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Lillia Build Guide by Jogress

Jungle Jungle Lillia - Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes)

Jungle Jungle Lillia - Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes)

Updated on August 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jogress Build Guide By Jogress 11,711 Views 0 Comments
11,711 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jogress Lillia Build Guide By Jogress Updated on August 17, 2020
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Runes: Golden standart

1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

Jungle Lillia - Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes)

By Jogress
This is a small guide i decided to make, because i played quite a lot of games on Lillia (7th rank at the moment, 09.08.2020). This is my first guide ever, and i am making it cause i feel like it)

This is not indepth guide, but more of tips and tricks guide. I want also to gather here information about counterpicks and matchups

What can i say about myself: I play lol since season 2, yet mainly i play for fun different gamemodes and avoid playing ranked too much. After Lillia release i started to play rankeds quite a lot. (mainly because i hate Nexus Blitz, and my normals, for whatever reason, are harder then rankeds).

At the moment I am at Platinum. I have played around 100 ranked games on Lillia and have 55% winrate on her.

I don't know how to format guides and i am not interested in that at the moment... so it won't be that shiny. Plain text hardcore sh*t guide

Sory foar mai bed inglis, ples

0) Basic fighting

(use E and W accurately)

Run around the target, hitting them with Q and autos. Also use E as a slow when you sure to hit. Hitting W is the hardest - it slows you down, it may put you in danger, it may miss (hitting outside of centre is pretty useless), it may be cancelled! Be VERY accurate with W

Fighting immobile targets is pretty easy and fun, while avoiding their skillshots. Mordekaiser is one of the examples

On the other hand, mobile targets like, let's say, Katarina - may jump on your head and start killing you (pretty fast!) so fighting them is hard and often a thing to avoid.

1) Classic full damage combo:


E from a distance, then R, after sleep - W, after waking up - AA+ Q. Then run around pressing Q and making autoattacks unless target dies (if didn't already).

2) Reliable combo:

run into the enemy, then


Gaining full speed stacks before engage will give you an edge.

3) Teamfight risky ultra combo:

Flash + Q + R

depending on situation, this might be the gamewinning move. It also may be a pretty stupid suicide. Best used when following a tank.

This way, you catch enemies offguard and may put to sleep 4-5 targets at once. If your team uses this wisely - it will be a win

While hard to pull off nicely, it's good to keep such possibility in head when the fight is nearly
Tips and tricks
1) Lillia is very squishy in early game. While you can win trades and fights - extreme caution is required, aspecially agains agressive junglers. I get invaded at second buff pretty damn often.

2) Whenever you take red buff - hit that chicken camp nearby. And then keep hitting it with Q. Healing from talisman (item) this way is enormous, while it takes almost zero effort to activate such strat

Whenever possible, you want to gain speed stacks from you passive (and hold them at max 5). Q+W+E combo into a jungle camp is already 3 stacks + you can get another Q while running away with camp following you. That makes quick gathering of speed stacks - a good setup for a gank and generally a good way to enter enemy half of the map. If someone meets you - you can either run from them into safety OR start a fight with your maximum speed, which is an amazing advantage

4) You can also keep your speed stacks by throwing E at far targets, such as minions far away. It will refresh your passive

5) You can also gather speed from minions, and hitting them with inner circle of the Q deals less dmg to them - in case you want to leave farm to your carries

6) If things go terribly wrong - don't hesitate to use R and simply run away. It's better then dying

7) In teamfights: Sometimes, you may want to hold on your ultimate, until you hit as many targets as possible. Sometimes, it is better to launch it immediatly to erase the enemy carry.

I may note that hitting many targets is harder but much better and reliable, so it's often worth not to rush. (Carries were covered way too often when i put to sleep only them and remember - YOUR W MAY BE CANCELLED!)

8) Direct gank option:
If line is pushed, Lillia can gank directly along the line because of her speed. For example, while being at a red side bot line:
You may gather speed stacks at Gromp and then, make the last Q hit on that frog in the tribush and then charge directly into the enemy botlaners. You can keep your speed by Q-ing the minions, then reach champions, Q again + Ult. If you manage to put to sleep both - it's a double kill for your team. With flash, it's even easier

Without ultimate, it's still possible to get kills, depending on your botlane. You hitting your E may matter a lot.

9) Remember - Lillia is not a tank, even though she builds tanky in lategame. Without tanks (fat dudes with CC) your team will be at disadvantage, and it may be specifically devastating against enemies like Yi or Katarina, who require CC to stop their advance. Consider picking something else, if situation requires... or accept the fact that your chances of winning will be lower

10) A bunch of champions may avoid Lillia's ultimate in different ways . Examples: Vladimir (W), Fizz (E), Yasuo (W, may save allies too), Fiora (W), Kayn (ult), Braum (E protects)... A lot of champions with invulnerability frames can dodge it (like Yi, Camille, Shaco etc). Hell, even Sett can cast his Ult and cansel yours at the same time!

TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT and try to cast your ulti when their protection is on cd. Or you may fail miserably! Aspecially the Windwall - Yasuo's are everywhere

The most horrorful is Morgana - she can cast her shield to basically cleance your ult while it is charging - and she can cast in on whoever is in need. Unfair(

11) Normally, Lillia have VERY healthy clear (with talisman). Some details:
- Blue buff is slow - just run around him hitting Q and AA from the distance - you will avoid most of his attacks, this staying at full health
- Red buff is harder to kite. But there is even easier strat. Hit Raptor camp before fighting Red - and keep hitting raptors while they run back and forth with Q. You will remain at 100% health, while tanking Red with your head. Balanced!
- Wolfes damage you a little. Keep running around to minimize that.
- Krugs are kitable just the same way as blue. Being accurate will leave you with full health even without casting smite.
- Raptors ("chicken") - amazing camp, you can always use them for healing (Just hit Q and run away) and for getting speed boost while heading... wherever you go
- Gromp - feels like the most dangerous camp, that catually can hurt you, aspecially early. Gromp also is somewhat kite-able, but it's harder to do + will waste you more time. I suggest casting smite here
This is a quick tips and tricks guide, where I tried to note my experience, without being too repetetive. Hope I wasn't)

That's it for now, folks!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jogress
Jogress Lillia Guide
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Jungle Lillia - Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes)

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