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Jayce General Guide by Best Jayce Africa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Best Jayce Africa

Jayce Top/Mid lane guide by Rank #1 Jayce

Best Jayce Africa Last updated on March 30, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Jayce with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali Her power spike is level 6+.I think this lane is one of the easiest one.You can shove the lane to tower early. You can try to poke her with your q+e combo or using w ability while she is csing.If you get ganked by jungler, they will have no presure on you because Akali will be under her tower and chunked.At level 6,this is the time you should be careful.Try to poke her first.Dont go all in if you are not snowballing the lane.Bait her shroud.If you are laning in top vs her ignite will be more helpful.
Darius -He is very powerful toplaner.But he cant get to you if he misses his pull.Quick tip:When he charges up his q you can knock him back with your hammer form e and not hit by his q.Just dont go in melee form if you dont all in him.You have a range advantage and this is the lane you should abuse it.
Diana Very easy matchup.First of all, she doesnt have any damage in early game.1 combo can kill her early on.If she is behind and you are snowballing the lane, it is pretty much over for her.She cant do much besides help from her jungler.
Gangplank This one is quite easy one.His main damage source is his barrel.Get level 2 before him.Abuse your level 2 power spike .He cant sustain without his orange.
Kayle There will be a window when her E ability is on cooldown.Thats when you trade with her.
Lux When you jump on her try to juke her Q with sidestepping left or right.Laning is simple and most likely the same in all matchups but you need to do certain things when going all in.
Ryze Ez.
Tryndamere pretty easy lane.Just be careful for his bar.Dont trade melee when its full.
Vladimir Stay on top of him everytime.After baiting his pool you can kill him.He cant trade back.
Dr. Mundo Like other tank toplaners, this mathcup is very annoying for jayce.He doesnt use mana so he can sustainwhile sitting far back and throwing cleavers.You on the other hand cant sustain Hp and Mana.Of course you can chunk him to %10 %20 hp but you will be using your all mana.For this lane , bringing TP and trying to make plays on bot lane might be your chance.
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Hi,I am Best Jayce Africa. I was D1 in s3/s4, i took a break from LoL for a year.I came back for s6 and i am D1 again.I am currently the number 1 jayce player according to lolskill.


Number 1

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Standart AD+Armor+MR runes are better on Jayce.At least what i experienced.You can run ArPen if you want but you will be a little weak at early levels.Also you get arpen from items so you ont need to run Armor penetration.
The other one is CDR.45 percent cdr is great on Jayce but you never get 45 percent if you buy crit items.So if you give up scaling mr and your quints.You can get 15 percent cdr at the beggining.
Other rune Page i use :

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Thunderlords better with 12-18-0.I am trying new mastery pages too.For experiment, 18-0-12 with warlords bloodlust and runic armor in resolve tree.

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So you start with either doran blade or long sword.I personaly like long sword 3 biscuits for better sustain for a long time.Always farm for your tear first.It isvery important since you have a problem with mana usage.Try to complete your Manamune after tear.If you cant but its components.Ifyou cant buy a pickaxe after your tear just complete your long sword with Caulfields warhammer since you can go either essence or youumus ghostblade with that item.After completing Manamune,ıf you are fed go for essence reaver.If you dont afford for a bf sword just try to complete Youumus ghostblade first then buy essence reaver.I personaly buy Last whisper for fifth item.You can buy it earlier if enemy team stacks armor earlier.For your last item, you can go defensive and buy a GA and play a little bit more ballsy.You can buy a banshee buy i personaly dont like banshee that much.Or you can buy IE for last item and three shot ADC.Your choice.Ionian boots are must.

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Skill Order and Some info

Max Q first.Max W second and E third. Last your ultimate.

So maxing your w is better in every situation.W is mashing great with your crit build and it is great for tower pushing.

Early and mid game , your damage source is your E+Q combo.After passing 25-30+ minutes and there are 2 tanks with absurd amount of armor, your E+Q wont effect them at all.After 25-30 your W becomes more important for pushing, for 3 shotting enemy carries.

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Pros / Cons


-High damage
-Range and Melee
-High pressure in lane
-Has a speed , disengage, slow, attack speed in his kit.
-Fun to play
-Unbelievable burst with 1 combo.(ADC Gone)


-Hard to master
-Hard to play from behind
-Very vulnerable for few seconds after his combo
-High mana usage without tear.
-Doesnt have hard cc.

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