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Jax Build Guide by iETL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iETL

Jax, The Grandmaster in the Jungle (SOLO QUEUE)

iETL Last updated on April 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My summoner name is iETL. My main role is Jungler, although I can also Top, Mid and Support pretty well, my skills in the art of ADC are horrendous though. I have been playing League of Legends for about two years, since Diana's release. My favorite champions is Jax, therefore I felt that it was a necessity that my first guide be on Jax. I am currently Gold V and climbing. Please feel free to add me if you'd like to play some games or ask me questions.

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Jax, The Grandmaster's At Arms

Jax is a melee fighter. By "fighter" I mean that not only is he capable of dealing good amounts of damage, but he is also capable of withstanding a good amount of damage when properly itemized and with the aid of his ultimate.

Jax's main source of damage is physical, but he also has a strong secondary source of damage which is magical. This makes him extremely hard to itemize against. Jax also has both sustained damage AND burst damage. This means he can wither down tanks and he can also burst down carries. Jax is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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Jax's passive is Relentless Assault, it increases his attack speed per auto attack landed. It caps at 6 stacks. This means that in a 1 vs 1 scenario, after landing a few hits Jax's attack speed will encrease, giving him an advantage. This will be encreasing Grandmaster's Might proc rate, increasing his DPS and burst overall, sometime I will more into detail later.

Leap Strike is a gap closer that deals a mix of physical and magical damage, it can also be casted on friendly units which can save you from a LOT of sticky situations. It also synergizes with Empower.

Empower is an auto attack steroid. Aside from resetting Jax's auto attack's animation, which means an extra auto attack when done properly, the steroid is addition of magic damage to your next auto attack. Empower can be casted before casting Leap Strike, and it applies together, increasing your Leap Strike's damage and burst.

Counter Strike when activated triggers a "spin" animation on Jax, lasting 2 seconds in which Jax can dodge auto attacks, takes 25% less damage from area of effect abilities and at the end of the two seconds any enemies nearby are stunned for 1 second and damaged physically. While Jax is "dodging" he can also auto attack and cast his abilities. Any attacks dodged during this time can also increases the ability's damage to up to 200% (20% per auto attack, 5 equaling 200%) depending on how many attacks were dodged.

Grandmaster's Might is Jax's ultimate. It is both a passive and an active. It passively makes every third auto attack deal bonus magic damage, if he doesn't auto attack for 2.5 seconds the passive counter is reset. Combine this with his Empower for some insane burst, and in addition to his passive Relentless Assault, you have some insane sustained damage that almost no champion can withstand toe to toe. Jax's Grandmaster's Might active gives Jax bonus Armor and Magic Resist based on how much AP (Ability Power) and AD (Attack Damage) Jax has. Making him surprisigly tanky in dangerous situations such as 2 vs 1.

Take Jax's kit into consideration and think of the capabilities this great champion has in the right hands. I feel like although I don't have the ELO or Ranking of a "professional" player, I do have an indepth understanding of this champion.

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Double-Edged Sword is really nice for jungling, because it doesn't specify AD or AP, thus making it twice as valuable on Jax. It'll help you clear the jungle faster, hit champions harder and be a menace to other junglers, for a very small trade of more incoming damage.

Fury is very handy for clearing the jungle fast, and late game it will make you extremely scary, combined with your passive and your items.

Brute Force for the AD, faster jungle clear and stronger ganks.

Martial Mastery for the same reason as Brute Force .

Mental Force greatly compliments Jax's kit, whether it is clearing the jungle, ganking lanes or dueling fools in the jungle.

Arcane Mastery for the same reason as Mental Force .

Executioner will help you pick up kills on ganks, clean up fights, and jump on enemy junglers who barely have sustain because they will most likely be low at the early stages of the game. Late game, tanks will run away from you.

Spell Weaving is very good for Jax because his attack speed, enabling him to gain the stacks fast, and since Empower is on a low cooldown it'll let him take full advantage of the bonus damage and apply it constantly.

Blade Weaving is also very good because of Empower's low cooldown, and synergy with Jax's fast auto attacks, it'll be applied often as well.

Devastating Strikes is probably the best mastery for Jax. The penetration helps you inflict your damage more effectively, since you also build AP on my guide, it will make it very hard for your opponent to itemize against you as well.

Havoc is self explanatory. Just like Double-Edged Sword , the damage is not specified, therefore is both AD and AP. It is twice as valuable on Jax.


Block is really handy on Jax. He's a dueler, so when other junglers want to try you, you ALWAYS have something to say, this will give you an advantage on fights. It will also help you clean up lanes earlier, making you harder to kill.

Tough Skin will make jungling easier at the early stages of the game.

Unyielding just like Block will help you duel other junglers and gank lanes.

Veteran Scars and Juggernaut 's HP are really handy early in the game, simply makes you stronger, healthier, harder to kill. HP is always good, because it helps against all types of damage.

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Masteries Controversy

I like going to "" to see how pros play certain champions, I did this often for Jax and viewed various pros, their runes and masteries. The biggest difference between their Jax and mine is the mastery page. I have noticed how pros like putting points into Warlord and completely disregard Mental Force and Arcane Mastery. It was also brought up to me in a comment on this very guide. So I decided to do some research and do the math to prove once and forever that my mastery page is the best for Jax.

Warlord 's bonus damage is not that much and I find it more effective getting some AP, specially considering Devastating Strikes . Jax greatly benefits from both AD AND AP.

When it comes to percentages, you need to understand that they are only effective when the numbers being effected are high.

Bear in mind that Warlord only effects bonus attack damage. On my guide you build Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Blade of the Ruined King and the Trinity Force.

That's 85 AD, with the masteries and runes, is 108.8, or ~109 AD. ~109 AD plus the 5% is 114.24, or ~114 AD. You'd be getting a bonus of about 6 AD.

If you were to grab Mental Force and Arcane Mastery early game you would have about 6~9. You will have 22 AP AP by late game. Trinity Force gives you 30 AP, so you'd have ~109 AD and 52 AP. Late game it makes a huge difference because it makes it even harder to itemize against you. Flat amounts of stats is better than percentages when applying it to low numbers.

So, do you want to have 6 more AD, or 22 more AP?

Don't get me wrong, Warlord is a very good mastery, but on champions that build a ton of AD, someone like Riven or Caitlyn.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage will help you clear the jungler faster, as well as add more damage to your ganks.

Greater Seal of Armor is a must for jungling. The armor helps you survive the dangerous jungle and help you duel other junglers that try your life!

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is very effective when ganking mid and they are AP. It will prevent you getting instantly bursted by them and it'll also help you if they have a jungler that's AP or if the mid decides to roam into the wrong place.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage just like your marks, it will help you clear the jungler faster, as well as add more damage to your ganks.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal it will help you stay healthy early in the jungle, saving you from counter jungles from your opponent. Combined with your Spirit of the Elder Lizard it will help keep you stay healthy at all stages of the game.

You could replace Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if the enemy team doesn't have much AP or any at all, bear in mind there are some champions, that although are AD, still deal magical damage.

You could also replace it with Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, Greater Glyph of Armor or Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power. I have not tested these yet.

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Jungling Route


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Guide still under construction

I will add more in-depth information as soon as possible.

P.S. I do not own of the images used in the guide. Please give credit to their proper owners/creators.