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Amumu Build Guide by chubbyarcpup

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chubbyarcpup

Jungle Amumu: Be my friend?

chubbyarcpup Last updated on November 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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As you can tell I have been enjoying the new items that have come out and to my surprise a lot of them have improved the junglers role.

Early Game Items:

Hunter's Machete: This item in my opinion far surpassed its usefulness. It makes taking down the jungle faster. The first time I used the item I immediately noticed that I was coming away with less damage and quicker camp take downs.

Spirit Stone The upgraded form of hunter's, this item must replace philo stone. It beats it on every level except giving you extra gold but their lies in way its better. Since you now can farm the jungle quicker and easier you will start to earn that gold you need in a more timely fashion than in the past.

Mid-Game Items:

Boots of Mobility Being the jungler you need that added speed this boots give you. Not much to say about them except they are jungle boots, ^^

Kindlegem This is where we begin to focus on building our cool down reduction to make the sad mummy more terrifying with his abilities and being able to use them frequently. It also gives a nice little health boost and will later be built into.

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith When I first looked at this item I dismissed it and didn't think much of it since I figured it was just an item version of the buff you get from the Wraith camp. I was WRONG! Again I was taken back by how powerful this item let me become. This allows me to clear the jungle much faster and with that constant burn coming off all my attcks on the neutral monsters is always a cool thing to see. For those who also love to use Smite (such as myself), this item also gives that ability an even greater CD effect and it will come back alot sooner.

Sunfire Cape Gives you yur first shot of Armor while also providing you with a great passive built in the item of constant tick damage.

Haunting Guise This item will give you more health making you harder to kill while allowing you to now use your abilities with greater force with thanks to the magic pen.

Glacial Shroud This will give the little mummy some more defense, mana, and cool down. It will allow you to use his abilities more while staying in the fight longer.

Sheen With this item we give Amumu his first real attack item and a nice shot of mana increase outside of the jungle's use. It will allow him to hit a little harder on the monsters but also when you go to gank or help clear and lane.

Iceborn Gauntlet Bringing those 2 items together will grant you this Amazing new item!!!!!! Once you have this it will give you some powerful CC. Not only will you have your stuns from you bandage toss and your ult. Now when you grab and ult, to follow up as your basic hit them, they will be slowed from it. Once I added this to my item list I haven't been able to find anything to replace it and it has just given me an edge as I gank to help my team. Also putting this together with the Locket it really makes the mummy not only tough but start to show his scary power side.

Late Game Items:

Abyssal Mask To give yourself and your team just some more magic resist so you know you won't have to worry too much about those AP carries or casters.

Liandry's Torment This is another new item I decided to try since Iceborn gives you a slow and cause your W gives you a nice radius to catch multiple enemies. With every ability you sue and we all know Amumu is a champ that you USE ALL HIS ABLITIES, hehe. The enemy will take 5% of their current health and mixed in with Iceborn will take it up to 10%. With the mummies W ability you can keep them burning for along time since you'll have the spreed from your boots.

Rabadon's Deathcap Always a must for Amumu. It will give him another heavy shot of AP to have your ult do massive amounts of damage and once your Zhonya's wears off you can join the battle again and help your team run over them as you make your way for the win.

Zhonya's Hourglass Gives yourself a nice boost AP and some more denfense as the team fights become more crucial. By this time the enemy team might even be focusing you because just how strong and effective you have become against them. As we all know once you ult in just pop its active and let them waste all there abilities on you and allow your team to run them over.

As you finish this build you will see just how long you can sustain yourself in team fights and relize the power you have. From your 2 stuns, Iceborns slow, your massive AP and even your super fast cooldown rates. This sad mummy will send his enemy weeping away.... if they survive.

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Skill Sequence

When you start in the game you go with Tantrum first, this will allow you to receive less damage from the monsters as they bring that cooldown quicker with each hit you take. Next, you will grab your Despair to give yourself that extra adavantage as you begin to work your way through the jungle on your 1st time. Last, you will get your Bandage Toss for when your done going through the jungle you can start ganking if it is needed.

After going in that order for the first 3 slots it will be up to you on how you spend your points but I personally prefer just going from Tantrum, to Despair, to your Bandage Toss. Of course you will take your ult at lvs 6, 11, and 16.

I just feel that your Tantrum will be your main source of attack when it comes to ability use while your other two are their for that extra damage.

Now here comes the bad part for Amumu and it made me cry a little with the new patch and the nurf he got. His ult has been shortened from 550 to 500 range, so you need to be more clever and make sure you time it correctly so you don't miss anyone. It doesn't sound like alot was taken off but for an Amumu player like me it has become very noticable.

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Marks & Quints:

Since in the item build there isn't much in the magic pen department these runes should do the trick in replacing and giving you and nice amount of it.


Armor is always a good bet to go with and even though their will be some armor from the item build this will only improve on that.


Again like the magic pen their is very little magic resist in the item build but with the scaling effect by the time your reach lv 18 these glyphs will be pulling their weight for it.

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This is my very first build and I would love to get feed back on it. I know I have alot missing for this to be a "true" guide but like I said this is my first one and getting some help with what I have up right now would be very much appreciated.