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Kha'Zix Build Guide by KamiKZ


KamiKhaZix Rank #1 Kha Zix EUW Challenger Kha Zix Jungle Gui

By KamiKZ | Updated on September 16, 2019
1,746 Votes
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Runes: Electrocute Kha Zix normal rune page

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
red smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #20 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Ability Order ability order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies


Who is KamiKZ ?

Hello Guys I am KamiKZ better known as KamiKhaZix previous Rank #1 Kha Zix on EUW

I am Rank #1 Kha Zix EUW in season 8 & 9

Here is my Kha Zix guide

I am live streaming on Twitch: if you have any questions about League of legends or my Kha Zix guide feel free to join my stream and ask me there

I have been maining Kha Zix since season 6

My ranks through different seasons:
- I have been playing league of legends since season 5
- season 5: Riven/Irelia two trick, peak platinum 1
- season 6: Kha Zix One Trick Pony, 500 games, peak diamond 4
- season 7: Kha OTP yet another season. Became #128 Kha Zix in the world according to Peak Diamond 2
- season 8: 66% winrate with kha, 500+ games,diamond 1
- Season 9: Currently 2x Grandmaster peaked 345 LP on EUW and Rank #1 Kha Zix on EUW & EUNE
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Kha´Zix Pros & Cons


    Insane burst damag
    Carry potential
    Can easy one-shot enemy carries
    Good one champion to one trick
    Strong late game
    A very fun champion
    High mobility
    Never banned in SoloQ
    Low pick rate in SoloQ so you are almost always guaranteed to get Kha Zix every game


    Weak vs cc
    Weak vs peel comp (Janna, Lulu etc.
    Weak if behind
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Evolve order?

What to evolve as Kha Zix jungle in different scenarious

If you do Phase rush Kha Zix the evolve order is R > W > E

If you do Electrocute Kha Zix the evolve order is Q > W > E or Q > E > W depending on if you are fed or not

Evolve order on Kha Zix jungle video

If you wan´t to know what my typical evolve order is, then it is Q at lvl 6, W at lvl 11 and E at lvl 16.

Though this evolve order is not always the best and that´s why I made this video, to give you guys some what of an idea on what to evolve at what point or stage in the game.

Mainly E and R are the evoulutions that can get countered.

E evolve is getting countered by cc, such as Poppy´s W, Veigar´s E or Janna´s Q and R while R evolve is getting countered by champions who can reveal stealth, such as Lee sin with his Q and E or Twisted Fate with his R.

If you are against some of thees champions you might want to evolve in a different way that you usually do :)

My live stream:

My main account:

Evolve Q first (good for 1v1´s)

Evolve E second if you are fed (Gives you resets so you can go deep and still get out)

Evolve W second if you are even or behind (gives utility, so your team can do some work)

If you evolved E at lvl 11 evolve W at lvl 16 and the opposite way around

Only Evolve R if you are insanely fed and you are the carry on your team, then evolve R insted of W at lvl 16 :)
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There are 2 main rune pages for kha zix

Electrocute and Phase rush

I recommend Electrocute for lower elo and Phase rush for higher elo

Lower elo: Iron/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat/Diamond
Higher elo: Master/Grandmaster/Challenger

The 2 rune pages look like this:

Electrocute rune page

Phase rush rune page
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Electrocute or DH?

Electrocute is better and provides more damage than Dark Harvest

So Take electrocute on Kha zix every single game as of right now

Electrocute is way better than Dark harvest since Dark Harvest got nerfed to ground and electrocute is almost the same as before

So take electrocute every single game on Kha zix

A walkthrough of the Electrocute vs Dark Harvest on Kha Zix situation


Taking examples from me and Damir

I personally think electrocute is the best option on kha most of the time, while Damir always runs Dark Harvest on Kha Zix

This video is not made to convince you that Electrocute is best

This video is totally based on my opinion
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Red smite vs Blue smite

Red smite vs damage dealing junglers and assassin junglers

Blue smite vs tanks or when you are ahead of the enemy jungler early

For more detailed version check out my yt video:

Youtube video:
Red Vs Blue smite on Kha Zix Jungle Video

If you want an overview of when to go red and blue smite check out my google sheets document (there are also some bonus tips to every jungle match up)

Google sheets
Kha Zix Jungle Red VS Blue Smite Overview
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Jungle path early game

Jungle clear updated after scuttle crab changes

1. Red
2. Krugs
3. Raptors
4. Wolves
5. Scuttle ****
6. Gank or go to blue
7. If gank then reset if blue then clear gromp and then reset

After reset go to Krugs and afterwards raptors

You always wanna go for ganks if they are free over clearing a jungle camp

You can also do the korean jungle path:
1. Red
2. Raptors
3. Krugs
4. Gank
5. Enemy blue
6. Enemy gromp
7. Enemy wolves
8. Reset
Go to your own blue side jungle afterwards to check or go to raptors then krugs for power farming
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Tips & Tricks for Kha Zix

10 tips & tricks for kha zix video

Kha tips:

1. Passive unssen threat reset when ever going into unwarded bush
2. You can Tiamat + Q mid air if E is evolved
3. Your Q gets 50+ bonus range when evolved
4. Your Q is extended when mid air if E is evolved
5. Whenever kha is in ulti he is ignoring unit collision which means he can´t be minion blocked
6. Kha Zix W evolved gives sight of enemies
7. Your passive also slows which means your combo will look like this: aa + passive with slow + Q
8. Your ulti can cancel targeted abilities such as Darius ulti if timed correctly
9. Flash will cancel your E jump so use Flash then E not the opposite way around
10. Your Q is not an auto attack so you can still Q things such as Pantheon with passive block Jax with E counter strike active

Bonus tip:
Animation cancel on W after you have landed with e
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How to gank as Kha Zix?

Try to gank laners who has cc, since kha´zix has no cc in his kit except one little slow in his passive

If enemy laner has flash up:
Try to come up behind the enemy laner
Go in auto attack with passive for slow
Use Q on the enemy to burst
USe R to become invisible and reset your passive and then auto attack to proc your passive extra damage and slow again (do this twice, combined with your R and Q)
Use W while in close range of the enemy to gain heal back
Use E after enemy flashed to keep on being in range with Q and auto attack

If enemy laner doesn´t have flash up:
Use E to instantly be in range of the enemy
Use Q and Auto attacks for damage
USe R to become invisible and reset your passive and then auto attack to proc your passive extra damage and slow again (do this twice, combined with your R and Q)
Use W while in close range to gain heal back
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How to team fight as Kha Zix?

Win more by learning the essentials about how to teamfight as an assassin!

How to teamfight as an assassin video

In this video I go in depth on the core principles you need to succeed as an assassin in teamfights and in League of Legends solo queue! I deliver detailed examples as well as many other important notes to apply to your assassin of choice, specifically using Evelynn and Rengar as examples. Learn how to carry and climb with smart teamfights and you'll reach your end of season goals in no time!

I mainly use Evelynn as she is my main, but you should have no problem climbing the ranked ladder using this teamfighting guide to become a better League of Legends jungler!
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How to play Kha Zix Jungle (Detailed with video)

So how does Kha Zix Jungle work?
How do you play Kha Zix Jungle?

So first you wanna copy the runes from this guide
Then you go into a game and while in champion select and loading screen, you starting thinking off, what laners are gankable? you do that by watch the match ups and see if your laners has cc and if enemy laners has any type of dashes. When you made a plan for what laners you should gank you just follow the plan and if anything changes try to think ahead of time, what objective should I get next, can i predict where the enemy jungler is etc.

I will give more examples. ideas and go more into detail on my stream over at so if you wan´t a high elo mindset and try to carry games as a jungler and control almost the entire game, feel free to come in to my stream and say hey can you go more into detail of what your mindset is in a game.

I have a youtube video of foxdrop playing Kha Zix jungle in patch 8.13
How to play Kha Zix Jungle video
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Kha zix match ups

I made an entire video regarding match ups for kha zix and how to win them

I split up all jungle match ups into 5 different categories

The categories being:
Free win:
Pre lvl 6 win:
Post lvl 6 win:

The video is long but very detailed and explains every match up and how you can with it so I highly recommend watching the video:
Kha match ups video
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My stream

I stream on My stream

I stream almost everyday, usually from 19:00 CEST, which means if you are reading this guide in the evening, you are very much welcome to tune into my stream and say hello :)

- I stream in english
- I stream with Cam and mic
- I read chat while ingame so feel free to say hi or ask me anything about league :)

I stream either soloQ on my main in diamond 1 or SoloQ on my smurf in diamond 5, sometimes I do viewer games and customs games if people are interested in that.

I Would really apreciate a follow/sub on twitch <3

If you have any questions regarding this guide pls come into my stream and type your question to me :)

Hope to see you guys on my stream :)
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Support me

If you wan't to support me you can do that by following me on social media:


If you wan't to support me even more you are very much welcome to subscribe to me on twitch or donate to me.

By subscribing to me on twitch, you help me to get one step closer to get partnered on twitch which is my dream.

The benefits of subscribing to me on twitch are as follows:
Monthly reviews
10x chance to win in RP giveaways
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A guaranteed spot in viewer/custom games
A chance to duoQ with me on smurfs
Make me extremely happy and thankful forever :)

You can subscribe to me on twitch here:

If you wan't to support even more than that, you are very much welcome to donate to me
You can donate to me here:
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13k Follower giveaway

I am doing an RP giveaway on my stream when I hit 13k followers on twitch

The giveaway is 2x 10€ RP Gift card (2x 1580 RP)

How to enter:

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