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Jayce Build Guide by infinitumxx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author infinitumxx

Jayce AD Carry Guide - Pew Pew Pew

infinitumxx Last updated on July 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, and welcome to my ever first guide on MOBAFire! This guide will be about Jayce, a relatively new champion. Now, people I've played with often frown upon Jayce as an AD Carry. They say he's not hard enough a carry. Well, I've proven them wrong every single time when I melt the opposing team before they even realise I'm there. Yes, Jayce can be built to be a bruiser, which is the 'widely accepted' build for Jayce, but I think that's a waste of his potential.

So without further ado, let me begin the breakdown of Jayce as a champion, as a means of looking at where Jayce truly shines.

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  • Versatile. Hell, he's probably the most versatile champion out there yet! A boon for being number 100, perhaps?
  • Has this ridiculous skill that gives free 2.5 aspd for 3 shots. Doesn't sound much? Think again.
  • Has a gap closer, a TEAM (I repeat TEAM) speed steroid and a percentage nuke.
  • His ranged Q when coupled with E can deal loads of damage. Likewise for his melee Q -> E.
  • Has an awesome hairdo.

  • Squishy, but if you're playing him right, it shouldn't matter.
  • Mana hungry during start of game. You don't want to be spamming E -> Q all day long.
  • Needs farm. If he is shut down early, it's gonna be a hard game. But doesn't that apply to all champions?
  • Far too manly. Takes the spotlight away from our beloved spin2winner.

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Armed with wit, charm, and his signature transforming hammer, Jayce lives to protect his native Piltover. Long before his nation called him a hero, however, he was a promising young inventor. When Piltover commissioned him to study a rare arcane crystal, Jayce discovered it could be used as a vast energy source. Eager to make a name for himself, he began developing a device to harness its power. Word of the crystal's potential reached beyond the borders of Piltover. Viktor, the machine-augmented scientist from Zaun, brought Jayce an offer – together, they could use the crystal to advance his "glorious evolution," a vision of humanity fused with technology. Jayce refused, but the Zaunite had no intention of leaving empty handed. He effortlessly blasted Jayce aside and seized the crystal, incinerating the lab's meager security force as he left for Zaun. Jayce implored the Piltover government to respond, but the officials refused to support an act of aggression. He decided to act alone, realizing that if no one struck back, Piltover would never be safe.

Jayce returned to the lab to prepare for his attack. After intense research, development, and hands-on testing, he emerged with his crowning achievement – the Mercury Hammer. Weapon in hand, Jayce marched to Zaun and began his one-man assault. Viktor's acolytes rushed to stop him, but Jayce smashed them aside, fighting his way into the heart of the lab. Inside, Jayce saw the horrifying brilliance of Viktor's creations, all powered by the energy of the arcane crystal. He realized that his only option was to destroy the power source, but Viktor stood in his way. Though their clash left both scientists heavily wounded, Jayce managed a desperate strike at the crystal. He shattered it and escaped as Viktor's machines erupted in flames. When he returned home, exhausted but victorious, the citizens of Piltover hailed Jayce as a hero. He reveled in the adoration, but knew that his actions had drawn the attention of dangerous enemies. Now devoted to the defense of his people, Jayce is Piltover's best hope for a bright future.

"Trust me: if we're smart, Piltover can stand strong against any threat. Hey, I'm living proof."

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Runes and Masteries/Summoner Spells

Runes are really quite simple. This setup goes for the average AD carry, with a mix of Armor Penetration and Attack Damage. Flat armor seals are as important as ever as you'll be laning with that nasty Graves who's busy shooting your face out.

For those who prefer late gaming prowess, switching out the Quints for Greater Quintessence of Desolation could work, too. In fact, coupled with The Black Cleaver, you wouldn't be needing a Last Whisper at all, and that item slot is very very important.

Movement Quints can also be used to make up for his poor movement speed, but it's not that bad, really.

Now for masteries, I go the standard 21/9/0, going for the attack damage boosts wherever possible. Weapon expertise is very important, never pass it up. Also, I go for Sorcery instead of Vampirism for a simple reason: Jayce has 7 abilities that can be used at any one time. The 3 points in Sorcery gives a 21% total cooldown reduction if you use all his abilities constantly. That's much more compared to a measly 3% lifesteal. The rest of the masteries are pretty self-explanatory.

Now for summoner spells, Flash is the standard last-hitter/escaping tool for the AD Carry. The most useful (but not necessarily the most powerful) SS in the game. Jump over walls, jump over creeps, jump over Jarvan IV's ultimate! Exhaust is for the early skirmishes you should be having with the other bot AD ranged. You don't want him to be damaging you as much as you are damaging him, so this is the spell to fix that.

Other worthy mentions are Ignite, Ghost, Heal and Cleanse. All others are pointless.

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Items/Skills Explanation

Alright, here comes the important part. The item build listed above looks like that for a glass cannon, doesn't it? Well duh, we're playing Jayce AD Carry style. Okay, here's the thing. You might be wondering where is the attack speed necessary for an AD Carry. The wonderful part about Jayce is you don't need it! At all!

But before I go more in-depth into that, let me explain a few of his more important skills first.

To The Skies!/Shock Blast (Q)

To The Skies! is a neat gap closer, but deals low skill-level based damage. It only starts scaling when you begin to build your AD. But it doesn't really matter since all you need it to do is to chase down the escaping enemy, and it does just that. Another thing, it slows as well, so try to land it on as many enemies as possible, meaning you aim it at the center of a group. Also, do not use this to chase anybody while they are still above half hp. You'll just leap to your death. To The Heavens!

Shock Blast is your everyday projectile. It detonates on the first enemy it hits, so hitting that sneaky Vayne would be quite difficult. The detonation AOE is small, as well, so by itself, it's not much to look at. But at least the range is long, and when it detonates, it reveals Fog equal to it's AOE. This brief reveal can be the setup for your To The Skies! to finish off an escaping opponent or to steal a buff. This will be your bread-and-butter harassing *** farming skill. Max it first.

Thundering Blow/Acceleration Gate (E)

Thundering Blow is your very very OP BAM sort of attack. At level 5, it deals 160 magic damage (+1.0 per AD) + 20% of target's MAX hp. That is a lot of damage. Thing is, you're a ranged carry. You don't want to be switching to melee when your ranged dps can deal much more in that instant where you leap in and E the enemy's face. To put things shortly, it's powerful, I give you that, but only during the early phase when MRs are low. It's sort of like Mundo's cleaver. Another reason this is added last is due to the fact that you knock the enemy back when you use it. If the enemy doesn't die, and your R is on cooldown (which it should be, since you switched to melee recently to bash him with your E), you'll probably get an escaped opponent who will be taunting you 'ahahaha thanks Jayce for saving me' and stuff like that. It sucks. Don't do it.

Acceleration Gate is the only reason you'll be picking this skill up at level 2. At all levels, the increase in damage when combo-ed with Shock Blast is constant. Thus, a single point is sufficient to last you till late game. When the Shock Blast projectile passes through this ability, it will become bada** and wreak major havoc. This will be your most commonly used combo. Also, it can save a whole team from dying when placed right. This point alone makes it almost worth an ultimate slot. Max this skill last, but get an early point in it.

Lightning Field/Hyper Charge (W)

Lightning Field is like a Sunfire Cape with higher damage and range, but it doesn't scale with AD. Powerful early, then whittles off to nothingness. But it's still damage, so turn it on when you decide to smash some face with Thundering Blow anyway.

Hyper Charge is the most important ability in your arsenal. Why, you ask? It's because it's such an insane ASPD steroid that is should be banned. At level 1, it gives you max ASPD for 3 hits, but at the cost of 70% AD for each hit. The thing is, it procs on-hit effects like Cleaver debuff. Who needs Phantom Dancer now, huh? What's worse, the damage per hit INCREASES to 130% at level 5. Coupled with Infinity Edge (which stacks the damage increase with the critical hit damage increase), you'll be destroying champions with a flick of a button. Max this skill 2nd.

Mercury Cannon/Mercury Hammer (R)

Your wonderful little ultimate. You get a point in it at level 1. It turns you from ranged to melee to ranged. Pretty simple, actually, but here's the important thing: it's beauty comes from your passive. It gives you a 40 MS boost for 1.5s and Phasing effect (you don't collide with creeps). So, it could be the deciding factor whether you live or die when you use this before/after you use Acceleration Gate, depending on which weapon you were using. Get this skill at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Okay, back to the items. So, as you can see from the sheer prowess of Hyper Charge, you are allowed to build pure AD without giving a hoot about ASPD. And this is why Jayce makes such a powerful AD Carry. He has higher end-of-game stats than other AD Carry. Other carries need a slot or two for ASPD items like Trinity Force and Phantom Dancer, but Jayce can go pure AD and still be as effective, if not more.

So start with a Boots of Speed for early mobility, and then upgrade to Berserker Greaves on your first recall. Get a Vampiric Scepter if you can afford it. Then it proceeds quite simply from there. Infinity Edge will start giving you kills, and when you have your The Black Cleaver, it should be around mid-late game, and you can start Ace-ing their team. The final two items, Atma's Impaler and The Bloodthirster can be gotten in either order, depending on whether you are looking for more critical chance or simply more damage. I'd prefer Atma's due to the fact that you're stuck at a measly 25% crit chance otherwise, and that's not very impressive.

The last item can be a defensive one. You can get Quicksilver Sash if that enemy Warwick is aiming you constantly. Or you could get a Guardian Angel and wipe all hopes from your enemies of killing you.

Last Whisper is not necessary, as The Black Cleaver and your runes and masteries give sufficient Armor Penetration to take down any normal champion, even off-tanks. The only champions Jayce cannot kill easily are full tanks, but you shouldn't even be aiming them anyway.

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Playing Jayce

Early Game

You're gonna want bottom lane, with a support who doesn't displace the enemy much. Alistar, for example, could Headbutt your kill away from you when you fire off your Shock Blast. But if your lane partner is in the least decent, that shouldn't happen, so technically any support would do fine.

You will be spending your minutes away farming, getting every possible creep kill, and occasionally E -> Q to harass. Do not overextend to save money on wards and also to be safe from ganks. Your support will be bored as hell but hey, that's his job.

If you don't like this, however, feel free to call for a gank, or if you're feeling brave, Acceleration Gate -> Shock Blast -> Hyper Charge -> Mercury Hammer -> To The Skies! -> Lightning Field -> Thundering Blow for some major harass, but expect to take some damage in return. You don't want to be taking damage. You want to exist in lane as long as possible and nerdfarm.


Tower's down, ganks are become frequent, sometimes the whole team is here. People are running around, but MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Unless they're just nearby, of course. But even so, don't commit pointless suicides. You are an AD Carry. You kill people, and allies die for you. You are supreme. So continue to nerdfarm. Until you have at least an Infinity Edge, try not to engage unless you are sure you will win.


Both teams are ravaged, your team is losing out in kills. It's time to show your face, bringing along your shiny new Black Cleaver with you. You should join the fray now, keeping back to E -> Q poke and attack from the rear. Stay away from Fog of War where ugly things could leap out and stare you in the eye, stunning you. This means, when you engage, stay in the middle of the lane where your allies are close by instead of running off, even if it means sacrificing a better position. When things get awry, pop your Acceleration Gate and gtfo. If the enemy hasn't been madstacking armor, your Hyper Charge should be able to take down a champion singlehandedly, giving champion advantage and winning the engage. From there, Baron, whatever, it shouldn't be difficult to down towers and inhibitors with your Hyper Charge on such a low cooldown.

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Warding/End Off Comments

Just a simple sentence should suffice: EVERYONE WARDS IN THE GAME.

If you still do not understand the importance of wards, ranked probably isn't for you.

To do:
Finish this thing.
Add in the colors and stuff.
Upload more pics and stuff.
Make it look nicer. And stuff.