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General Guide by Jaxwell

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaxwell

Just for Kevin (wip)

Jaxwell Last updated on April 3, 2013
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How to start ...

I will explain why to start this way. But if you don't remember what to buy, it's kinda annoying to scroll down every time. So here we go.

1 Philosopher's Stone
2 Sightstone
3 Ruby Sightstone
4 Aegis of the Legion
5 Mercury's Treads (or later in the game)
6 Shurelya's Reverie (or later in the game)

You can buy this part ( Emblem of Valor) of the Aegis before the Ruby Sightstone if you feel like it's very important that you are more tanky at this moment.

From support masteries you will take Explorer and Biscuiteer . With Wealth you can buy some health-reg, wards and pots to end up like this:

Explorer's Ward
Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation
Rejuvenation Bead
3 x Sight Ward
3 x Health Potion

After your first visit at the Shop you will buy a Philosopher's Stone (or parts of it) and of course some more Sight Wards. If you have not enough money for wards and new items - just buy the wards. Wards are more important then ANY item. I will not mention it again, but buy wards every time you go back to base and watch them. You will have to know when they end.

With your next return to the base buy the Sightstone. Remember you can only have 2 wards active with this item. As long as you only stay at your lane this should be enough. You can always ward the tribush and the dragon. It's often very usful to ward a lane-bush (one of the bushes at the end of the map) at your bottom lane too. So don't stop buying wards. But instead of buying 3 wards every time you go back, you only have to buy one now.

As soon as you can upgrade your Sightstone to a Ruby Sightstone you can set down 3 wards at the same time with this item. You might think 'oh wow no more wards buying now ...'. But you are wrong. Now mid game starts. People start roaming to other lanes and gank more frequently and some small skimishes about dragon or something will appear. At this point you are able to ward around the map and have about 4 wards active all the time (remember, you only have to buy 1 of this 4 wards). These 4 spots where you ward are the 4 entrys to your jungle. I will bring a map for it later on. A support without this item will not be able to afford that much wards - which causes his team a BIG disatvantage.

After this stage of the game the first teamfights might occure. That's why you buy the Aegis of the Legion next. This way you can help the whole team during the figt even if the enemys think 'it's just a support, ignore him and kill him last'.

The next time you can afford an item it's up to you to buy either your Boots of Speed or another item. It completely depends on the game. Sometimes the active from Locket of the Iron Solari can make the difference in early teamfights. This item will help the team definitely more than Mercury's Treads. But maybe the jungler will take it, it's a popular jungler item. There is no need for two of this items. But also a rush for Frozen Heart can be worth it if they are AD heavvy. But remember, you are support. You have to ward a lot. You will not get much money and it's an expensive item. It will take you quiet a while to buy it completely.

I forgot to mention when other boots are viable. I will write about this the next days.

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What you bought.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem 2400g
Mercury's Treads 1200g
Aegis of the Legion 2150g

Over all:
Armor - 50
Magic Resi - 45
Health - 750
Lifereg - 14
Manaeg - 7
Movementspeed - 45
CC Resi - 35%

+ More damage to monsters (useless as hell for a support!!)

Costs: 5750g

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What I recommend to buy.

Philosopher's Stone 700g -> Shurelya's Reverie 2100g
Ruby Sightstone 1550g
Aegis of the Legion 2150g
Mercury's Treads 1200g

Over all (without Shurelya's):
Armor - 20
Magic Resi - 45
Health - 610
Lifereg - 7
Manaeg - 9
Movementspeed - 45
CC Resi - 35%

+ 5 gold every 10 seconds. That's absoultely godlike for a support!!!!
+ constantly 3 wards for no money on the map. That saves 75g every 3 Minutes and encourages you to put out wards (cause it's freeeeeee!!^^)

Costs: 5900g or 7000g when Shurelya's is actually bought

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You can see that all stats of my suggestion are a bit lower. But the main effects - the aura of Aegis of the Legion and cc-resistance are there. So where is the advantage you will ask. The point is, that you will save TONS of money through the Ruby Sightstone - In addition the 5 gold evey 10 seconds from the Philosopher's Stone will help you over time. So get it as fast as possible - your first item to buy when you go back. This way you can compensate that you will get no minion kills.

Let's say the enemy support does not buy the Philosopher's Stone nor the Ruby Sightstone. He will buy other items without these useful effects, but with slightly better stats. This will give him a little advantage in the first few minutes. But as time goes by you will be able to buy your next items faster because you save so much money. And he will probably buy less wards, cause he has no 'free wards'.

This way you will get the more ahead of this support the longe the match lasts. You will be able to buy your big items (which follow after these few) a lot earlier and support your team much better. Another point is, that you can upgrade your Philosopher's Stone later on to get a Shurelya's Reverie which fits perfect for you.

It gives health (nice), health regen (okay), mana regen (okay) and cooldownreduction (more anchors flying at the enemys!!) aaaaand .. a super cool active effect. 40% movementspeed for 3 seconds for all allies nearby. You can throw your ult at someone and then activate this item to help your team following up and catching that enemy. Or you can help someone escaping, pull yourself to the chasing enemy with your anchor, slow him down with your aoe and then press this item to escape yourself. Or what is if you are all low and the enemy team tries to catch you? Just activate this item and save teh whole team.

Really, this items is amazing and it builds out of the item which provides you with constant money in the early game.

Well now, the last few sentence about boots. Buy them last. Not as last item ove rall, but definitely after the Philosopher's Stone, the Ruby Sightstone and the Aegis of the Legion. If you want to buy them then, do it. But it's also okay to buy additional stuff first. But don't buy them earlier. There was a patch between season 2 and 3 which changed a lot on the movements speed. The improvement boots give you is not as big as before. You will still feel a difference, but as a support you have other main-goals.

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About warding

Comming soon ...


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