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Amumu Build Guide by McPenguin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McPenguin

JS4:TolietpaperAmumu: A Masterfull Tank, knows how to Gank

McPenguin Last updated on January 5, 2014
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Hejsan Svejsan I´m back Biiitches

This will be my second build on MobaFire. My name is McPenguin some of you out there may remember my name from my other build (( [S3] Lee Sin: Biiiiiiitch Please (Jungling-Offtank) ))

About me:
I´m a swedish male with a love for Jungling (nuff said right).

So lets talk Amumu. He´s a crying bandege tossing son of a b*tch who gets tantrums which hurts like hell.

What are we here to do? Master him and f*ck sh*t up.

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+If played right you will become a ganking mastermind
+Unkillable late game
+So much CC it will become game changing
+Has alot AoE great at farming, clearing and pushing
+He´s a teamplayer.

-1v1 at early lvls will probably get you killed
-Really mana dependent first 2 bluebuffs is needed
-Bandage Toss must be masterd
-Usually gets banned in ranked games

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I like to enter the lane before i throw my Bandage Toss (Q) because it´s easier to anticpate the enamy´s movement. Then i emidatly go press my (E) Tantrum for Damage and then you just have to follow them around with your (W) Despair. If needed i use my Ult right after Bandage Toss (Q) or if they use flash right after the stun of Bandage Toss (Q) wears out. It depends on which champion I´m ganking. Great escape + Flash= Early Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)

Enter lane, bandage toss, f*ck sh*t up, walk out.
It´s as simple as that

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Skill Sequence

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Jungling Route

When you're jungling with Amumu you should always start at blue! He needs that mana reg to gank efficiently. Then I do the standard clear Wolfs, Wraith. Now I usually go for the Wraiths but if you have pushy opponent mid you could try to gank or at least push them back. Go for Red and start ganking top and mid. I don't like ganking not until I become level 6 because they often hav wards so you might have to flash into a Bandage Toss and then use you're Ult.