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League of Legends Build Guide Author KaOticLegends

[Katarina] Tank? - - FINE!

KaOticLegends Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Katarina, The Sinister Brick Wall

Welcome to my fun build of Katarina where I build her as a DPS Tank that gains a nice amount of Attack Damage from her Atma's Impaler and Armor to negate alot of AD carries, but at the same time having tons of Health to balance out the missing Magic Resist.

Yes this is not my normal way of building Katarina as I usually go Ability Power with her, but this is a build I came up with when I played a game and no one on our team picked Tank, so decided I just tank Kat and see how it goes and turned out to go [20-8-11] that game ... I know you wonder how is that possible with no AD or AP items to boost her abilities but in fact having the tons of HP (Totally to 5600 Health) combining that with your Atma's Impaler will give you enough AD to turn your Ultimate to hitting for 180 per dagger X 10 - 1800 Ultimate damage if they take the full blunt, and WOW thats alot for a tank to deal out in 3 seconds.

This guide will not be to in depth or bulky as it's more of a fun build then an actual GUIDE for people to learn her. I recommend this build if you are getting bored with AP Kat and want to try something new.

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Items and Reason Why I Picked Them

Atma's Impaler Is a must have item on Tank Kat, in order for her to deal tons of damage, she needs this necessary item to do so, or you just become a total meat shield waiting to die. Yeah your only skills that benefit from it is your Q and R, but thats all you really need to get kills. And once your tank enough, the other team won't even bother focusing you because if they do, it will take them a long time to kill you.

Warmog's Armor Is another must have item to boost your Atma's Impaler as it gives you a total of 1370 Health and a ton of Health/Regen. I will usually get 2 of these to get the max number of use for this item BUT getting more then that is really a total waste if you don't have the ARMOR to back your Health UP.

Sunfire Cape Is another must have item, not the Core of the Build but its one of the most recommended in my book because it gives you Health and Armor and also a nice passive to deal 40 Magic Damage per second, basically have a mini Ultimate constantly running and hitting all targets around for 40 Damage. Does help alot with clearing a Minion Wave and Farming.

Randiun's Omen Is a good item that can be replaced by other tank items, but is very good to have if the enemy team is very balanced and not really snowballing your team mates. Giving you room to get more Health and Armor but gaining the Passive slow doing Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Great for comboing with your skills to slow them down before they run away.

Thornmail A great item to counter the enemy if they have a strong AD carry or their team is full of AD base champions. I recommend this over Randuin's if thats the case.

Abyssal Scepter An item that i really only recommend if you want some Magic Resist over your Randuin's. I really do not like to stack MR on this type of Build as I believe the amount of Health you have is more then enough to absorb the Nuke, and Magic Resist does not contribute to anything unless you have the Abyssal which gives Magic Resist and Ability Power.

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But yeah here is a Tank Version of Katarina, Comment and Vote on how you think this build will do ... and if this build actually gets good marks and gets above 80% I will redo it into a more bulky Guide and actually consider it to be viable. But yeah other then that I don't believe I need anything else to explain here as this is more of a Fun Build for those who know Katarina but getting pretty tired of the usually AP and AD styles and want to try something new and interesting.

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Viable Builds

:: Standard Tank Katarina ::

Health :: (+ 3450)
Armor :: +143
Attack Damage :: + 172

:: Counter AP Carry Tank Katarina ::

Health :: (+ 3150)
Armor :: (+ 90)
Magic Resist :: (+ 101)
Attack Damage :: (+ 159)

:: Counter AD Carry Tank Katarina ::

Health :: (+ 3150)
Armor :: (+ 218)
Attack Damage :: (+ 159)

:: Counter Magic Resist Tank Katarina ::

Health :: (+ 3150)
Armor :: (+ 90)
Magic Resist :: (+ 57)
Attack Damage :: (+ 159)
Ability Power :: (+ 70)

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Games of this Build :D

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Thanks for viewing this fun guide of Katarina, I hope you try it and trust me you will love it ... :) Any questions plz leave a comment ..