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Sion Build Guide by Propain

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Propain

Jungle Sion **An AD build*

Propain Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys propain here ^_^
Now usually i don't do jungle i prefer ap mid but recently i took a liking to jungle sion and this is my build on him, please enjoy!!!

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Little background

Prior to the creation of the League of Legends, the city-states of Demacia and Noxus were locked in a brutal series of on-again-off-again wars that spanned the course of centuries. Both powers sought an advantage over the other, but Noxus was the city-state willing to forego conventional morality to achieve its goals. Only brute strength and the will to use it mattered to Noxus, and this is best exemplified in the murderous warrior, Sion. Used by the Noxians as a human battering ram, Sion would be sent thundering ahead of Noxian troops. He would mercilessly slaughter foes with his large double-bladed axe, "Chopper". His complete disregard for caution ultimately cost him his life, as he was captured and summarily executed by Demacian forces.
The Demacians thought that the beheading of Sion would be the end of his bloodthirsty ways. Death, however, was merely the beginning of Sion's rise to power. The famed Noxian assassin, Katarina, recovered Sion's remains and Noxian necromancers reanimated the behemoth to serve Noxus once again. Sion's reanimation actually bestowed new powers on him and increased the potency of his existing abilities, making him even more of a terror to behold on the battlefield. The Noxian High Command had a powerful new weapon in their hands - one they have brought to bear as a champion in the League of Legends. Even though Sion's increased powers would make him a powerful tool for the High Command's use outside the Fields of Justice, Noxus no longer risks losing one of their greatest champions in the League to chance or circumstance; Sion's days as a front-line fighter for Noxus' military conquests are at an end.

"For Noxus, death is a promotion."

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Pros and cons


Big shiny red axe.
Has amazing utility for team
Has amazing surviability.
Amazing damage.
Decent ganks


Very melee relient, if the person is
ziggs of something they can escape
very well.

I dont know any other con for him ><

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Why Ad? not ap?

While most sions will do AP Now a days and go mid lane, this is a specific guide for jungle sion which is better, and faster as ad, it can be done as ap im guessing since jungle so easy but this works better.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed- Attack speed :D

Greater Seal of Armor- Helps defense against monsters in jungle >.>

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed- More attack speed :DDD

Greater Quintessences Of Vampirism- Couldn't find the 2% lifesteal on here but anyhoo, these are perfect for sion.

why these runes? well sion gets 21% attack speed and 21% lifesteal level 1 if you follow the runes/masteries and each hit takes away a little Hp, With these you can start wolves and do blue to red golem without smite >.>

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Now i do not take the 20% increase of buffs i know :( but i find dipping into the offense tree so much more faster in the jungle and a little bit into defense 27/3/0

you could roles a standard 21/0/9 if you want but this is just me here.

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Vampiric Scepter-Makes you start with 21% lifesteal enough to do the entire jungle without smite at level 1.

Berserker's Greaves- The attack speed is just godly. not going to lie.

Phantom Dancer-The MS attack speed and crit just makes you hit fast and run fast. Its really awesome combined with ultimate.

Infinity Edge- This is where all that attack speed will make you hit like a truck, hitting super fast with each hit doing what 400-800(crits). PD also helps this :DD

Warmog's Armor Believe me you got enough damage now, people will notice it so get some hp and get bulky, because if the enemy focuses you down you wont die because of your ultimate, but if they don't focus you you get to rapeface them, win win either way.

Atma's Impaler- okay, got warmogs armor, your E Passive which should be 200-300 extra hp, your going to get a good significant boost of Attack damage here... not to mention the crit and armor is nice.

Wriggle's Lantern Makes jungling easier,some nice Lifesteal,damage and armor just overall nice for killing dragon early as well...

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Mkay i make my Enrage for the start because well it gives free ad and helps clear jungle faster and benefits you. :DDDDD

Next I max my Death's Caress- IT has a higher Ratio than the stun,deals mroe damage, and lets you dive/take a few more minion hits early.

Cryptic Gaze- I take this at 4 and max it when it comes up due to it only has a reduced CD Timer for its level up and the shield is more benefical early.

Cannibalism- THIS IS THE MOFO THAT MAKES YOU SION :DDD it makes you heal sooo much like 300-400 per hit or more and with all the attack speed you just heal and kill everything, not to mention your team gets a buff from you making you the ultimate badass...

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Summoner spells

Ghost- Since you got your stun, your entire ganks rely on you getting in their face a ghost will make you do such thing, or run away.

Smite- I can do the jungle without smite on sion to be honest, but to make things get down faster, secure that bluebuff,dragon,baron it really comes in handy. all junglers need this usually :DD

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OTHER OPTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Flash Not my favorite but its similar to ghost.

Ignite Makes your level 4 ganks pretty nice for finishing off.

Exhaust Makes your ganks early strong. Not a bad option.

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With 21 attack speed and lifesteal at level 1 you can do wolves by yourself but help is always appriciated. Then you move to blue buff where you should get some help but not necessary which you should hit 2 and get your Death's Caress to give you some time to regain hp off wraiths when they pop it + it hurts them all :3. next you can do red golem at level 2 and easy take them all down without smite and hit 3 then proceed to golems and take them out easy and head back to wraiths and wolves, you should hit 4 around there so look for any lane that is over extending and gank!!!

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Level 4 is your primetime, you can stun the enemy pretty well and bring them down, at level 4 usually a gank invoves burning of the flash,loss of Exp/underleveled,loss of gold or even death. If you can get a good gank off your partners will love you for winning their lane.

Now how to do it. Just do this :DDD

Walk through a bush that isnt warded such as bottom lane bottom bush not the Tri-Bush the lane bush make sure not to be seen and stun their AD/support doesnt matter all to much, and usually a free kill.

Now middle lane i find it harder to gank uusally i have to ghost in to stun then its a good kill, or if you want have your teamate BAIT the enemy, but not too hard lots of times they will die....

Top lane is easy as its a long walk/curve if they are midway or farter. you can usually pop your stun and get some free damage/kill them.

Sion i dont know isnt a master at telling how to gank you just run in there and stun and beat the living hell out of them. Nuff said.

P.S Always ping when you want to gank a lane.

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Counter Jungle

Always know times their blue is up at around 7 minutes and usually within the next minute or two their red. With the attack speed you can easily jump in and jump out.

When you kill and enemy jungler or notice he is Across the map take his big wolf and a little wolf and leave 1, take the big wraith and leave 1 little wraith or just take both golems it makes them worse and you better believe me.

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Thank you all for reading this and i hope you give it a shot and wish you the best of luck!!!