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Shaco Build Guide by Jok3rDk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jok3rDk

Jungle Shaco - Demon Jok3r

Jok3rDk Last updated on July 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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(This guide is not finished) Hello guys, i'm Jok3r and this is my Shaco guide.

And i'm lvl 27 in League of Legends so i havent tryed this in Ranked Games. And sorry for my
bad english if i spelled something wrong because i'm only 13 Years old.

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9X Greater Seal of Armor
Armor will help you not to die when playing with other carrys such as Tryndamere as fast as normal so thats why i choose 9X of them.

5X Greater Mark of Desolation
When playing with a tank such as Alistar he can be support too but if he's tank you can take him down eazy without having any problem 1v1 or team fights if they have a tank.

4X Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Attack Speed is very importent so i choose Phantom Dancer too so i only give 4X of those runes.

5X Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage

Attack damage per lvl is good for Shaco and it's only 0.04 so that's why i give him 5X of them and he'll be fine at lvl 18 or late game.

4X Greater Glyph of Critical Chance

I'll give him some more Crit Chance that's good because if i give him more then 50% Crit Chance he'll be very strong when he fights with tanks or carrys.

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Summoner's Wrath
It will speed up you'r ghost and that's really good because if you'r on low hp and someone's after you and your decive is on cooldown or your slowed this is really good to have.

Brute Force
It will help you ganking a little bit when you'r lvl 3 and you'r trying to build a carry thats good too.

As i said before, attack speed is very importent i would say.

Jack In The Box got a long cooldown so it is good to set up some traps early game, and late game for a little ward.

It is not so importent late game when you'r damage is high but if your destroying towers early game it will be a little bit usefull i would say, and i would recommend this masterie early game.

As you can see im building a carry here, and we got 5X [[Greater Glyph of Might i would not say that's very most.

Crit Damage is always good for carrys. So i would recommend this too.

Armor Pen is good when fighting with a tank with most armor so i would choose this masterie too.

We all know this is very good when an enemy champion is on low hp and you can only attack him once then this is very good.

When the enemy team got a AP this is good and you'll always need this.

Armor is always good.

Health per lvl is good too but not too most for a carry because you got Warmog's Armorwich gives you 920 Health.

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Cloth Armor
I choose this because in the start of the game you jungle and you'll need some armor i would say.

Health Potion
Potions is always good but i would choose 2 so you could set up a ward at the place where the one is solo top or bot.

Vampiric Scepter
Lifesteal is good at jungling and you'll need it when ganking too.

Boots of Speed
We all need boots and at Shaco because he's Decive is not able for a long time and you need to use boots too for running away from other champions when they hunt you.

Wriggle's Lantern
You'r Cloth Armor and you'r Vampiric Scepter will be upgraded to this and it is very good at jungling because you got 20% chance to deal 425 magic damage to minions or monsters

Boots of Mobility
Your Boots of Speed will be upgraded double so good and it makes you get in lane much faster because it gives you 5 enhanced movement speed when you'r not in combat for 5 secounds so very good for Shaco i would recommend this more thn other boots.

B.F. Sword
Just when you get the B.F. Sword you should start getting feeded and then you'll get Infinity Edge most faster.

Infinity Edge
This is the most used weapon for carrys because it gives you 35% Crit Chance and your damage with Crit Chance will be higher it will go up 50% more.

You don't have to get Zeal you can also have Cloak of Agility instad of Zeal Zeal a little bit better but i choose Zeal

Phantom Dancer
Zeal get's upgraded to Phantom Dancer wich gives sence, and Phantom Dancer gives you all that you need just not Ability Power for your Two-Shiv Posion and Health wich makes you more tanky.

Warmog's Armor
I choose Warmog's Armor and not Guardian Angel because you'll die fast when you respawn when you got Guardian Angel and Warmog's Armor gives you most more Health wich is very good to make you more tanky.

Hextech Gunblade
I know that Hextech Gunblade is for Ability Power champions and not for carrys but still it is very good for Shaco because it gives him Lifesteal Attack Damage and spellvamp and that's every good for Shaco so i would recommend it.

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Summoner Spells

You can see i choose Jack In The Box first because of jungling and then Two-Shiv Potion next and at last i choose Decive i choose Decive last because who would follow you early game in your own jungle? And you need Decive to get behind the enemys at lvl 3 and i finish it first because it uses too much mana if you always use 90 Mana and i finish Two-Shiv Potion next because you should only use Jack In The Box to fear you'r enemys or use it as a ward. So thats why you should finish Jack In The Box as the last one. And Decive first because if your on low mana and running your Decive will only use something like 50-40 mana. And use your clone to kill himself and let your enemys on low hp then finish then off,

Tip: Move your clone with ALT+Right Click.

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Most of you guys know that Shaco is a strong jungler, so when you play with him you should
be able to get the Ancient Golem blue buff so now i'm just gonna tell you
the jungle rute.

First you get the blue buff at Ancient Golem use Jack in the box to kill him.
(At least two boxes to kill him i think.) Then you get lvl 2 then you go to the wolves and use Jack In The Box and Two-Shiv Posion and don't worry you got the blue buff wich gives you much mana in you'r lvl. Next you go to the Wraiths getting lvl 3 then you get to the Lizard Elder

Tips/Tricks about jungling:

Tip: Always make sure no one of the enemy team is looking at you while jungling, if you don't he will be able to kill you early game and steal your buff.

Trick: If you got an enemy jungler try to counter jungle him, kill him and get the buff.
If you don't got an enemy jungler you can take over their jungle and kill the dragon something like 7 - 10


Lvl 3 you should start getting in lane, helping your team get kills/assists, gank mid or bot at the start of the game late game go top/bot ganking or destroying towers. Your Crit Chance should help you most in team fights, thats why i choose Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer

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Pros / Cons


• Eazy jungling.
• Eazy escaping at low hp in team fights.
• Getting feeded early game.
• Fast games.
• High mobility.
• Strong early and late game.


• Hard jungling.
• Hard escaping/Using decive the same way as he's waking.(When low HP)
• Eazy to get counter jungled.
• Low mana.
• Using too many abilitys to get a kill.
• Spending too mutch time jungling.

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Here is some pictures of my stats and my enemys stats:

I will get more pictures and show you them.
And yes i'm the one who's playing this game, and i can't record when playing League Of Legends then i lagg very most, so if any of you guys know how i could record without it laggs your the best and i want to record it live not LoLRecorder. And Thanks to you guys who readed this guide/build and tryed it and if you liked it please vote or comment :D And im not finished with this guide i will update it and that stuff.

The whole guide: Me:D
Thanks to: ArlaDk - For learning me to do this > Shaco