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Aatrox Build Guide by MexicanBoy007

AD Offtank Jungle Aatrox | The bloody duelist

AD Offtank Jungle Aatrox | The bloody duelist

Updated on June 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MexicanBoy007 Build Guide By MexicanBoy007 3 10 13,501 Views 9 Comments
3 10 13,501 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MexicanBoy007 Aatrox Build Guide By MexicanBoy007 Updated on June 27, 2013
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Hello guys,

My League of Legends name is Mexicanboy007, I'm not a mexican but a currently in Bronze I. I mainly play as a jungler so I'll try to explain you how I would play Aatrox, the darkin blade as a jungler.

I will cover many things in this guide such as jungling, ganking, warding, teamfight and many more aspect of what you should know about this champion !

I really hope you'll enjoy !

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Pros / Cons


+ High mobility
+ Wall jump
+ High subtain
+ Fast at clearing the jungle
+ Great ganks
+ Has no mana
+ Great passif

- Not a real tank
- Spells drain life
- Long cooldown early game
- Really vulnerable to blinds (ex: Blinding Dart)
- Really vulnerable to heal reduction (ex: Ignite)
- Passive can be wasted if 0 blood in your Blood Well.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
I take 9 Greater Mark of
Attack Damage because it .
really helps in the early
game to farm are survive
in the jungle. Also it
stack perfecly with his
life steal.
I take 9 Greater Seal of .
Armor because it gives
him a great defense
versus the jungle in
the early game.

I take 3 Greater
Quintessence of Attack
Damage for the same
reason as the 9 Greater mag
Mark of Attack Damage.

I take 9 Greater Glyph of
Scaling Magic Resist
because I do need some
magic res. but not
especially in the early
stage of the game but
more in the mid or
late game.
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Main Spells

For my usual spells, I take Flash and Smite. I take flash because it makes me able to gain a certains range while I gank to finish my target. Also because of the long cooldown on my Q, Flash is a great spell to get me out of trouble. Well as a normal jungler, you take smite. Smite will make your life easier in the jungle when you are killing for exemple the red buff. Also smite can be use to secure or steal big creature such as the Dragon or even the Baron.

Optional Spells

I have to optionnal spell to offer you guys to replace Flash... Ghost and Exhaust. Ghost can be usefull in the same way flash is but in some diffent cases. This spell can be usefull while you are making a pursuit and you need to get faster or escaping in a straight line, but again I think that with a combo Flash follow by your Q it will be pretty much equivalent. Also flash will permit you to do a double wall jump. Then after Exhaust is a spell that can have many use such as escaping, duelling and chasing (by slowing your enemy... ). I really love it for duelling making you almost unbeatable in a one on one fight, but reduce by a bit but still your escape potential. There it is ! Make your choice !
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Alright So in this part of the guide I going to cover what you should do as a jungler and also your three phase of the game, the early, the mid, and the late game.

So as a jungler your job will be to help but by being the most time/efficient as possible. To make this possible. What I mean is that you need to kill as many minions in the jungler while making alot of ganks. So for exemple you want to gank the mid lane but you are at the top lane. Many junglers are rigth away going to go for the mid lane, but what they could have done is making wolves 1st to gain a little more exp. Warding and knowing your timings will also allow you to do an other cool trick, stealing enemies buff !

I gonna right something here ! I promess !
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Team Fights

I gonna right something here ! I promess !

Alot !
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Aatrox has one of the greater wall-jump in the game as you'll see in the video. But that jump can be interrupted by knock-back only. Stuns are going to stun him after the landing of the jump.

I gonna right something here ! I promess !
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Baron Nashor
Gold: 300 // Experience: 900
Initial spawn time // 15:00
Respawn time // 7:00

Gold: 190 // Experience: 400
Initial spawn time // 2:30
Respawn time // 6:00

Ancient Golem
Gold: 66 (+0.332 per minute after spawn) // Experience: 340 (+2.5 per minute after spawn)
Initial spawn time // 1:55
Respawn time // 5:00

Lizard Elder
Gold: 66 (+0.342 / min) // Experience: 340 (+2.5 / min)
Initial spawn time // 1:55
Respawn time // 5:00
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Well I really hope you enjoy my guide ! I would appreciate if you take a couple of sec. to vote and leave a comment below, it would be really appreciate

Thanks for you support ! Have fun !

MexicanBoy007, your fake mexican !
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MexicanBoy007
MexicanBoy007 Aatrox Guide
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Jungle Aatrox | The bloody duelist

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