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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Propain

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Propain

Jungle Jarvan-IN DEPTH Guide/build [Updated 8/20/11)

Propain Last updated on December 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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-His lovely portrait.

Hello all and welcome to my jungle guide/build on
this is the way I build him and play with him. Like i said this is My way to build Jarvan feel free to adjust, experiment, and let me in on any details in this build. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

-Awesome Jungler.
-Scary with his ultimate, buff, and knock-up.
-Passive Destroy's the Jungle, and enemies.
-Good Escape Ability.
-Good Creep Farm.
-Best dance */dance*

-Mana problems early if you spam, and don't get blue.
-May just be me heh but seems to be focused first.
-Not much on his defensive side but a shield.

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I chose the Greater Mark of Desolation do to the fact of creep farming, and red is basicly offensive so why not get some armor penetration runes to help kill faster, yeah? And along side with his Greater Seal of Armorhe gets the extra well...armor to farm and take less hits. For Glyphs i usually go Greater Glyph of Magic Resist although not much can help sometimes. The quintessences i like that extra health or that extra armor penetration works either way.

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I myself role a odd mastery tree but like i said feel free to experiment. In this case i go 1/16/13. I like the extra gold buff in offense so i grab it, and for defense i really enjoy the armor and defenses from creeps and really enjoy the extra Hit Points. But as a jungler you need utility's EXP Gains and neutral monster buffs do to getting red,blue, and the extra long baron =) besides, Mana regeneration is useful on Jarvan at points.

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START- Cloth Armor and Health Potionx5 always a nice way to start off your jungle most junglers roll this way.

Wriggle's Lantern- That cloth armor has it's USE! =) Nice Lifesteal, Free ward! save you 75gold every three minutes, as a jungler it is your responsibility to ward as you go!

Berserker's Greaves usefull attack speed and movement.

Mercury's Treads- good for team full of cc and nice MR.

Trinity Force- This is Jarvans Bread and butter, HP,Attack speed, AD, AP, built in slow just an all around Good piece of inventory just perfect as jarvan kind of like Poppy.

Warmog's Armor- Gee you got alot of damage there, some nice health too why not add the beastly warmog's armor! makes you hard to kill and sets you up for your next item.

Atma's Impaler Lot of HP? Check nice armor and AD coming in for Jarvan, whats more annoying a walking tank that can beat you down or be the jarvan that walks in and puts his ulti down and flag?

Banshee's Veil- Just for the extra kicks i'd take this good mana ( goes OOM alot ) nice hp good magic resist not much else to say this is a nice item against a Nunu's Absolute Zero, and an Ashes Enchanted Crystal Arrow love it when people waste their ultimates on that one spell such a lifesaver.

Ever in that super long game and you finished your ENTIRE build? grab the little flasks and oracles to find wards, kill teemos and shacos!

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Depending on team your facing

If your team has no tank skip the trinity force and go atamogs first then build it mid=late game, if you have a tank and would like to smack people around build triforce then atmogs :].

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Skill Sequence

I myself maximize my Demacian Standard for your team and yourself especially farming, and go into my Dragon Strike next good damage and knocks peeps up good for ganking, and then build my Golden Aegis i find it useful when escaping it slows enemies and shields you, i have gotten away countless times from ignites, damage over time effects and such last but not least, the ability that makes jarvan an awesome and SCARY jungler, Demacian Standard,and a Dragon Strike Cataclysm to trap enemies is priceless early game most of the time they get scared out of their mind if they still manage to get away use Golden Aegis to slow them...try not to gank people with Flash, Ghost when theyre up and just a side note Katarina. Caitlyn and Vladimir are three examples that escape Cataclysm most often do to Sanguine Pool, Shunpo, and 90 Caliber Net. =(

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Summoner Spells

Smite:I usually roll well what every other jungler should SMITE! excellent jungler spell i personally can't farm without it early on.

Flash: Demacian Standard > Dragon Strike > flash over walls and confusing your enemey, like i said great escape abilities.

Reconmmended:If you do not like these two i can say Ghost can be a good substitue for Flash or even a e Exhaust or Ignite to gaurentee those ganks.

Dont Touch:

Heal:Useful early game but not late game id stay away from it in my opinion.
Revive: Just No.
Clarity: Useful but Jarvan like i said if you farm blue has no mana problems id stay away.
Fortify: Leave to support.
Clairvoyance:see fortify
Rally: Might be usefull early game to Ensure you farm correctly but i just dont see it over smite/flash.
Cleanse:Your job is to flag knock-up trap and die (usually) dont see a cleanse in there to outpower flash/spear combo anyways for escape.
Teleport:your not laning your jungling.

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Creeping / Jungling

I myself usually start at blue ensure you get some people with you to avoid ganking, good to have a counter gank and like to have a leash. Makes your jungling easier and may not have to use potions, but like i said blue buff use a potion then i move to wolves use a potion and you can spam spells you got blue :p then move to the red buff, this may be difficult sometimes try a full health and use smite( use a potion) then use another pottion and set up gank bot, or top or mid whichever seems overextending/needing help the most. Im usually 3 by now so i can knock up flag buff and usually win. I back then start all over again usually getting golems wraiths wolves whatever is up. If there is a counter jungle, try not to go in there side often, but if you see to it steal their jungle good way to prevent the other jungler.

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Warwick Nunu Udyr Shaco Olaf Xin Zhao

All of these above, in my eyes are the KINGS of jungle, you cannot die to a wolf or monster in the jungle in my eyes unless something went wrong.

Jarvan is stil not on the top priority as junglers but i find him very high up there or near the top of these great champions.

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Team Work/Wards

Important Tools in team work Jarvan is ping/say when you want to gank and where. Focus a target and don't over extend at low levels.

Important Side notes: Call MIA- Missing in action. And please...ward the jungle WARDS win Fights. It wins Ranked games and normal. Whenever you back Grab a few wards if you got spare gold.

Important note #2: Don't focus the tank. Rammus, Singed, Shen, Alistar

Not My video but this is helpful for warding. Thanks to the youtube poster.

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Ranked Play

I Solo que in ranked way too much, i am 7-2 as my Jarvan though wish i knew how to take screenshots to post but im 7-2 with 42 kills-41 deaths(greedy i know) and 106 assists. Im an assist ***** :D but yeah in ranked play id say put more wards communicate more and choose your picks carefully always have that backup champion, ranked play isn't all that hard it may when you solo que but with friends its much more fun and hard.

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Last hit, Creep kills can decide how to win a game. And like i stated before when your passing through the jungle kill some jungle creeps doesnt hurt to get gold and level up, the higher the level and the more gold you have the BETTER! :D

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New updates

Phantom Dancer- I find when your done finishing your build you do not need the jungle item and armor/Lifesteal any more much, so i convert it into a nice phantom dancer to get some kills move fast etc, one of my games i found that the lantern wasnt cutting it late game and just helped me push through enemies and get some kills and just overall help better than lantern late game imo.

[New Update]- The BloodthirsterIf you relyed on that lifesteal to save you in fights take a The Bloodthirster Nice AD, good...lemme rephrase "Awesome!"" Lifesteal, never die.

These have already been listed but some people like to skim through ^^

Teleport is back in buisness with the ward thing going on, it does show the teleport on wards and such though.

They made Jarvans Cataclysm not bug anymore, woot!

Riot buffed the living **** out of pantheon, :) nice job he needed it!

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Links and refrences

Here is a awesome jungle nunu incase you are interested he is a god in my eyes and i wish i could make a guide like this it just truely explains everything there is to know about jungleing it deservers a 100% rating not 91% in my eyes.

Another note if you want to learn to make your own guide/build this will help with all the fancy bells and whistles.Props to this guy.

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I really hope my guide has helped people, but if you want to feel free tomake adjustments play your way not mine, this is my way to play everyone has their own little style ^_^ please comment on any correction and anything i miessed!

I hope your Enemies tremble before the cataclysm Jarvan!!!