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Nautilus Build Guide by jacksonecac

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jacksonecac

Jungle Nautilus, Terror from the Depths

jacksonecac Last updated on June 26, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 12

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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It's Jacksonecac back with another jungle guide for you, this time, Nautilus. Nautilus is a fantastic jungler in the sense that he clears quickly mid-late game. Has a ton of CC in team fights and can put out medium damage to enemy champions. He is very flexible in his build and is great at zoning enemy carries or peeling enemy bruisers off your team's carrys.

I would recommend learning Nautilus if you are already a intermediate-expert jungler. Stick with the easy plug and chug junglers if you are still a beginner (i.e. lee, udyr, shyvana)

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or add in the discussion at the bottom. If there are any parts that I omitted that you would like to see, I would be happy to add them. Enjoy :)

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Summoner Spells

Flash is standard on Nautilus for the escape, initiation, re-positioning, etc. Always a powerful ability.

I could see exhaust working but to be honest, Nautilus has so much CC that there should be no reason to get it unless you are facing 5 AD carries (Lulz) and they should get destroyed anyway.

Smite is standard on all junglers. Not only does it help you take down buffs faster and jungle faster, but it also allows better Dragon and Baron control. Sometimes it can be tense fighting for baron or dragon and both teams want to take it at the same time. If you do not have smite, you will lose. You need to watch the damage smite is doing at the time vs. the health of the target. Once the target hits that mark, smite it to instantly kill it and secure it for your team. I smite dragon and baron everytime at the last minute just to make sure the enemy doesn't Ezreal, Draven, Riven, etc. Steal with their ultimates.

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Lets start with Runes.

x 9

The Reason behind the 9 marks of Alacrity is that on many junglers, you will need to clear the jungle as fast as possible, especially early game. Attack speed runes allow you to do this. Nautilus also has an ability called Titan's Wrath which will allow him to splash the jungle camps down quickly. Nautilus' passive is staggering blow which will stun an enemy champion with his auto attack once every 12 seconds. Attack speed is useful here because you can walk into an enemy team and stun each of their champions once if desirable. Attack Speed will let you do this quicker.

x 9

Greater Seals of Resilience is standard on most junglers. Obviously junglers will be taking on creep camps at level 1 and it would be nice if they lived through the experience. Armor seals are going to make you take much less damage when jungling and it will also provide you with some sustain in team fights. Not much more to explain here.

x 9

Most of champions, not even just junglers I run with with Greater Glyphs of Shielding. This is because when you are level 18 you are going to have as much magic resist as possible from your Glyphs. Typically as a jungler you are going to play the part of a tanky/bruiser. This means that besides your damage, you also need to survive long enough to zone/kill the enemy carries and absorb some shots to protect your carries. Magic resist helps to do that.

x 3

I love Movement Speed on my junglers. The faster I move the better. Movement speed allows you to clear the jungle as fast as you can, as well as move into a gank as fast as possible. With Nautilus, a lot of the time you will initiate the team fight by hooking one of the enemy champions with your Q (Dredge Line). Many times you need to move into position to land the shot. Other times if you are chasing an enemy team you will be able to get to them faster and hook them in for another kill pickup. Ganking is also an integral part of Nautilus play just like any other jungler. Therefore you need to get into the ganking lane as fast as possible and take down the target champion. If you are too slow the enemy will simply walk away nonchalantly.

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Lets get into masteries really quick before we dive into the rest of the Nautilus build. I am not going balls deep into what each mastery does, you can read that later if you want to, and if you don't understand mastery trends yet then you probably shouldn't be jungling Nautilus yet anyways. First I run 9-12-9 on Nautilus.

I run attach damage, attack speed, and magic pen on offense. Attack damage and speed are all self explanatory. Magic penetration is needed since all of Naut's abilities are magic damage.

I run armor, health, and health regeneration on his defensive masteries. The reason behind this is to survive a little better in the jungle and team fights.

Finally for Utility I run mana, flash cooldown reduction, movement speed, and runic affinity. Naut is mana dependent in the jungle and so mana is helpful (plus philosopher stone for the regen) and the cooldown on flash is always nice to have. I have seen a lot of people run more mana regen vs. movement speed on their junglers who are mana dependent but I do not like that because again junglers need to move into the battle/lane/jungle as fast as they can and so the movement speed mastery will help with this. Finally Runic Affinity makes jungle buffs (Red and Blue) last longer on you by 15%. This is really nice for blue buff since Nautilus is mana dependent and having a true damage slow proc on your auto attack for longer is also a nice touch.

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The ability path that I choose is:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Nautilus has possibly one of the most overpowered and strongest passives (Staggering Blow) in the game (debatable). His passive lets his auto attack stun a target once every 12 seconds. This makes his ganks extremely powerful. Using dredge line to pull an opponent in and then auto attacking them brings the enemy to you and stuns them. This allows for very viable and powerful ganks. This passive, when it procs will also do some extra physical damage to the target.

  • Dredge line is a great ability. It pulls an enemy champion to you and also pulls you a little closer to him (so be careful not to pull yourself into an enemy team). This is a great ability to gank with because it pulls the target to you, allowing you and the allied champion(s) to put damage down onto the target. Like I said before dredge line + Nautilus' passive pulls the enemy and stuns him allowing you and your team to put on the dps. This is a great ability to initiate a team fight with because you can easily pick off an enemy champion 5v1. Dredge line, if it hits terrain (walls, trees, turrets, etc.) will also pull Nautilus to terrain which is a great way to close the gap to an enemy champion or as an escape to get away from the enemy team. This ability also does some magic damage. I get one point in this at lvl 4 and max it last. Dredge line is also fun to use to pull enemies off your AD or AP carrys. This can really help them stay in the fight long enough to do the damage they need to take out the enemy team.

  • Titan's Wrath is Naut's bread and butter for jungling and to survive in team fights. It grants a shield on Nautilus and does aoe magic DOTS (damage over time spells) to nearby targets. The shield will help you survive in the jungle and the splash aoe damage helps you take down the jungle. In team fights it is nice to also hit all enemies around you, which shielding you from damage from enemy champions. The more you max the ability, the greater the shield (+ 10% of max hp) and the more damage it does (note that if the shield is broken you no longer do the DOT to nearby targets.) I max this first and start with it when jungling.

  • Riptide is another great jungling, CC, aoe ability for Nautilus. When used it damages all enemies around Nautilus and slows them by 50%. This is great to slow the enemy bruisers down and allows your carries to kite them. It is also good to slow the enemy carries down so you can get to them and take them out. I max this second to help jungle faster and cc the enemy when ganking. I get this ability at lvl 2.

  • This is yet another extremely powerful ability that Nautilus has in his arsenal of badass. Depth Charge, when used on an enemy will pulse on the ground toward the target, finally when reaching the target, will pop them into the air, doing magic damage. However any enemy between you and the target who gets hit by the pulse, will also be popped into the air and take 1/2 of the damage. Therefore, when I am able, I will use it on the enemy in the back of the enemy team (which is usually a carry anyway). Doing this will (hopefully) pop every enemy into the air which allows your team to pounce on them while they are disabled. When one of them is popped up you have a window of opportunity to hook one of them into your team to 5v1 them while the rest of their team gets popped up as the pulse continues to move.

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philosopher's stone

I like to keep Naut's Core simple because depending on the game, there are many different directions that he can go into.


shurelya's reverie


I start with Regrowth + Health Pot. (Or boots x3 pot, its a preference or situational thing.) After that I complete philosopher's stone and get lvl 1 boots, After that I get heart of gold to max my gold/10 advantage. Depending on how the game is going you have three paths. Recursive Bow, Aegis, or Shurelya's Reverie. I like to get aegie first for a little tank ability or Shurelya's Reverie. If you do decide that you are ahead and you get Recurve Bow, stick with that and do not jump into wit's end until later. Remember you are tanky DPS, not just DPS DPS DPS. I will usually go Aegis -> Shuelya's -> Recurve Bow -> wits (or wardens mail and vice versa.) After I finish with Guardian's Angel for heavy tanky sustain in team fights.

Keep in mind an oracle's elixer should be in there somewhere. If you are ahead, get an Oracle to stay ahead, if you are behind, don't get the elixer and stick with the build.

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Above is the path I take for either side of Summoner's Rift. Starting blue is going to help with cooldowns and mana problems while in the jungle. You should be able to survive pretty well with Titan's Wrath, regrowth, and a health pot. When I near a camp I use Riptide and immediately go into Titan's wrath. (The goal is to use Titan's Wrath's AOE on as many hits as possible, starting with riptide will allow you to not have to waste an auto attack to cast riptide.)

Once the jungle path is complete you should be level 4. This is when I gank, if the enemy lane hasn't gone back yet it means they most likely won't have a ward (they won't) and you can gank. Land your dredge line, and stun, use riptide to slow them down and you and your allie(s) should be able to burst them down.

After Level 6 you may need to ulti first then dredge line to initiate the gank. This is because they most likely have wards and you need an edge to get closer (Depth charges has insane range so use it to your advantage.)

I will harp on this issue like I have on every other jungle guide. Wards are your best friend of all time. Yes wards costs 75 gold. But a death gives 300 gold. If a ward stops a kill on your team or yourself, you just made 225 gold for your team. If you catch an enemy out of position because of ward coverage, you just gained 225 gold for your team. Put things in perspective and ward the map, it wins games. Knowing the positioning of the enemy team and the enemy jungler will inevitably win the game.

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Team Work

When Nautilus is in the mid-late game you are going to want to Shuelya's Reverie at the enemy team, Depth charge the enemy in the back, pull the enemy in the front. Kill him, and focus the rest of the team down 5v4 style. Keep in mind this strategy has a million different variations. If you are in the middle of a fight, pull their carry to you, or their bruiser away from your carry, Use riptide to slow them down and your auto attack to stun them. Use Randiun's Omen Active ability to slow nearby enemies even more. Keep Titan's Wrath up at all times for added aoe magic damage and a shield to tank shots.

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Pros / Cons


  • HEAVY heavy CC. So much that it is hard to move when around him.
  • fantastic initiator.
  • tanky
  • good damage

  • slow MS to start the game
  • somewhat squishy in the jungle early game
  • very vulnerable to counter jungling
  • slow jungler early game
  • has some mana problems.

All in all, Nautilus is extremely powerful. Yes the Cons outnumber the pros. However the Cons are all early game handicaps. If he can get into the mid game without any issues then he will be an extremely powerful ally. I recommend early wards to the entranced of the jungle to protect yourself until midgame (or the entire game, WARDING IS KEY FOR ALL JUNGLERS!)

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How to Counter the Cons

Slow MS at start when running regrowth pendant

Nautilus has two choices as far as starting items, one is Regrowth Pendant, the other is boots. I recommend building to counter your opposing jungler. If the enemy has a counter-jungler i.e. Shyvana, Mundo, Udyr then I would recommend boots first. You need to be able to run away from these champions, if you went Regrowth Pendant against these junglers you could potentially get caught and killed without the means to run away. Regrowth Pendant to start also assumes you have the superior team composition and your team won't rely on early ganks. If your team does need early ganks or the enemy jungler is an invader, boots first is the way to go.

Somewhat squishy in the jungle early game

This is hard con to counter. The best thing I can recommend is as I said before, boots first if the enemy jungler is an invader, and also to build tankier earlier on versus damage. The bruiser part of your build can always come later. When you gank or are in team fights (especially early on in the game) you are there to immobilize the enemy team as much as possible for your carries to do the damage.

Very vulnerable to counter jungling

Boots Boots Boots! If you are going to get counter jungled, boots first is a must, not only to run from their junglers, but also to clear your camps as fast as you can before they can get to them. Also I recommend a ward outside the near-mid entrances to your jungle, that way you know when the enemy jungler is invading and with communication among your team, you can converge and kill him.

Slow jungler early game

Hard to counter this, I believe the runes and masteries are the best to counter this. Also communicate to your team that you need heavy damage on your wolves and blue buff when you start, that way you will be at maximum health as you proceed through the jungle. You may even be able to kill blue straight off without smite and save it for red buff when you go for that camp to make your first jungle sweep a bit faster.

Has some mana problems

This con is mostly for early-mid game. Blue buff will certainly help you sustain your mana through the first sweep, if not part of the second if you haven't ganked yet. If you rush your philosopher's stone, you should be able to keep your mana up pretty well. Once you get Shuryla's Reverie, you shouldn't have any mana problems at all.

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Good vs. Bad Enemy Junglers

Good to play Nautilus against:

Bad to play Nautilus again:

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Nautilus is a fantastic jungler. I would definitely recommend learning him if you are serious about making "Jungle" as your main role. However you do need to be careful about what team compositions you play him against. He has amazing crowd control, and can put out decent amounts of damage. If you are good at skill shots already then picking up Nautilus will be fairly easy. You do have to be careful if you are too used to playing Blitzcrank because their hooks are definitely not the same.