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Singed Build Guide by shadyassassin

Jungle Singed ultimate ganking machine

Jungle Singed ultimate ganking machine

Updated on November 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadyassassin Build Guide By shadyassassin 14,100 Views 4 Comments
14,100 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shadyassassin Singed Build Guide By shadyassassin Updated on November 26, 2012
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First of all this guide is not to teach you how to play Singed, if you're looking at this guide you should already have a fairly good grasp of Singed and his abilities and capabilities, this guide is made to teach you how to do early game jungleing.

most people laugh when I pick jungle Singed but he is actually quite effective and fast I have spent literally hours trying different runes Masteries and item builds. This is the best and basically the only way to jungle Singed that I found I tried Xenasis's Dyrus Inspired Jungle Singed ( I read the guide over and over again but it never seamed to work outside of an AI game and since I was never able to jungle any one else and Singed is one of my best and favorite champs I decided I would try to make a build that would work for me and I did
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Pros / Cons

- amazing ganking potential and ability
- able to counter jungle with out worrying about being killed
- still a extremely powerful tank late game
- powerful counter ganker

- very dependant on blue buff untill you have Catalyst the Protector
- mana hungry early game
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How to pull off Jungleing with Singed

order: At this point I'm getting annoyed at Mobafire because this is about the 6th time I've had to write this section because it keeps putting my items here so I'm just going to put the order here insted of haveing to go into detail1

1st: wolfs
2nd: blue
3rd: Golems
4th: gank
5th: get the ad carry red

after this rotate ganks and jungle accordingly
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: never play Singed with out this unless you don't plan on doing any damage what so ever =)

Greater Seal of Armor: Armor for early game jungle

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: this is not the glyph I want for this build but Mobafire does not have strait AP runes so I had to use these

Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp: normally I suggest to never ever get spell vamp on Singed but I make an exception for this build simply because its next to impossible to jungle Singed with out it other then this specific though spell vamp on Singed is WORTHLESS and your better off with health rejen.
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most people laugh when they see that I put my points into the utility tree until they actually see me use this build I'm going to tell you the reasons I picked this route instead of the others.

Expanded Mind :+12 mana per level extra mana and hp why wouldn't you pick this

Swiftness : Singed HAS to be the fastest champ in the game or you cant do anything basic Singed knowledge

Transmutation : as I said before spell vamp on jungle Singed works well with keeping him alive early game

Awareness : your a jungler so you more then likely will be under leveled this helps you to not be

strength in spirit: another obvious thing for singed because of the fact you should have a ton of mana and that it helps you with survivablity early game

I see no need to explain what I picked in the defensive tree

Butcher : douse'nt really need explanation
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Skill Sequence

this portion of the guide is going to go over just the jungleing portion of the skills for details on how to use your abilitys after the jungle phase is over see the skill sequence portion of:

Q: Poison Trail: the main source of damage for Singed: use this very sparingly in the jungle even if you have blue buff untill you have catalyst the protector your going to be mana starved if you leave this for entire fights. To use this effectively toggle it on and off as needed your poison lasts 3 secs on a target so toggle it on run past the entire mob and turn it off 3 secs is about 2 auto attacks after that turn it on and run past them again and return to auto attacking this is the best way to save mana and do maximum damage (if you are new to Singed this douse not stack in any way so you will lose no dmg for simply applying the DoT)

W: Mega Adhesive: this will only be used for ganks or being counter jungled/counter jungleing

E: Fling: what makes Singed Such an awesome ganker use this in the jungle to do a little bit more damage to the big monsters only use this once per mob and only if you have blue because it takes alot of mana

R: Insanity Potion: used only for ganks to make it fast and for you to do more damage
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Cloth Armor: why not boots or a Dorian shield or something more offensive? like I said at the start of this I messed with item builds for hours and anything but cloth armor ends up making it so you either have to b or you just end up dying by time you beat golems

5x Health Potion: to keep you alive early game

Boots of Swiftness: just like if your laneing, if you get any other boots you end up too slow and end up failing not to mention they help a lot in ganks

Rod of Ages: health mana/health and ap what more do you want?

Force of Nature: Health rejen movement speed and magic resistance all things that Singed needs

Frozen Heart: mana that turns into health all the armor you will ever need and slows attack speed and builds from your cloth armor. You can build glacial shroud before Force of Nature if your having trouble with ad champs in your ganking

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: the proc works on your fling and poison trial

for the 6th item if you are dieing build according to what your dieing to ex. if your dieing to ad you could pick up a Thornmail or if your dieing to ap you could pick up an Abyssal Mask
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadyassassin
shadyassassin Singed Guide
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Jungle Singed ultimate ganking machine

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