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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Toastytoast47

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toastytoast47

Junglecrank, S4 jungling Blitzcrank

Toastytoast47 Last updated on December 23, 2013
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Hello, I am toast! I have played League for awhile now and here is my jungle crank build.

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Start with your E to disables the jungle monster. Start at blue buff, and get red ASAP. You may have to back first. You are very, very, VERY STRONG during this time. Your Q is a game changer. You could max your Q first, if you want to build more AP.

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To gank, try to get a good pull off. If not, charge your E and W in. When they run away, make sure to line up your Q.

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Pros / Cons

- Nice Grabs
- Disables and tons of CC
- Movement speed!!
- Strong early game
- Annoying
- FUN!

- Easily counter jungled
- Can fall behind easily
- Usually frowned upon
- Skillshot reliant ganks
- Difficult jungle

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For runes, it is completely up to you. I recommend AD Bruiser runes or Tank depending on how you would like to build.

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Skill Sequence

Depending if you would like to build AP or AD heavy, max you Q for AP heavy, and E for AD heavy. Your E comes in handy in ganking.

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I recommend Smite and Flash, your W really covers speed boost unless you want Ghost. Teleport is also another fun option if you are playing defensive.

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Team Work

In team fights, you are a powerhouse of bountiful CC. Make sure to grab the ADC and pull her in to the fight. After you get them, you pretty much win the fight. Make sure your ult to silence them as well.

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IT IS OKAY, I REPEAT, OKAY, TO TAKE SOME FARM WHEN GANKING. As long as you can get your laners kills, farm their lanes. You will start to fall behind most likely if you don't take a few cs here and there.

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Every item is pretty much mentioned in buy sequence. If you want, you can build attack speed. It all depends on your composition with your team and what role you are playing.

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Jungle crank is not an easy thing. You can easily fall behind, but if you play him right, he is unstoppable. Have fun with your new robotic killing machine. :)