items like The Bloodthirster, Madreds, Phantom Dancers, Etc. However I do not like a pure Ad Jax nor do I recommend playing him that way seeing as your abilities all scale off ap but it's mainly for your ultimate. Every third attack you will deal massive magic damage, backed up with some nice attack speed you will ****ing wreck your opponent. The items I showed in the item selection are just examples of what you can and might what to get as Jax. You always have to use your head though, If your enemies are staking magic resistance, void staff isnt a bad idea. Typical Ap/Ad/As Items for Jax are Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade, Rylais, Etc. However you definatley want to sell your rage blade late game for something that benefits your late game a little more. If you're being focused get items like guardian angel, Force of Nature (to defend against heavy Ap) ..Abyssal scepters wonderful to counter ap as Jax seeing as it reduces there magic resistance and gives you MR plus Ap. Items like thornmail, and madreds help against heavy Ad. I hope this gives you a pretty good idea of witch items to get and when to get them, so just play around with the items and see what works for you. The best part about playing Jax is when you get that really Op combination of items and you just stomp there team.

One more thing : If you're going a more Ad armour pen/ crit chance Jax, youll still want some magic damage (One or two hextech gunblades works well). Also while playing an Ad/crit chance Jax, id get ignite and put 3 points in lethality and brute force and 1 point in the ignite mastery. Going 24/6/0 Every other mastery point stays the same except in defensive, get 3 in the armour and magic resistance spots.

I absolutely love this item. My favorite item to use as Jax. You cant go wrong with a ranged slow (700 range) that does 300 damage and 20% lifesteal and spell vamp, cant forget the Ad and Ap it gives, making this a very ideal item for Jax. Always get one of these puppies when playing Jax, if not more.

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Summoner Spells

I usually use Exhaust and ignite, or exhaust and ghost. Exhuast, obviously shuts down physical carries and help reduce the damage of casters, by less though. Ovcourse it slows the opponent too, allowing you to catch up or keep on him. Ignite is good when you're versing characters like Dr Mundo, Vladamir, War Wick, Seeing as it cuts their hp regen/natural lifesteal in half. It also does okay damage good for finishing off characters. I LOVE versing a tryndamere when I have ignite, when they try to escape with endless just pop ignite on them and try to get them down to 1 hp before endless is off and youll usually get the kill. Ghost obviously gets you places. Other spells like flash, heal etc are all personal prefence.. Pick what works best with you.

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Now, for masteries. Very important. Obviously archaic knowledge stacks nicely with your ult and empower/leap strike combos. The rest is quite obvious psychical damage masteries. In the defense tree I have chosen the extra dodge and dodge movement speed.

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Skill Sequence

When I play Jax I always get leap strike first, followed by two points in empower, then counter strike. I like to max empower (You can max it at level 9 ) then I start ranking up leap strike and counter strike. Empower does great damage, especially with leap strike followed by counter strike if you can get it off.

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Jax's Abilities

- Equipment Mastery - Jax's passive, equipment mastery, is to me one of the better more Op passives. It allows you to basically get as much damage as possible and maybe one resistance item like guardian angel, and still have an amazing amount of health. Because the more ability power and attack damage you have, the more maximum health you have. That's also why guinsoo's rageblade is so good on Jax, you gain maximum health while auto-attacking.

- Leap Strike - I get leap strike at level one, mostly for mobility purposes. You can jump to allies, enemies, and objects, like wards. It also does decent damage, especially in combination with the second move you'll get.

- Empower - Empower is a great move, It's spammable when maxed and that's why I max it first. It also rests your auto attack timer so you can auto attack empower then auto attack again all in a very short amount of time. If you use empower then leap strike on an enemy it will do both the damage of leap strike and empower at once. This combination is great especially if you have dodged recently because then you can use your third ability.

- Counter Strike - Counter strike is a great move, maxed it gives you 18% dodge, it has a nice AoE stun, and it does some okay damage. If you have this move ready you can make a great harassment just by empowering, leap-striking, then stunning with counter attack. Not only will you do alot of damage, you'll also receive no harassment in return seeing as the're stunned.

- Relentless Assault - Relentless Assault stacks extremely well with Guinsoos Rageblade, they both give you stacks for more attack speed. Once you get this move and you have a Guinsoos, when you auto attack, you'll be hitting faster and gaining Ap every attack, also every third attack will deal massive magic damage thanks to your ult. And that's just your ults passive, it's active when maxed gives you 50 MR + your dodge percent. Giving Jax some great survivability against casters.

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Pros / Cons

-Great early game harassment
-Great mid-end game damage and durability
-Can be a Ad focused char, hybris focused char, or Ap focused char
-Has an AoE stun
-You can focus more on getting nice Damage and some resistances while still haveing a nice amount of health thanks to his passive
-If he doesnt dodge he loses a vital spell
-Usually gets focused :(

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Creeping / Jungling

Jax has an amazing minion farming rate, especially mid game once you have guinsoos rageblade. Now for jungling, I usually pick up red buff after I have guinsoos rage blade, lots of times before though. Buffs really help you when you want to assassinate an enemy champion. Always go for the buffs and gank as much as you can when you have them. However Jax is NOT a jungling character. He is much better taking a solo lane, just grab buffs when possible.

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Team Work

Jax can be amazing in team fights seeing as he has an aoe stun. You can also focus targets down individually really fast making for a faster pentakill ;) Mostly focus the squishy(s), spam empower and counter attack, and pop your Relentless ***ualt ult whenever your about to take magic damage. Once your finished killing your target move to the next with an empower leapstrike combo. Always Ignite people like Mundo, WW, Vlad, Etc. They all have natural life steal/health regen which is countered by Ignite. Exhaust any phsycal carries if they're present, if none are present use it on the they're next best damage "doer" or any fleeing enemies.

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Unique Skills

Jax is a very unique character. Often you will be able to 1v2 as Jax, If your quite fed you will be able 1v3. Another thing about jax, everyone has been in that running away with like 5o health while being chased by a champ with 150 situation, as Jax just throw up empower and leap strike your enemy, he will die. You can do this if there at higher hp if you have counter strike ready. Obviously this is a very risky move seeing as many champions can counter it, so really be carful.

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Items to Consider

Malady: Can be usful if you're enemies build up some Magic resistance, seeing as malady shreds magic resistance.

Sword of the Divine: I'd only get this item if you're versing another Jax or Teemo, Jax can dodge, Teemo can blind.

Frozen Mallet: If you're team is mostly Ap, you might want to consider this seeing as it gives nice Ad, a slow, and nice health. Remember trinity force gives the slow too though.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I use this item on Jac quite often, good ap and health and a nice slow.

Thornmail: I don't reccommend this item unless you're versing a team full of Ad carries.

Guardian Angel: If you're being focused down too fast this item is great, a revive, armour and magic resistance.(this ite is good on any character)

Nashor's Tooth: Gives some nice attack speed if you hate waiting for you're guinsoo's and relentless ***ualt stacks. Nice cooldown reduction and mana regen aswell. I'd get this item if you're aiming more towards an Ap Jax. Remember Attack speed is great on ap Jax seeing as your ultimate makes every third attack do bonus magic damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Again, good for Ap Jax if you do get Mejai's and you have over 10 stacks this item will benefit you greatly, even if you weren't planning on going Ap.

Mejai's: Within the first 10:00 minutes of a game you should be able to decide wether getting this item would be viable or not. Fun when you're versing noobs. If you do decide to take this item, being cocky and taking risks isout of the question; play safely.

Force of Nature: This item is quite situational, I would only get this item on Jax for a few reasons.
1:The opposite team is full of Ap casters.
2:You're being focused by even just one fed Ap caster.
3:Your team is lacking a tank and the opposite team has a fair amount of Ap Dps.

Phantom Dancers: Only ideal if you are going to get another item with crit, wether it be infinity edge, youmus ghostblade, Etc. I personaly don't get this itekm often. It might work better for you so I still suggest toying with it.

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Other Jax item builds

If you dont like the item selection I have above, heres a couple other good builds.

-More Ap- Ninja tabi(extra dodge for your stun), Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rylais, Hextech gunblade, Lichbane, Rabadon's. (You can substitue some of these items for a Mejai's if you're feeling lucky)

-Fun Snowball- Ninja Tabi - Guinsoo's Rageblade - Leviathan - Mejai's - Sword of the Occult - Hextech Gunblade (Actually works very well, If you can pull it off, However I do not suggest this, mostly for fun)

-Maclaren's - Sapphire Crystal- Sapphire Crystal- Sapphire Crystal- Sapphire Crystal - Sapphire Crystal - Sapphire Crystal - (Plays out great late game ;) ---)

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Ranked Play

Now my 3v3 ranked elo is only 1346, BUT I have won 12 games in a row now. So basically when I play Jax in ranked, I completely avoid stacking items (Mejai's, Sword of the Occult, Leviathan etc) I usually go top, don't get cocky, don't chase, and always be carful. Call mias, ward drag, mid, and anywhere else you see fit. Don't intiate, unless you're confident. Only intiate 1v1's you know you'll win, and only do so if your enemies have no globals and you know they're far away. Otherwise avoid it and just farm. Push after an ace, or any other neccecary time. Repeat and remember don't get cocky!

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Thanks Everyone!

Id just like to thank everyone who has commented and voted so far!! It really means alot to me :) Although some people need to stop down voting without reason, I wont freak out if you downvote, just please have a valid reason. Same goes for upvoting! :) But yeah thanks everyone!!

Special Thanks To: Skeldon, who helped support me with my guide and inform some stupid trolls of how stupid they are :p