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Kassadin Build Guide by PoonCannon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoonCannon

Kassadin: An Elo Gaining Guide:D

PoonCannon Last updated on April 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone! :D I am xRakko/PoonCannon/LordPariah, and this is my first Mobafire guide! I decided to do one for a champion I am very well practiced in, and one I have 0 losses with :P So here goes, my guide to Kassadin!

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Pros / Cons

Very Very Very High burst

Very Mobile champion

Has good skins

Dominates games and causes wins

Free Flash :D


Horrid 1-5


Item Dependant

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Kassadin is a very high-risk high reward champion. Late game when built right and elixir'd up, you are guarenteed at least 1 free kill. He's super mobile but it's on just enough of a cooldown to still require flash for just in case situations.

Personally I think Kassadin is a God-pick for mid lane. He's just one of those champions that as long as you survive to 6 you win your lane. He snowballs hard enough to completely carry a team. As Kassadin your job is going to be farm as best you can until 6, then win bot lane and yours at the same time. At 6 you should cs the wave and then try and all in your opponent in lane, try to poke them out or kill them so that they have to leave. Then roam bot and pick up a double kill :D rinse, repeat. xD

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Early Laning

Alright, so, I've already covered that early game your laning just blows. This is because you're a melee champion, and you're almost always going to be against ranged champions. If they are lower-middle elo they're probably just going to be trying to kill you the entire time and saying screw cs, so it's kind of a pain. Your best bet is to spam Q on your opponent until you're low enough that you can't come into melee range to cs anymore. Then you need to farm with it until 6. Try to get enough sustain from your first buy so that you don't have to back until 1300-1400 gold. Grab your catalyst and some more potions and a ward, head back until you can kill your enemy.

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Mid game! (6-11)

As Kassadin you should just sit back and R-Q combo until they're low enough you can R-Q-E-W+ ignite and blow them out of lane. After they are backed or dead, clear the wave, shove it to the tower, and roam bottom if they're pushed at all. You'll probably grab your team a couple more kills and start bot lane and yourself snowballingggg!

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Late Game/Teamfighting

At this point you should be roaming with your team, only seperating to clear a huge minion wave and then go right back. At this point in the game, (40+ minutes) you're probably close to fully built with 300+ cs. You're going to EXPLODE squishy targets. ANY of them. In teamfights your goal is to dunk the adc and/or the mid laner. If you're fed enough and have all of your items, your E alone could grab you 2-3 kills if your team just went ham. Keep in mind most team fights only last like 10-15 seconds. Your combo should be W-R-Q-E. Counting your auto attacks from lichbane someone is going to disappear. Then go into clean up mode, blowing abilities on cooldown and chasing down opponents. You're the best chaser in the game, they aren't getting out of here. Clean that up and grab your penta, it's GG time!

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As I said, this is my first guide, so any and all criticism is appreciated! Just try to make sense please! :D I would love to know WHY you up or down voted and any advice you have! I'll probably add it in and mention you as the reason that it was added and I missed it the first time. Thank you all for your time and for reading my guide, hope it helps! :D