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League of Legends Build Guide Author INSANEghosit

Junglers - full of facts ( still in progress)

INSANEghosit Last updated on June 23, 2012
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At first I want to tell you that English isn't my mother laguage and I am aware that this guide might contain a few mistakes... ;)

The reason why I made this guide is to show you what my experience of Jungling led me to and giving you many great tips to improve your jungling.

I'm going to pick out my 10 favourite junglers( including a build, runes, masteries and skill sequences) and tell you the most important things you need to know for a successfull jungle game !

Here is a list of the shortcuts I use in this guide that you know what I am talking about^^:
AD = physical damage
AP = ability power
DPS= damage per second
CS = minions
HP = health points

I would also be happy about some advice to improve this and some votes and comments ;)
I hope it helps you a lot !

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Movementspeed runes are just awesome for junglers who don't have gap closers like
Lee Sin's Sonic Wave or Jax's Leap Strike.

Armor is just the best solution against the monster damage and tower damage which you will suffer a lot. Also if you get caught while counter jungling when u have to fight 1vs1.

I prefer AD to armorpen in the case of jungling because monsters do not have enough armor that armorpen would be as beneficial as flat AD. And u also hardly won't feel any difference at ganking.

The reason why I choose attackspeed for them are the passives of Nocturne ( Umbra Blades) and Skarner ( Energize). Also Shyvana's Burnout has increased duration by using autoattacks. The result of attackspeed on these 3 champions will be much faster jungling and pushing.


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Again movementspeed though they have gap closers because for Alistar and Nautilus positoning at ganking is really important. Amumu also needs the speed to chase with his Despair. Their only possible Movementspeed items are Trinity Force (for agressive Alistar) and Force of Nature[for all of them). Armor for jungling start, MR per level and magic pen for your skill's dmg.


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nothing special - again movementspeed flat AD, MR and armor- the runes are called "jaxn" because I use them with Jax when I play @ top lane.

With Lee Sin the only difference to these ones are that I just take flat AD instaed of movementspeed. I prefer flat AD on him in comparison to armorpen again because of the easier jungling and the fact that his Tempest deals magic damage.

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Why Smite?

I'm seeing more and more guides where you are told to jungle without Smite but it gives you a heavy controll about stealing/capturing/securing buffs/monsters like Baron, Dragon etc...
The other main advantage of smite is the jungling speed which is probably one of the most important things. Faster jungling = more ganks.
Additionaly you loose less hp in the jungle if you aren't a Warwick or whatever who gains more life back then he looses.

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How to play as: Jax

The most important thing is to start with Counter Strike because of its AOE - damage to monsters. as long as you have blue buff , spam with you abilities wherever you go. But when you run out of mana in jungle only use and upgrade Empower because the mana costs are and stay very low !

The most important thing about ganking I want to mention is the skill/spell order:
Use Counter Strike then Leap Strike and then Counter Strike again when you are in range to get a almost 100% stunnon your enemy. This is what makes Jax such a ganking beast. Also activate Empower before your Leap Strike to deal massive damage.

Also important to mention is that you can jump on allies with Leap Strike. Counter Strike is also a great defensive spell !!!

If you suddenly find yourself in a 1vs 1 battle and you don't have 100 % life , don't run automatically. Never forget how strong Jax is because of his passive and his stunn in 1vs1!!!

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Please tell me what you like the most !

I hope I was able to give you some useful advice to improve your gameplay. If you have any advice for me plz write a comment.

So far, Insane ghosti


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