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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Hyrde

Jungle Blitzcrank ''Gotta Catch 'Em All !''

Jungle Blitzcrank ''Gotta Catch 'Em All !''

Updated on November 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hyrde Build Guide By Hyrde 4 3 25,372 Views 16 Comments
4 3 25,372 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hyrde Blitzcrank Build Guide By Hyrde Updated on November 28, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



HI! I hope this guide will help you on your journey in becoming a Blitzcrank master!

Blitzcrank has always been my favourite champ in the game and lately I have only played him in jungle. It may sound really weird but it's actually really fun! =)
I think Blitzcrank is a rune dependant jungler, so you got to buy the runes before playing.

I have 3 builds of jungling, one with Guardian Angel and Banshee's Veil, other with Manamune and Frozen Heart and the last one is more damage based. The 2 tank builds don't have much difference and you can buy items situationally. Thornmail --> high ad and so on..

I seriously recommend you to buy defensive runes before jungling with Blitzcrank. They are what makes it fast and reliable.
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Pros / cons

An amazing teamworker
Really fun to play
Does a HUGE ammount of cc
Passive is a real lifesaver
Ganks are easy to make with grab
Skilled blitzcrank can win the game by himself
Really early ganks!

Grab can be hard to master
Early game oom easily
Mana dependant champ
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For red runes I decided to pick Greater Mark of Desolation OR Greater Mark of Attack Speed because they help me do the jungle faster and give me more dmg/speed through the game.

For seals I picked some extra armor from Greater Seal of Armor, what comes in handy for any jungler. Especially if you don't have lifesteal and want to jungle with your hp high. I find them handy for Blitz.

My all time favourite glyphs are Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction. They give so much cooldown reducion what is just perfect for Blitzcrank. You can Rocket Grab enemies more often and run around with your Overdrive faster.

For quitessences I have picked 3 Greater Quintessence of Health for tank and 1 Greater Quintessence of Desolation and 2 Greater Quintessence of Health for the dps. These will help you stay alive with high hp through your jungling and laneplaying and the penetration gives your fists some deadly strenght.
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Summoner Spells

Smite Is the most important spell for a jungler, because it deals a huge ammount of damage and gives you some extra gold when you use it.

Flash It is one of my favourite spells. You can flash away if you're dying or to grab an enemy totally off guard with it. You can also jump over walls, what is really awensome for survivability.

Clairvoyance This spell gives you lots of map awarness. You can flare a bush to see if there are enemies ganking or to get grabbed, Dragon and Baron Nashor are mostly in your control with a ward from Wriggle's Lantern and your CV supporting it.

Exhaust It is a great spell for huge cc. You can grab an enemy near you, then punch him in the air, silence with ulti and land an exhaust on him if the enemy tries to run. This will lead to almost sure kill if your teammates do enough damage. Even if the enemy manages to escape with flash, he won't be going anywhere because you're fast with Overdrive and the enemy has an Exhaust slowing.

Ignite This will give huge problems to enemies with lifesteal like our jungling friend Warwick and you sometimes can get the kill by landing the DoT [damage over time] on the enemy.
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Ok. I have 2 styles of building jungle Blitzcrank. One is more tanky, the 2 first builds, and the other is dps, the last build, but I start it with same items. Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. Then I quickly build myself Boots of Swiftness and Wriggle's Lantern.

After that the builds get different, but the main build doesn't change so much. Here are the core items.

Trinity Force gives you little of everything and the unique passive gives you great damage output.

Manamune Is important for you because you need alot of mana, but I often play without it too. It's handy but not a must get item.

3. Warmog's Armor is one of the best tank items. It gives you a huge ammount of health and health regen.

Atma's Impaler. This item is great for your damage because it gives you some attack damage from your health. A great item for not full tank.

You should change the order of the rest of the items due to changes of your team and the enemies.

If you need some dmg to be done, go for early Trinity Force.

If you need tanking and save the spanking for later, go for early Warmog's Armor.

The dps build is a bit different though. I build Frozen Mallet for Blitzcrank for some crazy slows. You already should have red buff on you because you're a jungler and with slow from both of those is unbearable. You will make escaping impossible and the extra hp comes in handy.

And again. If the enemy team has lots of ad, go for Thornmail. Build it as early as you can, maybe right after sheen and manamune to prevent the enemies from doing dmg on you. You can also turret dive easier with the +100 armor!

Here are some more situational items.

Force of Nature Is a good item if you are the main tank of the team and enemies have loads of ap. The movement speed bonus and hp regen are also very welcome.

Banshee's Veil With this item you can block out any harmful spell and I strongly recomment to buy it if the enemy team has Karthus or Nidalee
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Jungle route

Buy your starting items and run to the Blue Golem.

Get your teammate to pull it, use a health potion as soon as you begin taking damage and finish it off with Smite once the golems health has dropped around 50%

Move on to the wolf camp. Kill the big one first and use a health potion if you take much dmg. You propably will not if you have the same runes as I do.

After wolves go to the wraiths and walk around for about 5-10 sec, depending on your speed waiting for Smite to cool down.
When you have the spell ready, kill the big blue one with it and finish off the litle ones.

Now you're ready to gank mid or bot. You have reached lvl 3 already and have all the spells you need to gank. Tell your teammates not to push too much, activate your Overdrive in the bush and run to the lane. The enemy champion will almost surely flash, that's why you shouldn't use Rocket Grab right away. Continue running closer and when you are close enough, use your Rocket Grab, punch him into air with Power Fist and the 1st blood is yours or lanemates. However, if you do not get the kill from the enemy champ because he/she managed to escape, don't be sad. You caused the enemy to waste some summoner spells and now your teams player has the advangate. Sometimes I just run through the lane to scare the enemy off while I'm moving around from lane to other.

Now it's time for shopping. Buy Madred's Razors if you want faster jungling and Boots if you want better ganking. Take the red buff and 2 golems and gank top where your mate is soloing.

Once you have Wriggle's Lantern, ward the dragon with it and keep it up. When you have enough strenght or some help from allys, go kill it as soon as you can.

This is it. All you need to know from the simplest jungle route of Blitzcrank. Just remember to practise the early gank and DO NOT jungle all the time! Your team needs you in the fights!
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The grabbing

I will try my best to teach you to grab well or atleast tell you the basics.

Rocket Grab Does some damage, stunns the enemy and brings him back to you. It is maybe the most feared ability in the game because a good blitz can change the flow of the battle. The cooldown is long and it comsumes a lot of your mana so you have to use your brain and not waste it.

But how to do it? Well. All you have to do is wait for the right time. It's propably the most important part of grabbing. You will be oom fast if you try to grab everything that moves, and you become really clumsy if you're oom.

If the enemy is on your left or right side and moving, aim just a litlebit infront of him/her. If the enemy is running straight towards you just take him to you. And one of the hardest situations where you have to grab is when you're chasing the enemy. You have to trust your speed and move close enough to make a sure grab! Just wait for it and the enemy won't get away because you're much faster with Overdrive and Boots of Swiftness.

The surprise grabs are one of my favourites. Well we have a turret and the enemy is pushing to it, but hiding behind the creeps. This is when you should ulti the creeps from not too close to them and instantly grab the surprised enemy after your ulti. Hit him in the air with Power Fist and the enemy should be dead.

Second surprising grab situation is when you are getting away from enemy team and running to turret. Then quickly turn around and Rocket Grab behind you and grab the enemy who is following you. The cc plays a big role in this grab. You propably don't have much hp, so you have to ulti and Power Fist to make the enemy unable to land hits on you.

Under turret grab. You're in the jungle side of the lane with a teammate and there are trees infront of you and behind them the enemy turret. Your team is pushing to the turret and the enemies are defending it. Grab one to the woods through the wall and finish him with your teammate. Then you can destroy the turret because the enemies are outnumbered and have to watch for your grab.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hyrde
Hyrde Blitzcrank Guide
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Jungle Blitzcrank ''Gotta Catch 'Em All !''

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