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Kha'Zix Build Guide by KamiKZ

Jungle S14 RANK 1 63% WR Kha Zix Guide KamiKhaZix Challenger Kha Main

Jungle S14 RANK 1 63% WR Kha Zix Guide KamiKhaZix Challenger Kha Main

Updated on May 3, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KamiKZ Build Guide By KamiKZ 4183 326 7,775,528 Views 55 Comments
4183 326 7,775,528 Views 55 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KamiKZ Kha'Zix Build Guide By KamiKZ Updated on May 3, 2024
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Recommended Items

Runes: Lethality Kha Rune Page

1 2
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Sudden Impact
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
Lethality Kha Zix
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Gustwalker Smite

Gustwalker Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Who is KamiKZ ?

Hello Guys I am KamiKhaZix previous Rank #1 Kha Zix on EUW

I was Rank #1 Kha Zix EUW in season 8 & 9 according to some websites

Here is my Kha Zix guide

I am live streaming on Twitch: if you have any questions about League of legends or my Kha Zix guide feel free to join my stream and ask me there

I have been maining Kha Zix since season 6

My ranks through different seasons:
- I have been playing league of legends since season 5
- season 5: Riven/Irelia two trick, peak platinum 1
- season 6: Kha Zix One Trick Pony, 500 games, peak diamond 4
- season 7: Kha OTP yet another season. Became #128 Kha Zix in the world according to Peak Diamond 2
- season 8: Masters 100 LP
- Season 9: 3x Grandmaster peaked 345 LP grandmaster EUW
- Season 10: Challenger elo got rank #1 kha zix on both EUW and EUNE this season so far
- Season 11: Grandmaster on EUW so far (June 2021)
- Season 12: Challenger 1074 LP + Rank #4 Jungler in Denmark + Top 100 Junglers on Lolpros (Kha Zix most played champion - 200+ games played - 62% Winrate)

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Kha´Zix Pros & Cons


    Can duel almost any jungler at level 6 if you have isolation damage and play mechanically decent
    Insane burst damage
    Carry potential
    Can easy one-shot enemy carries
    Good champion to one trick
    Strong mid game
    A very fun champion
    High mobility
    Never banned in SoloQ
    Low pick rate in SoloQ so you are almost always guaranteed to get Kha Zix every game
    Can 1v9 if played well


    Weak vs cc
    Weak vs peel comp (Janna, Lulu etc.
    Weak if behind
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Evolve order?

Kha Zix R evolve gives Kha Zix one extra ulity cast and each cast is increased to 2 seconds rather than 1 second meaning you get 2x as much invis time and that also means you can proc your passive 4 times in a full combo

I recommend evolving R first on Kha Zix for the better ganks/skirmish fights and overall utility at level 6
Kha Zix W Evolve makes Kha Zix W split into 3 spikes that fires in a cone, if enemy is hit by 1 of these spikes they will be slowed for 60% if the target is isolated when hit by one of these spikes they are slowed for 90%

This insane AOE slow gives insane amount of utility for you and your team and can help you chase enemies down, kite enemies etc.

I recommend evolving W second on kha zix at level 11
Kha Zix E evolved will give you longer range on your leap and will reset on kill/assist this ability is really good to evolve when really fed where you can jump in oneshot someone and reset jump out again super fast

I recommend evolving this ability at level 16 for better flanks and teamfights etc.
Evolving your ulti will give you 3 charges of invis instead of 2 and each invis will last for 2 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds so total time of invis with normal R is 3 seconds and with evolved R is 6 seconds

Evolving ulti is only good in high elo where people understand how kha zix isolation works I therefore don´t recommend evolving R unless you are high elo (Diamond 1+) if you are high elo you should evolve your ulti at level 6

In season 11 riot changed duskblade´s passive to now only reset on kills instead of on invis which is a direct nerf to R evolve

High elo playstyle: R > W > E evolve at 6/11/16
Low elo playstyle: Q > W > E evolve at 6/11/16

If you go R evolve go prowler as your mythic
If you go Q evolve go dusk or eclipse as your mythic
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Kha Zix Runes

Inspiration + Domination

First strike First strike works really well with Kha Zix since Kha Zix is the type of assassin that can instantly kill someon if they have no armor/hp from items meaning you can get a ton of gold from oneshotting squsihies on top of the gold you get from the kill ofcourse.

Magical footwear This is the best rune out of the 3 runes in the second row in inspiration tree so therefore we go magical footwear

Future's Market Will help with our snowball potential by giving us access to items faster and play around tempo meaning if you have an item advantage which you should have from futures market alone you should be trying to play as aggresive as possible without doing dying too risky that could result in you dying

Cosmic Insight Cosmic Insigt will give us lower cooldown on summoners meaning we have lower cool on smite which means we have upgraded smite at minute 8, which means we can always rush rift herald if the enemy jungler doesn´t have cosmic insight since our smite will be 900 dmg and their smite will 450 dmg on top of that you get item haste which we will need to use prowler and ghostblade more often

For the domination page you can go many different runes

You can go Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection/Zombie Ward
Ingenius Hunter/Relentless Hunter/Ultimate Hunter

Personally I am going

Zombieward if I plan on going Umbrail Glaive either as a 3rd Lethality item or instead of Ghostblade

If I don´t plan on going Umbrail Glaive I will either take eyeball collection if I feel like I can get many kills or Sudden Impact if I feel like game will be a bit more passive

And then I go Ultimate Hunter on Kha Zix since we evolve our ulti so having our Ulti up as often as possible is really strong with this set up

You can go zombie ward with umbral glaive
You can go treasure hunter for snowball
You can go Ingenious hunter if you play with active items (prowler and ghostblade etc)
You can go relentless hunter for out of combat movement speed it will have good synergy with fully stacked blue smite/pet.
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Blue/Red/Green smite

Blue smite/pet if you are playing assassin kha zix with lethality items

Green smite/pet if you are playing brusier or tank kha zix with goredrinker etc

Never go Red smite/pet because it´s the weakest out of all of the 3 smites in my opinion and should only be used on kha zix if it gets buffed in the near future.
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15 Tips & Tricks for Kha Zix

10 tips & tricks for kha zix video

Kha tips part 1:

1. Passive unssen threat reset when ever going into unwarded bush
2. You can Tiamat + Q mid air if E is evolved
3. Your Q gets 50+ bonus range when evolved
4. Your Q is extended when mid air if E is evolved
5. Whenever kha is in ulti he is ignoring unit collision which means he can´t be minion blocked
6. Kha Zix W evolved gives sight of enemies
7. Your passive also slows which means your combo will look like this: aa + passive with slow + Q
8. Your ulti can cancel targeted abilities such as Darius ulti if timed correctly
9. Flash will cancel your E jump so use Flash then E not the opposite way around
10. Your Q is not an auto attack so you can still use Q on things such Jax E

Bonus tip:
Animation cancel on W after you have landed with e

Kha tips part 2:

11. Use R for most of your engages instead of E, only use E if it´s a guaranteed kill and you have E evolved
12. Control wards doesn´t reveal you in your ulti
13. Use the following combo in team fights with kha zix R > Walk up > AA > W > Q and then E away if they hard engage on you
14. Duskblade no longer reveals vision so it´s important to use sweeper when looking for a flank
15. Be aware of enemy items and summs and track them before going for kills as kha zix since if you are fed you will have huge shutdown gold on you and enemy team can bait you into jumping into them and just use a summoner spell to end up killing you
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S14 Jungle path

There are 3 options for Kha Zix clear in S14
3 Camp clear into early gank or invade
5 Camp clear into cover for a lane
Or full clear 6 camps into scuttle crab

You should 3 camp clear into invade when you are playing vs junglers who get low during their first clear. You should 3 camp clear into gank if you see someone overstay on low hp or have really good cc setup on the lane you want to gank.

You should 5 camp clear into cover if you have a feeling that enemy jungler is about to gank your lanes and you see they are overextended or you think you win 2v2/3v3.

You should 6 camp clear into scuttlecrab when you feel like there are no plays to be made on the map.

You wanna start with jungle item (health potion is optional depending on if you think you are gonna get invaded or not or if there will be fights happening in the early game if yes then go pot if no then no pot)

Starting on blue buff clear:

1. Blue
2. Gromp
3. Wolves
4. Raptors
5. Red
6. Full clear Krugs
7. Scuttle crab

Starting on red buff clear you have 2 options either full clear or reverse clear
Full clear you just clear Red > Krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Gromp > Blue > then scuttle

If you want to reverse clear it will look like this:
1. Red
2. Blue
3. Gromp
4. Gank or reverse clear Wolves
5. Raptors
6. Krugs
7. Scuttle crab
8. Gank or recall

Benefits of full clear are:
You clear faster and healthier and set up your camps nicely for next time you do a full clear

Benefits of reverse clear:
More pressure on the map
More chances to gank to get an early kill to start your snowballnig potential

After 8 minutes rift herald spawns, you want to play for rift herald/top side until you get rift herald because rift herald gives 200g-300g and it allows you to take 2 plates which gives 350g. So first rift herald gives in total 550g-650g if you use it before 13 min mark in lane for plates.

You wanna go for ganks whenever they are possible and you can pick up a free kill

You can also replace doing krugs with invading or look for a gank since kha zix is slow at clearing krugs

So how do you decide if you wanna start on red buff or on blue buff?
You wanna clear towards the lane you are looking to gank first. The lanes you wanna be looking to gank are the lanes where you have cc in your lane or enemy is immobile since kha zix has no cc and only a lot of damage.
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How to gank as Kha Zix?

Try to gank your laners who has cc, since kha´zix has no cc in his kit except for one little slow in his passive

If enemy laner does have flash up:
Try to come up behind the enemy laner or from the side and use your R to become invisble and get closer to enemy laner and then use the following combo:
Go in auto attack with passive for slow
Use Q on the enemy to burst
USe R to become invisible and reset your passive and then auto attack to proc your passive extra damage and slow again (do this twice, combined with your R and Q)
Use W while in close range of the enemy to gain health back
Use E after enemy flashed to keep on being in range with Q and auto attack

If enemy laner doesn´t have flash up:
Then use R first to get closer to the enemy and get in range with your E then use E to instantly be in range of the enemy
Use Q and Auto attacks for damage
USe R to become invisible and reset your passive and then auto attack to proc your passive extra damage and slow again (do this twice, combined with your R and Q)
Use W while in close range to gain health back
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How to play Kha Zix Jungle

So how does Kha Zix Jungle work?
How do you play Kha Zix Jungle?

So first you wanna copy the runes from this guide

Then you go into a game and while in champion select and loading screen, you starting thinking off, what laners are gankable?

you do that by analzying the match ups and see if your laners have cc and if enemy laners have any type of dashes or no.

When you made a plan for what laners you want to gank you just follow the plan and if anything changes try to think ahead of time, what objective should I get next, can i predict where the enemy jungler is etc.

Then you wanna be doing my clear and just look for free kill ganks pre 6 if they are avaiable, if you can´t gank just keep on clearing for lvl 6 and play for rift herald post 8 minutes.

Then recall and start looking for 1v1 on the enemy jungler or enemy laner with your evolved Q

Once you have a few kills and you are lvl 11 and have duskblade or Eclipse you are now ready to oneshot enemy squshies

I will give more examples. ideas and go more into detail on my stream over at so if you wan´t a high elo mindset and try to carry games as a jungler and control almost the entire game, feel free to come in to my stream and say hey can you go more into detail of what your mindset is in a game.
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How to play Kha Zix in Team fights

How to play Kha Zix in teamfights depends on if you are fed, even or behind

If you are fed you wanna try to look for a oneshot on enemy backline (mostly enemy mid laner or ADC) in order to oneshot enemy backline you wanna either wait for your frontline engagers to engage on enemy backline and you follow up with your E Q AA combo, but if you have weak engage you wanna look for a solo flank where you go either from the side or from behind where you go in with your R, become invis use ghostblade for burst movement speed, get in range with your evolved W to slow enemy backline and then either walk up to them with AA Q or use your E Q AA combo on them if they are isolated and kill them and then decide if you can go for another kill or if you have to run out.

If you are even you can either try to look for a solo flank and oneshot enemy back line or you can stay together with your team and use your evolved W to slow enemy frontline and kill the enemy frontline together with your team first and once you have killed enemy frontline you can jump into enemy backline and kill them for free

If you are behind you just wanna stay together with your team and use your W to slow enemy frontline so your team has an easier time kiting the enemy frontline.
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Kha Zix Gameplay + Commentary

Here is a video of me coaching a gold 4 kha zix player from NA

Keep in mind that this game is from patch 11.15

His build is
CDR boots

With Q W evolve

if you wanna buy a coaching session yourself for kha zix you can do it by adding me on discord KamiKhaZix#1616
VOD Review: 25$
Live game review: 35$
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Kha zix jungle match ups

I made an entire video regarding match ups for kha zix and how to win them

I split up all jungle match ups into 5 different categories

The categories being:
Free win:
Pre lvl 6 win:
Post lvl 6 win:

The video is long but very detailed and explains every match up and how you can with it so I highly recommend watching the video:
Kha match ups video
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Kha zix gameplay

If you wanna see kha zix gameplay

I stream on My stream

- I stream in english
- I stream with cam and mic
- I read chat while ingame so feel free to say hi or ask me anything about league :)
- I do commentary

I stream mainly stream solo/duo on my main in master-grandmaster elo or on smurfs in diamond elo

I Would really apreciate if you would follow/sub/prime to my twitch <3

If you have any questions regarding this guide please come into my stream and type your question in there to me

Hope you guys enjoyed this kha zix guide and I hope to see you guys on my stream
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Coaching & Videos

Here are 10 public coaching videos by me for Kha Zix, Graves, Trundle and jungle in general: (Elo range: Silver to master)

Here are 2 Kha Zix videos of me playing kha zix that I know will help you become better at kha zix and jungle over all:



If you are interested in coaching all information can be found in this google docs document:

Coached 450+ clients between Iron and Grandmaster

Can coach all roles to Diamond
Can coach Jungle to Grandmaster

Been coaching people for 3+ years in soloQ now

Been coached myself by 5 different coaches both in competitive and soloQ and I play on buying a couple more coaching sessions from both pro coaches and challenger soloQ players in the near future to become a better soloQ coach myself.

What to expect from my coaching sessions?
I am gonna make you a better player, improve your macro and decision making and overall give you a better understanding of the game, I am not the type of coach that will make you better at your champion.

I focus on:
Laning phase/early jungle (wave management, match up knowledge, jungle tracking, pathing and much more)
How to win laning phase and or how to win jungle (better jungler wins)
Macro/objective control where to be on the map, when and why
Teamfighting how to teamfight from different roles pov / how to position yourself in teamfights as well as explaining what´s your role in a team fight and what´s the goal for you to do in a teamfight.
Build path, counter items etc.
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Support me

If you wan't to support me you can do that by following me on social media:

If you wan't to support me even more you are very much welcome to subscribe to me on twitch.

You can subscribe to me on twitch here:
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36k Follower giveaway

I am doing a coaching giveaway on my stream when I hit 35k followers on twitch

The giveaway is 3x VOD GAME REVIEW COACHING SESSIONS (Worth 75$)
3 Winners will be picked

How to enter:

1. Follow me on Twitch My Twitch stream
2. Type the keyword "35k" in chat on stream

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