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Jinx Build Guide by silentdeath

ADC Jinx: The AOE Crit Goddess (S12)

ADC Jinx: The AOE Crit Goddess (S12)

Updated on March 8, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author silentdeath Build Guide By silentdeath 25 2 72,255 Views 2 Comments
25 2 72,255 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author silentdeath Jinx Build Guide By silentdeath Updated on March 8, 2023
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Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order consider lvling e 2nd if you have cc support so u can chain cc

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Champion Build Guide

Jinx: The AOE Crit Goddess (S12)

By silentdeath
After Laning Phase
So you've made it past laning phase, the roughest point in the game for Jinx. The mid-game is a lot less linear than laning phase, so while you're going through the process of setting up objectives, teamfights, roams etc. it can be easy to forget certain things. These are general things that will help you on all ADCs. Make sure you keep this checklist in mind:

▶ Don't stop farming! Keep your CS up.
▸However, be aware of your surroundings. Remember that you are very easy to catch out at ALL points of the game.
▸Don't die pushing a wave up too far, or farming a lane alone with no wards and getting dove.

▶ Be grouped to help take objectives.
▸Odds are, you are your team's main damage source for taking towers and neutral objectives. This means two things: If you are dead, you will likely prevent your team from being able to contest those objectives, and you need to be prepared to be grouped for these events.
▸When you go to farm a lane, keep in mind what objectives are potential targets, where the rest of your team is, where vision is, if you know where the rest of the enemy team is, etc.

▶ Don't get yourself caught out or die for free.
▸The easiest way for Jinx to die in the mid and late game is if she is caught alone without her team. NEVER push up alone without vision unless you know where everyone on the enemy team is, or they are not a threat to you.
▸NEVER go into an unwarded jungle. It's not your support's fault that they didn't ward if you knowingly go into unwarded territory and get caught. Just don't go.

▶ Watch for flanks and be wary of areas without vision.
▸Be wary of flanks from enemy assassins! Be cautious. The less you die the better. This doesn't mean you should never join fights or never put yourself in a risky situation, but try to be aware of WHO on the enemy team is a threat, and HOW they can kill you, and what you need to do to prevent that.
▸You want to be near your support and the rest of your team as much as possible, so they can peel you and/or help you kill someone who is trying to goon you.

To summarize all of that, farm ▹ be aware of ways you can get caught/die ▹ be grouped and ready for objectives.
What To Do If My Team Is Losing
♡ If you lost your lane, your goal will be to die as little as possible from this point forward and farm. If your losing team keeps dying to bad fights, ignore them while you are farming and trying to scale up but look for opportunities for good fights. Since if your team is losing, chances are the enemy has someone who is very fed who can kill you super easily, avoid giving them additional kills for free. Play around vision and look to scale and capitalize on any mistakes or bad fights the enemy team takes.
♡ If you won your lane, and you are the only lane on the team that won, you will need to look for how to spread your lead across the map WITHOUT dying. If you are the only person on the team who is capable of carrying and you get caught/die, the enemy team will be able to capitalize on this to further abuse your weaker teammates and there's a big chance you will have lost your chance to carry. If you win your lane early, look to swap with top or mid and have your support come along to try to take their towers. Just be wary of their top/jungle/mid ganging up on you and killing you. They will be non-stop trying to catch you and shut you down. You will want to be constantly looking for how to extend your lead and share it with your teammates without throwing. Do not flame them, as this is the worst thing you can do if you genuinely care about trying to carry.
What To Do If Both Teams Are Even
♡ If you lost your lane and as a result the enemy bot lane is ahead and/or fed, you need to scale up and buy items quickly. The enemy ADC and support will likely be looking to group with their team and take objectives. Try to rotate to match them as much as possible, and look to try to catch them out with your team. Farm and if the game goes on long enough, Jinx will outscale most ADCs or at the very least become an even threat to them in fights. Just try to do what you can to avoid falling further behind, don't give them more kills and try to stop them from getting additional advantages in towers, farm, dragons etc. for free. Don't die for it.
♡ If you won your lane, you will be looking to rotate faster than the enemy bot lane to use your power advantage to take towers, secure dragon, secure herald, or whatever goal your team has to try to get closer to destroying the nexus. Remember to back and spend your gold to preserve your lead, and don't overstay. In most scenarios, the most obvious two post-lane courses of action are either coordinating a swap with your top laner to try to gun down top tower, or group mid and try to look for a teamfight/seige/neutral objective contest. Remember getting caught and dying is the biggest way to throw your lead, you don't want to give up a huge early/mid game gold advantage on Jinx.
What To Do If My Team Is winning
♡ If you lost your lane, to put it bluntly, you need to know how to get carried. As odd as it sounds, knowing how to be carried is a crucial skill in League of Legends. What this means is letting your fed/strong teammates use their advantages to close out the game, and not getting in their way or making their life more difficult. DO NOT feed the enemy team more, and remember that you are not the fed one on the team. Play around your strong teammates and support them appropriately. If you do this, as the game goes on, the odds are that their lead will spread to you through the form of kills/assists from fighting with them, and you will then be in a position to be dangerous as well. Just remember to not make their life hard. Let them do the engaging and shot-calling and don't die over and over again.
♡ If you won your lane, pretty much all that you have to worry about is not throwing the lead you have earned for yourself and your team. You don't have to worry about getting outscaled as Jinx, so the only danger would be letting the enemy bot lane catch up. Don't overstay after taking kills and objectives, don't take bad fights or get yourself caught and killed. Just because you are fed doesn't mean you can take every fight, or even 1v1 everyone on their team. You are an ADC, you are squishy and immobile. You need your team. Try to work with your team to set up tower sieges, teamfights, dragon/baron control, etc. and focus on getting closer to killing the nexus rather than getting distracted by wanting to get more kills.
When teamfighting as an ADC, especially one like Jinx, you need to follow 3 rules: Positioning, DPS and target focus. What steps do I need to take to avoid dying? How do I do the most possible damage? Who is the most important target?

- To state the blatantly obvious, you can't do damage if you're dead. If you die at the beginning of a teamfight, unless you are lucky and your solo lanes/jungler make up for your errors or the enemy team completely inted to kill you, the odds are that your team will lose the fight.
- Unrelated to positioning, before the fight even starts, examine your build and the threats on their team. Do you have Quicksilver Sash if there is a big risk you will get hit by CC? Do you need to ask your team to wait while you farm to finish your Guardian Angel?
- Again before the fight starts, don't allow yourself to get poked out for free. Just stand back if poke is a threat. It is better to be running around in the back with nothing to do for a while than get forced to back by poke or even killed by it.
- Who are the biggest threats to you on their team, and how do you avoid them? Do you need to stay far back and wait for your team to engage on them and follow up from a distance? Do you need to stand with your support so they can peel you?
- Do not stand anywhere that allows the enemy team to get to you before your own team can. Generally this just means don't be alone, but you also never want to be in the front of a teamfight.
- It is not your job to engage or try to 1v1 their assassins or fighters. It is your job to not die and do as much damage as possible in the process.

- When the enemy team is clustered and it is possible to hit multiple targets, always use Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. It is the most effective way to DPS in teamfights, and the range will offer you extra survivability.
- When focusing down a single target, use Pow-Pow, the Minigun. It is more effective single-target DPS.
- Even when you are running away/kiting back, if possible you want to be kiting and throwing in autos while you run. Even if you end up getting caught and killed, the additional rockets can be the difference between your team winning or losing once you are dead. Kiting and knowing how to orb walk/attack move are crucial skills for an ADC player to have.

- Following the prior two rules, you likely already know that the chances are you will not be able to hit their backline and stay safe from dying at the same time. That's where knowing that it's okay to hit their front line comes in.
- A lot of the time you will simply be whittling down their front line and attacking whoever is closest to you. However, in cases where their front line is not a threat, for example they have a Malphite that has already used his ult and abilities, and it's possible to hit squishier targets on their team, you can choose to ignore him and focus the others instead.
- In general, you will want to focus the same target until they are dead, but there are times where changing your focus as quickly as possible is the most effective. If the enemy adc happens to get within auto range of you, or another dangerous champion, you can quickly switch your focus to them to try to kill them as fast as possible and punish them.
- The conditions for target priority are: Who is safe for me to hit ➨ Who is the biggest threat to my team ➨ Who is the easiest/fastest to kill. Do not attack based on second or third priority UNLESS the prior conditions are also met.

FINAL NOTE: A lot of players think the ADC should ALWAYS be doing the most damage in fights. This simply isn't true, especially for a scaling AD like Jinx. Your job is to stay alive and do consistent DPS, whether that's to enemies or objectives. In the final damage chart, the ADC will often be out-damaged by heavy AP mages, assassins, all-in laners and junglers, etc. UNLESS the ADC was extremely fed early or the game goes super late and you're full build. Late game, you should definitely be doing the most damage, but don't feel pressured to make crazy plays and get yourself killed. Stay alive and be consistent while doing the most damage you can by positioning well, autoing constantly, and kiting.
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