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Camille Build Guide by Njoror

Jungling The Destructive Camille

Jungling The Destructive Camille

Updated on December 18, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Njoror Build Guide By Njoror 59,498 Views 0 Comments
59,498 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Njoror Camille Build Guide By Njoror Updated on December 18, 2016
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My Stream

Hey guys if you have any immediate questions I do stream Camille and Diana Jungle so if you don't feel like posting here come stop by when I am streaming and ask me there I will give you an answer in person.

My Stream:
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More To Come With The Guide

I know At the moment the guide is Short but Do not worry I will be adding more to this day after day. Explaining the skill-set of Camille and how to use them.

I know the guide is somewhat short but it does give you a baseline on where to begin with Camille jungle and you can modify this build to however your play-style is.
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Hey Guys Njoror Here I have been playing league a long time and have mained Diana in the jungle since her launch. I was Diamond Last Season and I am super excited for this new champ. This champ is pretty much a version of Diana just AD style. She is insanely potent in any 1 vs 1 as that is which she excels at. She can also turn the tides of any fight with her ult and separating a team or pushing the rest of the enemy team into yours while killing your target.

Without Further Ado here we go into the guide
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9X Greater Mark of Attack Damage - For added damage and early Jungle clear

3x Greater Seal of Armor - The 3 flat armor is just enough not to sacrifice your early game and enough to duel people in the early stages of the game to get you to your mid game.

6X Greater Seal of Scaling Armor - These 6 Runes will effect you from level 7 onward they outscale the flat armor runes and start scaling your kit from Mid-Late game.

3X Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - The 3 Magic resist is just enough not to sacrifice your early game and enough to duel people in the early stages of the game to get you to your mid game.

6X Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - These 6 runes will you from the same point as your armors level 7 and onward as they outscale your Flat MR for the early pressure, into where your power spike is from Mid-Late.

3X Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - Because Camille is jungling the attack speed, speeds up her jungle clear as she autos quite a bit.
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I do 18/0/12 with Warlord's Bloodlust I do this because Camille kit has true damage in it and because she autos so much the sustain she gains from it is massive. I stack it with Runic Armor for additional healing, you can also build more of a tankier build with spirit visage for Increased healing from the mastery Warlord's Bloodlust . If you do decide to build a life-stealing item both the Runic Armor and spirit visage will increase it's healing on you which gives you even more sustainability.

Runic Armor Also applies to your passive shield on Camille so that is also a plus.
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Jungle Path

1. Start at Blue Buff. (Hopefully your team will help you leash)

2. After killing blue head straight to Red Buff.

3. After Finishing Red Buff head to the Krug (the rock dudes). Either North of Red buff or South of Red Buff depending on which side of the map you are on.

4. Finish the Krug camp (the rock dudes) You will be level 3 at this point in time. Head to the chicklet Camp

5. Finish the Chicklet camp and head to the wolves.

6. After completing the wolf camp you will be level 4 it is up to you at this point if you wanna gank a lane or complete the gromp camp and kill the skuttle bug in the river.
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Item Build Path For Jungle And Why

Tiamat - This item you wanna pick up on your first back (best Case) This is strictly for Jungle clear speed it also helps with any jungler that wants to have a early fight in your jungle.

Skirmisher's Sabre - Get this item right after your Tiamat this is specifically for dueling people and to whomever decides to enter your jungle. The damage reduction and true damage from this is pretty massive for Camille.

Trinity Force - This item is essential for Camille Completing this item is a massive power spike for Camille After you get this item finish off your Ravenous hydra or Titanic Hydra whichever you prefer suits your play-style best.
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Mid-Late Game Items

Ravenous Hydra - Build this AFTER you finish your Trinity Force for higher damage output and sustainability during duels or any 1v2 fights.

Titanic Hydra - If you want a more Tankier build go for titanic hydra it goes well with your passive shield and it gives you a nice cleave effect which stacks with Camille second Q proc which causes your cleave to deal true damage in the effect.

Spirit Visage - This item is a great MR resist item and also fantastic when running Warlord's Bloodlust whether you are running Titanic Hydra or Ravenous Hydra The sustainability you get when stack this and Warlord's Bloodlust is immense.

Randuin's Omen - Build This for people who on the enemy team are more CRIT based then just RAW damage.

Dead Man's Plate - Build this for people who have more RAW damage then CRIT as Dead Man's Plate gives you a proc on your first auto based on how far you have moved this is also a great dueling item for Camille

Banshee's Veil - Build this if the enemy team has a-lot of CC and you know they are going to focus you the moment you enter. This item is solely meant if you are the main initiator of the team. You can also initiate with Spirit Visage as well. This item because of the shield you gain applies more pressure onto the enemy team.

Sterak's Gage - Another nice defensive item you can stack with the passive shield of Camille It offers no armor yes but the shield stack with Camille passive shield is pretty massive and allows you to absorb a massive amount of damage for a decent amount of time. This item also increases you AD when proc'd so also keep that in mind.

Maw of Malmortius - Build this instead of Sterak's Gage if the team is HEAVY Ap. In case people don't know these two DO NOT STACK. You can only build one or the other. The Maw of Malmortius is a great item when dueling a heavy amount of AP as the proc gives you Life-steal, Spell-Vamp, AD and a Magic Shield. The Spell-Vamp, Life-Steal and AD stay on you for as long as you are in combat.

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