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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KaOticLegends

[Lux] The Mistress of Light

KaOticLegends Last updated on April 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Hi and welcome to a Guide build for Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, here in this guide you will find how to fully play Lux to her true potential while gaining strong Nuking Abilities to devastate your enemies but constantly staying a threat even if your abilities are on cooldown.

This guide is not to make her Ultimate hit for 1300+ or 1 shot someone from full to nothing and if that's what your looking for then leave now. This guide is going to be well detailed into everything she can possible do to make her dangerously aggresive with not just her ultimate.

You will potentially have 6 Nukes with this Build, each doing from 250+ to 900 damage ... depending on your target. [- Finales Funkeln -] Each of these will be dealing massive of Damage to a Target or multiple Targets. I would even recommend setting up your key bindings so that you can Smart Cast some of your abilities to chain your abilities faster and smoother. Smart Cast is when you [SHIFT+Q/W/E/R] and you will automatically cast your ability where your cursor is targeted, so it's instant and faster then selecting the ability and then clicking your target with your mouse.

Lux is an AP Support Carry Lane Controller that deals loads of damage from extreme range. She has two CC [Crowd Control] and they are a Snare - Light Binding and a Slow - Lucent Singularity with a shield - Prismatic Barrierto help protect her allies from life threatening situations like Ignite. Making her a great Support Caster with her devestating AP nukes - Light Binding Lucent Singularity Finales FunkelnFinales Funkeln making a strong AP carry.

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Lux, Champion Spotlight by Riot Games

Here is the Champion Spotlight done by riot games on Lux, the Lady of Luminosity. Here is just a visual display of Lux when she first came out to give people a general idea of what Lux is about for those who are new to Lux. Showing you different tips and tricks that will come more handy then just typing it out for but still will later in the guide.

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Pros and Cons of Luminosity

Pros of the Lady of Luminosity
o Strong lane controller
o Excellent mid dominate
o Easy to last hit minion creeps for good farm.
o 3 Long Ranged Nukes
o Team Fight Initiator
o 2 CC [Crowd Control] Spells - Snare & Slow -
o Strong AP Carry & Team Support
o Great Anti Carry, focusing her skills on enemy carry.
o Good choice to Steal Baron / Dragon / and Enemy Buffs
o 3rd Longest Ranged Nuke in the game [Ezreal / Ashe / Lux]
o Best laugh to annoy people
o A Blonde - nuff Said!

Cons of the Lady of Luminosity
o Large cooldowns, so not encouraged 1v2 fighter
o Squishy Mage
o Base AD damage is poor
o All SkillShots, so requires practice and patients
o Related to Garen, so no free dates .. sorry boys

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Abilities and Passive Explain

Name :: Illumination
Type :: Lux's Passive

This is Lux's Passive that becomes available when she does an Ability on a unit. When an Unit is hit with your abilities they recieve a Light Spell Charge for 6 seconds on them. Giving Lux the ability to Ignite the Charge and dealing Bonus Magic Damage by simply auto attacking the charged unit within the 6 seconds. Dealing 20-190 (Magic Damage) depending on her level to the target.

When to Use :: As soon as you hit a target with one of your abilities [Q/W/E/R], auto attack the unit within 6 seconds to deal nice amount of Bonus Damage. Mainly used to help you last hit minions that survive your Lucent Singularity

Name :: Light Binding
Type :: Lux's Q Ability
Cooldown :: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12
When To Level :: 2 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13
Damage :: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (70% of AP)

Lux's Q Ability that is her first CC, SNARE. Is a single line skill shot nuke that snares up to 2 units in the line of the target. This is a great ability to set up your other skills to deal tons of damage with no worries of them dodging your skill shots.

When to Use :: Use this ability to initiate your laser in team fights to root up to 2 targets in place.

Name :: Prismatic Barrier
Type :: Lux's W Ability
Cooldown :: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
When To Level :: 4 / 13 / 14 / 17 / 18
Shield Strength :: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 (30% of AP)

Lux's W Ability that is her main support ability that is a line skill shot shield that she shares with her allies that blocks initiate damage for 3 seconds and refreshes the shield on its return back like a boomerang.

Name :: Lucent Singularity
Type :: Lux's E Ability
Cooldown :: 14 seconds all Level
When To Level :: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9
Damage :: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 (70% of AP)

This is Lux's E Ability that has a large range and AOE that slows are enemy units that pass through it. After 8 seconds this ability detonates dealing damage to any unit in the radius of the AOE. Lux may detonate this ability at any time she wishes during those 8 seconds to deal damage to a specific target without them running out of the AOE. This ability can also be a great scouting tool for you and your allies, before going into a brush or fog of war that you suspect the enemy to be hiding, cast this ability there to reveal anything there for the 8 seconds or detonate whenever you please. Remember casting this ability, will mean that its channeling, so the cooldown on it does not begin until this ability Detonate.

When to Use :: Use this ability to do your major harass on your enemy especially when your Mid Soloing. This grants you strong lane control and once its Maxed to Level 3, it will start to deal tons of damage. Making them fear to stay around and last hit minions. So use this to widdle down your enemy's health low enough to finish them off with your Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln. This ability can also be used to scout or slow down your target to land your Light Binding much easier.
Finales Funkeln
Name :: Finales Funkeln
Type :: Lux's R Ability
Cooldown :: 120 / 85 / 45
When To Level :: 6 / 11 / 16
Damage :: 300 / 400 / 500 (85% of AP)

Lux's Ultimate and finishing move in most cases, Lux channels a line shot laser for 1 second then dealing damage to any unit in the line of sight of the skill shot. This ability deals tons of crazy damage and with this build and Baron will make your ultimate hit for roughly around 1136 to any squishy champion with no Magic Resist.

When to Use :: Use this to initiate team fights or finish off an enemy that gets to low of health and trying to get away from fights or ducking into the fog of war out of sight from your allies. I have done so many Fog of War snipe shots, its not funny. To use just simple lead your shot in the direction they would more then likely move to dodge. If they are staying still, land it point blank and by the time they see the Red Beam, it is to late unless they Flash or Blink out the way.
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Runes and Masteries Explained

Here are my Rune Set Up so that you can exactly see what the page should look like on League of Legends Profile. The main goal for this Rune Set up is to take Mana Regen runes to give you sustainable mana to harass very early game. While taking Movement Speed Quins to give you an extra edge in getting away from ganks or dodging skill shots.

Greater Mark of Insight These are your reds, taking Magic Penetration to allow your abilities to deal nearly to full damage till your opponents begin to stack Magic Resist. Taking any other Marks would be useless for Lux as her main damage output is Ability Power so grabbing Magic Pen is the better choice.

Greater Seal of Clarity These seals work great with your Mana Regen. I see alot of people grabbing Ability Power Seals or Dodge seals but they don't do as much for Lux as her cooldowns on her abilities are pretty long and her Mana Pool is pretty ****py early game. So grabbing these Runes and getting Doran's Ring Size20 Doran's Ring X2 will mean spammable abilities without worries of mana.

Greater Glyph of Force These Glyphs you a little amount of AP to start with at Level 1 that grows as you level up till level 18. Making it very good with your DeathCap later on and also your Mastery set up.

Greater Quint of Swiftness These Quints are my perferred with my mages to beable to get in and out of situations with more speed.

I use Per Level Runes over Flat Runes because the Per Level ones come in par with the Flat ones by Level 4-7 depending on the rune. So I see it as no point in getting Flat runes when you can get more with Per Level Runes.

IN the mastery Tree I make sure to put 21 in Ultility to get the Improved Ghost and Flash while taking the Mana Regen to help her laning phase to allow her to spam her abilities and keeping nice amount of mana without the need of Clarity. You can take Clairvoyance and take the improved Ultility over Ghost. This is a pretty basic Caster set up just make sure to get the improve Jungle buff duration so to help your mid and late game usage of the Blue Buff.

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Item Choice and Different Builds


DG= 51% of target Current HP

This is the prime Item build that I get on Lux in order to give her a variety of damage output that is not just Skill Shots. And at the same time allowing her to do nice amount of damage to Towers using Lich Bane. Alot of builds have her tend to go with stacking Archangel's Staff and Rabadon's Deathcap to get tons of Ability Power and making her Ultimate hit for over 1400+ with one shot but that really is for an enemy that is squishy and under fed.

Full amount of AP you will get with this build is :: 627!! so in turning making your damage out put these.
At Level 18::
Illumination :: 190 Magic Damage
Light Binding :: 639 Magic Damage
Lucent Singularity :: 616 Magic Damage
Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln :: 975 Magic Damage
Lich Bane :: 627 Magic Damage + Auto Attack
Deathfire Grasp :: 51% of Target's Current HP.

This totals up to 4057 Magic Damage to a target granting that DeathFire is only doing 1000 damage to a 2000 HP target. Now tell me, would u rather have an arsenal of 4057 that u can dish out to anyone u like and do it pretty much every 24 seconds ..? or just have a 1400+ ultimate shot that u have to hit dead on ur target? ... yeah most plp would want the 4057 ... lol.

Here is the different Items that i prefer to get on Lux and some other choices that you want to try for different situations to make your game more successful. Granted the 6 items that have at the top is not the ONLY items you should get, but those are the main ones i tend to get to do the most damage output for my team. But as always different champs and different situations make things a bit more difficult then the standard Guide Items.

Sorcerer's Shoes are the main shoes that I prefer to get on Lux and really the only shoes that you should be getting. I do see some get the Ionian Boots of Lucidity but I see these as a waste since you will be hitting the Cooldown Cap (40%) by grabbing getting a stacked and the Blue Buff from the golem. So taking the Magic Pen is much more useful then the CD boots.

Mejai's Soulstealer now this is one of my Favorite AP items that so many people hate on because yes it is not reliable but with Lux being you out range most champions, shouldn't be hard to get Stacks. Especially since you have an Ultimate that can snipe down all targets trying to flee from a fight with little to no health. When this item is maxed out you get 160 AP and 15% Cooldown Reduction.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a must have item on any AP carry with it's awesome passive of making all your AP giving items 30% stronger. Not to mention it grants 155 AP to start with and when I get this, I begin to just melt faces, making getting my last 3 items a breeze. Your Lucent Singularity would now able to one shot a whole minion wave except the cannon minion which you can easily take out by auto attacking it .. and procing your passive Illumination.

Lich Bane a great AP item for carries to help them deal more damage in their Combos and allow them to be more useful to taking down towers even quicker. Once i get Lich in my item arsenal, I begin to just 2 shot people with it in my Light Binding and Lucent Singularity combo. So once i get this, I don't have to worry about having to use my ultimate to finish people off as they just die instantly with Lich Bane procing and hitting for over 400 every 2 seconds of its passive.

Deathfire Grasp is a good item for an High AP carry which pretty much gives her another ultimate to deal extreme damage to a target that you feel would survive your combos. Most squishies can't once you reach this state in your items but is very good to use against Off Tank with little Magic Resist just alot of Health and Armor like and .

Banshee's Veil is an awesome item that alot of people over look and underestimate because of its spell blocking passive. This item alone makes you hard to kill and even discouraging to focus down first in team fights. Also will be great against teams who have ultimate to specifically target and root you in place from a distance to give their team a chance to focus you down like and

Zhonya's Hourglass gives a nice amount of AP of 100 and Armor with a passive that makes you invulnerable to your enemy and allies for 2 seconds. A great item to have to counter champions like and and their ultimates that channels while locked on you ... but you can block them by simply hitting your Zhonya's before taking the damage.

Rod of Ages this items is good to have to replace your Banshee's Veil if the don't have strong CC and Mage Carries but have a strong AD team, and need more HP and Mana to give you more sustaining HP and damage output.

Archangel's Staff a nice item that gives tons of Mana for you to use, I would recommend this item if you have a Jungler or team that is constantly taking the Blue Buff from you or you are finding yourself not able to get it so that you can sustain your Mana more whiling spamming your abilities in team fights.

Void Staff take this item if the other team is very tanky and stacking MR to counter your damage output. Most teams will begin to get MR once you start to get fed especially once you get your deathcap. This is a very good counter to

Will of the Ancients this is great item for a support Lux, it gives off a nice aura of 20 AP to your nearby teams and gives you 20% spell vamp as well to make yourself much harder to kill being that you have 3 abilities that hit multiple targets.

Guardian Angel if you are finding yourself being targeted alot in teamfights with all their main skills and damage output. Grab this item so that when they focus you down and attempt to kill you, you become inactive for like 2-3 seconds while your team begins to focus them down and you come back with HP to Snare and Ulti anyone not paying attention. Also gives a nice amount of Armor and MR as well.

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Summon Spells [Good and Bad]

Are my main summoner abilities that are my choice to take with Lux mainly for more movement choices in your lane and escaping 3v1 ganks.

Flash is a very good summoner spell for the main reasons of closing the gap on your target that is getting away with like 100 HP and you need to land that last auto attack on a enemy that just got hit by one of your abilities and have an Illumination. This spell can also be used to get over walls or objects that block your path of escape when you are being targeted.

Ghost is also another very good summoner spell to help Lux movement speed to allow her to close the gap on targets or just out run enemy champs that are chasing her. I will usually use this Summoner spell first over Flash unless i know i will have to use Flash to get away.

Those are the 2 main spells I always take on Lux for her lack of escape ... and they always prove to be handy over all the rest of the spells. But here now is a few spells that you can also take depending on your play style.

Clairvoyance is a very good Support spell for your team if you do not plan on buying wards for your lane. This spell comes in handy BUT ... this is NOT meaning you should NOT buy wards, this just helps you have a better sight of a certain area of your choice when a ward is not present. It has a pretty low Cooldown on it and can also be use to finish off a Tower Hugger porting back with no Health while you have your ulti and want to be exactly sure where he is.

Exhaust is summoner spell I recommend for you if your going into Ranked with Lux and they have a heavy Melee team or Trndamere is there. Comes handy to allow you to 1v1 a Melee or use to escape someone when all your abilities are on Cooldown or your out of Mana.

Ignite is a summoner spell that will come handy against a team full of Healers or Health Regen. Mainly take this spell if they have champions like Dr. Mundo Nidalee Soraka Sona Warwick.

Cleanse is a summoner spell that would be great against a team full of CC or Taunts that will keep you in place so that they can kill you and focus you down in team fights. Mainly take this spell if they have champions like Rammus.

Clarity is a summoner spell for those who play Lux and use this build and still seem to run out of Mana and can't get their team to help them get the Blue Buff. Take this spell so that it can help you get that Mana you need for that perfect situation.

Teleport is a summoner spell mainly for those who don't have the runes are have placed here or no runes at all and need a bit more map control and lane control that they would get from the constant mana regen so they have to recall more then usually and need to get back to their lane soon as possible. But I stay away from this spell unless Iam in the mood to be sneaky and place a ward in one of the side lanes bush .. so that I can teleport on it and Nuke Burst them from Behind without them seeing me. Very good spell to take with you if you have a Teemo on your team.

Here are spells that you should NOT tank and I wont even explain why, just use your common sense lolol.

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Range on All of Her Abilities

Finales Funkeln

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Scores with this Build

More coming Soon

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Laning Phase and Ganking

Levels 1 Through Level 6 - Laning Phase

Finales Funkeln ~ -- or

This is the most important part of the game for you as Lux, your Farming and CS score really matters alot for mid game based on the amount of gold you accumulate to buy your items. As Lux you want to call MID always, or 2nd solo when you have a jungler if one of your team mates is determined to be mid. First you will start off with a Doran's Ring and head to your lane .... Taking your first skill in your E Lucent Singularity which gives you great lane control. And you main want to E the back row minions when you can but also try to get the Aoe detonate on the enemy champion as well to widdle down his health ... Lux has one of the largest range skills in the game at this stage which makes harassing and farming fairly easy for her. Remember everytime you hit a minion with one of your abilities to Auto Attack it with a last hit to proc the Illumination ... especially if you hit the enemy champion with your abilties .. ALWAYS proc it ... Once you are Level 6, your ready to kill your target. Hitting level 6 means you now have an Ultimate that hits for 300+ (317 with this build/runes/masteries) ... thus meaning once you widdle down your target to 250 HP, your good to laser him in the face. But only attempt your ultimate under 3 conditions ....
1. When you snared them with your Q Light Binding to garuntee a hit on your ultimate.
2. When you deal damage to them and drop them to 250 or lower and you notice they are running back to their tower, meaning they are moving in a straight line making it easy to pin point where they will be. Always try to shoot your ultimate in an angle, never horizontal or vertical ... placing the laser on an angle means they have to totally move to the side and Up or Back to dodge it while straight will just let them move to the side.
3. When you have them tower hugging at low HP, and they stand still, pop the ultimate on the move ... Usually I will run backwards so they think iam not attempting or sideways .. and then aim dead at their forehead and pull the trigger.

I usually get a Kill from this 92% of the time ... especially against a squishy mid. Once you get your kill, being you are Level 6 or 7, you then want to recall and head back and get another Doran's Ring, your Boots of Speed and your Amplifying Tome or Sapphire Crystal depending up to you if you want to rush Catalyst the Protector Catalyst the Protector or Mejai's Soulstealer.

How I choose between the 2 items is based on how well iam doing against mid .. If i am having no issues at all and iam noticing my team mates are not having issues at all either then I rush Mejai's ... if Mid is giving me a tough time and I know them having their ultimate will give me even more headache .. then I will rush Catalyst.

Levels 7 Through Level 11 - Ganking / End of Laning Phase

Finales Funkeln ~ Catalyst the Protector

This is the stage of the game where you begin to fulfill your role of taking Mid, helping to push Bot or Top tower for your team mates ... or assisting in getting dragon. The main lane I do help is bot lane because once I help kill their opponents we will usually go for dragon and get that global gold. Now pushing mid shouldn't really be an option for you as for 1. you really have no escape mechanisms so no point risking attacking tower when people could be MIA ... 2. your a Mage Carry, your damage output to towers early game is very weak. ... 3. If you have time to spare, you could be ganking top or bottom .. and giving yourself another kill or assists.

Ganking with Lux is a real Breeze with a Snare and Slow are your dispossal and an Ultimate to shoot down anyone thats getting away. When your coming into gank .. come in front behind with a clear shot to initiate with your Light Binding and follow with your Lucent Singlurity BUT do not detonate it yet, wait till the snare is worn off and they are then effected by the slow, and just before they leave the AOE, hit the skill to detonate while procing Illumination with you and your 2 allies and possible 3rd with your jungler.... Should mean an easy kill for you and no deaths ... and if they are getting away ... finish them off with your ultimate Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln. Then you can push the lane and have a tower and then get dragon while the enemy is rushing to get to mid or back to their lane to gain some control back. At this point you should be grabbing blue buff since this is where Mid tower becomes a target with 3 people mid trying to push something ... Once you level 11, you now have a 400+ ultimate and should be getting your first piece to your Rabadon's Deathcap. Once you finish this major item, you will be one person to fear in team fights as all your abilities will start to hit for tons of damage.

Levels 12 Through Levels 18 - Mid Game / End Game

Finales Funkeln ~ (The 6th Item is of your choice, I always get the 6th item based on who they have)

This part of the game is pretty straight forward, your main job now is to do your best to finish your build and carry your team through team fights... You now have 6 item slots, and once you have enough you can then sell a Ring and begin on your Lich Bane because once you have that, you will be a strong asset to help destroy towers as the enemy tries to defend. Once your Level 18 you should be almost done with your build and pushing into their Tower for their first Inhib. Your main goal now is to Snare their tanks in place .. and Lucent their carries out of their positions .... while using your ultimate to take them out from far range .... but this comes with practice of aiming them down. This determines the good Lux's from the Great ones ... hitting targets in the fog of shadow with no vision at all will turn the tide of any game.

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Mid Competition and Opponents


Here is a Chapter is possible people you will be coming against in the Mid Lane with 1v1 that I have had to deal with and I will only point out the only champions that will be some challenge for you as everyone will be pretty simple for Lux ... Iam going to list the Hardest first down the least hardest ... Hope this is helpful.

1. Akali has to the most difficult champions for you to face in Mid 1v1 mainly because of her ultimate Shadow Dance. Once she hits level 6, she will have the ability to be in your face constantly whenever she pleases because the cooldown on her Shadow Dance is very short and she burst so much not to mention her Life Steal passive will keep her healthy. Also hitting her with skill shots are pretty much out the window as she is pretty quick. So you ask how do you beat this champion in mid? Pretty simple but not easy, you have to take control before she hits Level 6, *Farm and Tower hits*. Do your best to harass her with Lucent Singularity while last hitting the minions to get yourself more farm then her while trying to deny her gold so that she can't get her necessary items to Nuke you down at Leves 6 - 11. Once she hits Level 6, ask your team to help gank her constantly as she is a Main Carry for a team, and starving her with threatening ganks will give you the advantage.

2. Morgana is probably the best Mid Champ in my opinion in the game. Her Tormented Soil makes pushing your lane nearly impossible because by 3 Levels in this ability, allows her to kill your caster minions in the full initiation of the skill. She won't be doing much damage to you as you won't be doing much damage to her as well thanks to her Life Steal Passive but you can outburst her down before she can get her Catalyst the Protector Catalyst the Protector. But mainly it comes down to who farms better, but being that she will push harder then you, means gank opportunities but the key to killing her is to force her to use her Black Shield and then have your teammate gank and CC her and if necessary finish her off with your Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln.




























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Team Fights and Your Job

Your main job in Team fights is to keep control of the lane .... while setting up initiations with your Light Binding and as the enemy gather to a certain area throw your Lucent Singularity while hitting at a prime target with your Deathfire Grasp and pulling out your ultimate to hit as many targets as possible Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln. Since by level 18 with blue buff and your build down, your ultimate should be on a 24 second cooldown. This will result definately in a kill or multiple assist. But always remember to stay behind your teammates as they fight, your job is not to get in the middle of things, throw your Prismatic Barrier at your melee's to give them some shield room to fight but always keep an eye on for the spell Ignite your barrier is an awesome counter to that spell... Since even though its true damage, your shield will still take the damage its dealing to them instead of the HP.

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Skill Sequence Chain

=> => => Finales Funkeln =>

=> + => + => +/or => => Finales Funkeln

A pretty basic skill chain to kill a target, the 2nd one is very advance and takes some practice to remember it all but the first one is the basic chain to help you kill a target.

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Lux is a very challenging champion to learn, I see alot of people look down on her and think she isn't much use. Placing her in T3 or even lower, but personally if you can play her right and do the job Lux is meant to do, she can dom nearly any Team Comp with the right teammates.

So thank you for taking the time out to read this very length Guide and I hope you enjoy it, and oh one last thing .... there is a reason behind getting 2 Doran's Rings and the reason is simple, after the patch to its stats, for the price its a very great early game item that gives you plenty of Mana Regen with a nice amount of 200 HP and 30 AP for the price of 950 Gold. Thats about the price of a Blasting Wand but better stats... :) ... Getting 3 is a bit much, but grabbing 2 is awesome, gives you room to spam with no worries of having to recall for Mana when you will have enough in a matter of seconds anyway.

Please Vote and Comment -
If you are giving a Plus One, plz leave a reason why and some ideas you would like to see me add.
If you are giving a Minus One, plz leave a reason why and things i should improve on about the guide, giving a Minus means that there is something you don't agree on that would make people who read this guide and use it fail with Lux, and since thats the case, you should have reasons why... thank you

Do Not Down Vote because you play her differently, Vote based on the quality ... All comments I will reply to in a 24 Hour period and this guide I will keep up to date with logs and everthing .... with each patch that comes up knowing how Riot likes to change things like every 2 weeks ^.^

Thank You and Enjoy Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

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Update Log [DD/MM/YYYY]

[21/03/2011] - Guide was Released
[01/04/2011] - Begun the New Champter Mid Comp and Opponents