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Riven Build Guide by Shaddofokkusu

Jump,Jump,Jump around.

Jump,Jump,Jump around.

Updated on March 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaddofokkusu Build Guide By Shaddofokkusu 4 2 9,221 Views 7 Comments
4 2 9,221 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaddofokkusu Riven Build Guide By Shaddofokkusu Updated on March 2, 2013
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Guide contents

Riven jungle guide!
  • I'll be going over Riven's abilities and how to use them Q , W , E , and R
  • I'll be going over runes and masteries and the reasoning behind them
  • Finally i'll be going over items and how you should build them.
  • I'll also be going over Riven's jungle pathing and ganking order that i use.
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Riven's ability run down

So here's how i use Riven's abilites and the other functions they have.
  • Riven's Q it can be used for closing gaps between you and enemy champions most of the time or it can be used as a bit of burst damage on them. It can even be used in the jungle to quickly take down jungle creeps along with having the quick knock back to disrupt a little bit of damage.
  • Riven's W Is a very effective stun against jungle creeps or for when you get in melee range of an enemy champion. It can also be used for stunning enemy champions if they're chasing you, along with stunning jungle camps to disrupt even more damage on top of your Q.
  • Riven's E Can be used as an initiation spell or a utility spell. The initiation part of the spell is that it dashes you where your cursor is.The utility part of the spell is that it gives you a damage absorbing shield which helps when you're taking large amounts of damage or you need the movement from it.
  • Riven's R and or ultimate Has a good melee range extension and a good damaging effect when used again in succession before the buff after using your ultimate goes away. It can be used to hit champions who are just out of melee range thanks to the extended melee range when used also the second effect when you active it again in quick succession to the buff you get a ranged ultimate attack that deals a good amount of damage which is best used when trying to kill running champs with low health.
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Runes and masteries

So here is the rune and mastery set up i use for both normal's and ranked play.
  • so we'll start out with the masteries you should use
  • And now for your Runes


    Fleet Footwork
    Phase Rush
    This rune set up allows you to have more magic resist and armor early game since late game your Valor spell late game will offer the shield where the armor is voided along with having the increased damage early game and armor pen to kill creeps and enemy champs quicker.
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Item build , Order, and reasoning.

This is the build order i use and the reason behind it.
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Riven jungleing explanation part 1

So here's the better guide Now as Riven you want to start with your Broken Wings and 3 Health Potion.You should always Start at Crest of the Ancient Golem so that you have more cooldown reduction for your abilities early on for some good ganks in the begining of the game.After the Crest of the Ancient Golem at level 2 get Ki Burst and go for go for Wolves, Wraiths, (after Wraiths and Wolves camp you should be level 3 get Valor ) followed up by Lizard for red buff then move onto trying to gank bottom lane if it isn't warded ,if it is move to mid (go through the jungle so they think you just went back to farming. )Go back into the jungle and Get the Big Golem and move onto ganking mid.If mid was a succes or a failure go back into the jungle and clear out the Wolves they should be back up at this point in time so you can hit level 4 ( get Borken Wings rank 2 for more damage).

once you've taken out Wolves go and gank top lane, warn top lane ahead of time so they can make their opponent think they're moving back letting them push so you're gank is easier.thus move onto going back through jungle clearing out Wolves, Wraiths, and finally Big Golem again, by then you shoul be level 5 ( get Borken Wings rank 3 for more damage. )

Alright so here's where your next items should start either get a Pickaxe or a Hexdrinker it helps for taking on those peskier AP champs.Once you've gotten your items go gank bottom lane and farm there till level 6. ( get your ultimate Blade of the Exile. )Now that you are level 6 and have your ultimate Blade of the Exile go back to the jungle and give the Crest of the Ancient Golem to mid so they have more resources to use. ( you should now be level 7 get Broken Wings rank 4 . once you've given mid Crest of the Ancient Golem move onto the Lizard camp for red buff so you have a effective slow because you're now going to gank top since they think you're going for mid more than likely.

If top was a succesful gank you should be level 8 at this point Get your final rank of Broken Wings.You should now be doing at least 150+ damage with it.
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Riven Jungleing explanation part 2

So you've ganked top and are now level 8 go back and buy your next item you ither want to get Maw of Malmortius, B. F. Sword, or atleast working on finishing one of them to for more damage.

Once You've gotten you're items go back into the jungle and clear our the camps to get to level 9. (get Ki Burst rank 2 for the longer stun you are going to need it since chances are at least 2 of them have gotten Mercury's Treads if not still get rank 2 since it helps with ganking.

By now you should be level 10 get Valor rank 2.Go gank their jungle and see if you can counter jungle chances are their Crest of the Ancient Golem is up at this time you should try to steal it or counter it if they're taking it. If Crest of the Ancient Golem wasn't there and their jungle wasn't there take their Wolves camp it will slow their jungle down alittle and force him to stay top jungle.By now you should be level 11 get Blade of the Exile rank 2 it will help you get that last hit in on a running champion. Now that you're level 11 go for they're mid or bot depending on which one has pushed farther in lane or if you're team has requested or looks like they need help in that lane.Stay in that lane till you've reached level 12 get Ki Burst rank 3 for the longer stun it helps alot.

So you're level 12 now go back to the store for your Phage it will help slow champions down to help chase them immediately go back into the jungle and clear out and camps up and again give Crest of the Ancient Golem to mid then go for Lizards.
by now you should be level 13 get Ki Burst rank 4 again for the longer stun and more damage since now the enemy champions probably have their fully upgraded boots.So go gank bottom lane after you've cleared out the jungle.Wait for them to have pushed enough so you can slow their AD carry down enough since you have Lizard red buff and Phage which should be more than enough to get a kill if done right by your team.

Go middle and try to gank if you don't get a kill stay around and farm till you're level 14 get Valor rank 3 immedialty after go top and try to gank.once that's done go into their jungle and steal some of the camps and if at all possible counter jungle.go back and gank middle and farm there till level 15 get Blade of the Exile rank 3. now go back and get your Frozen Malletor atleast build up to it for durability.Go back and clear the jungle again giving middle Crest of the Ancient Golem then go for red while then pushing bottom because chances are they'll focus mid because you don't have a single tower done if you've defended each one when needed.

Chances are you're level 16 now get Valor rank 3 the shield and reduced cool down on your ability will help you greatly since late game they will probably will be doing a lot of damage.At this point and time you want to be watching for a team fight at any given time so stick with your team a lot.The last two abilities are up to you since late game it's kinda a hit and miss,but for the most part your last three items should always be Infinity Edge Bloodthirster and Sunfire Aegis.Also at late game you want to try as much to take the jungle camps be it your own or the other teams to deny those resources such as Crest of the Ancient Golem and Lizard.
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Pros' of this composition

This Riven build is very effective early and late game with durability thanks to Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

Early game damage is decent not the best but better than most jungles the Greater Mark of Attack Damage and the Greater Quintessence of Desolation granted the quintessence doesn't help much in the jungle it helps the ganking power of Riven.

The masteries are set up so that Riven has more damage in the jungle along with durability and movement to help early game ganks,along with having damage return on minions to jungle and farm quicker.

The summoner spell Ghost allows you to have early ganking rush if you need to get to a lane quicker or it helps to chase down opposing champions in a lane or running through the river.Also if you're having problems with chasing enemy champs trying switching out an early rank of Ki Burst for and early rank on Valor so it has a shorter cd and takes more damage on the shield so you can get up close to your enemy while also being able to close that gap sooner.

With this build it's also focused more towards taking down a squishy champ and slowing them down to weed them out of the fight while also locking them down and taking them out thanks to Frozen Mallet and Ki Burst.

All around this build will give you the durability and damage for riven to dominate in the jungle or even as a top lane.I've had great fun using this build in jungle and i haven't lost a game yet with it mostly because of my play style works well with this build.
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Cons' of this composition

There are not too many cons behind this build except for that face of early game life steal sustain would help so you could compensate for that just by buying a Vampiric Scepter although it could set you back on gold if you're having a rough time getting ganks in the lanes or counter jungling.

The biggest draw back to this build is that there isn't any early armor so durability might be a problem and and there isn't much champion movement reduction early on either, but with this build you have more survive-ability with this build against AP casters in this build which is Riven's biggest draw back is taking magic damage since her Magic resist is low early game till you get the Hexdrinker.

One last draw back to this build is riven won't have a huge amount of mobility early game when Ghost is on cool down which is why i compensate it for early game boots and Defensive movement masteries which requires you to be above 70% health.
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