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Twitch Build Guide by SgtScope

Jungle Twitch

Jungle Twitch

Updated on July 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SgtScope Build Guide By SgtScope 48,891 Views 0 Comments
48,891 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SgtScope Twitch Build Guide By SgtScope Updated on July 11, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



Hi, Sgt Scope here.
This is my first guide and it's also an assignment for school so apologies of being rather brief.

Jungle Twitch, he is rather underestimated.
But if executed correctly, and if your team isn't being too *****y about it, Twitch is a magnificent, and effective jungler.
I have been playing jungle Twitch non-stop since I hit level 30 Summoner Level and have had fun doing so.

So, onto the guide.
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A quick reason on why:

Why should you go jungle Twitch instead of lane?
Well, as said in Phoenix0000ff's guide
, Twitch can be a pain in the *** to lane with because of Vision Wards, Oracle's Elixirs and Twitch's low range. In short, a lane Twitch is a dead Twitch.
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Pros / Cons


    Easy to gank with.
    Massive damage.
    Worries/enrages most enemy champs (in low ELO/non-ranked)
    Long range with
Spray and Pray


    Squishy early/mid game
    Almost always focused
    Unless fed, hard to play
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Summoner Spells


A must have for junglers as it is helping for killing creeps in jungle and for that making sure that no one steals your buffs. It is also handy for stealing enemies buffs and getting rid of Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turrets.
The disadvantages are that it's not very helpful end game and it can't be used on enemy Champs.

I find using ghost for Twitch is very helpful for moving around the map and escaping from chases and failed ganks. It's handy for getting to the other side of the map when your solo top or whoever needs assistance quickly.


Flash is better for escaping from ganks and chases as you can simply flash over a wall while with ghost you'd have to run around it.

Exhaust is helpful for ganking as it stops the target from getting away to quickly (unless they Flash). It can also be used for getting an easy buff early game. But then again, you always have Venom Cask.

Ignite is basically a last shot at finishing off someone who managed to escape quick enough.

Avoid at all costs

These aren't really needed.
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Item Notes

I know my opinion here will not be very popular because it goes against the norm.
For example, I don't really enjoy getting Bloodthirster mainly because it has an non-permanent stacking system which adds no AD and Life Steal and if you die (which might happen a lot depending on whos fed, you, or the enemy) you'll lose 1/3 of the stacks you've gathered, and yes, I know you can gain stacks from minions but you still have a cap at 20% Life Steal. Which is why I prefer the Executioner's Calling because not only do you get 18% lifesteal (close enough to 20%), you also get some crit chance, a DoT and a heal-reducing 'active' thrown in.

Wriggle's Lantern is helpful early game because it's cheap, tosses in a free ward and you get some armour, lifesteal and that 20% chance to do an extra 425 damage against creeps, which is handy when jungling.

I also thought it was a better idea to get Last Whisper over Frozen Mallet because of the extra AD and the 40% Armour Penetration.

Out of all the champions, Twitch uses the Mobility Boots most effectively. They enable him to run around the map with ease and speed, so any Vision Wards in the jungle used to spot him will be rendered rather useless, unless he stands next to the ward for a bit or he's seen by one coming in for a gank.

As for all AD/AS champs, the Phantom Dancer is a must have for Twitch. The 55% AS greatly boosts your Attack Speed (obviously) and the 30% Crit Chance makes you unstoppable mid/end game. The 12% movement speed is also incredibly helpful.

Finally, the Infinity Edge is a great weapon for Twitch as it boosts your AD massively, makes you crit nearly always and makes you do 250% crit damage which will reduce even the hardest of champs to take down (ahem, Volibear) easy as piss to kill.
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Thanks to Phoenix0000ff for starting me off with jungle Twitch, check his guide out here
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SgtScope
SgtScope Twitch Guide
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Jungle Twitch

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