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Kayle Build Guide by Alex Soulbane

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alex Soulbane

Kayle build: "Fire away!"

Alex Soulbane Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Kayle Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heya! I'm Alex Soulbane, and this is my Kayle guide. I hope you like it and when you downvote this build, please tell me why, I'm always open to suggestions ^^

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Kayle? Why should I bother?

So, Kayle it is. Why Kayle you may think, and why in hell ad instead of support? Well... THIS is why.

Yeah. Kayle is pretty awesome. Her main strength lies in the fact that most people underestimate her. I just love it when I select Kayle in champion select, claim mid, and people go like: "Oh my god, Kayle ad? Le noob!" (Yeah. Because everyone knows the french are noob).
In this guide I'll let you see why it works. Always. Because Kayle is uncounterable. Even by Teemo.

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Pros / Cons

  • Massive damage in lategame
  • Good sustain
  • Can survive under INSANE conditions with her ultimate

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Runes aren't really my strongest point, I know there are alot of awesome guides out there that should help you pick your own runes.

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My masteries are mainly based on getting AP, because once you buy Nashor's Tooth, that'll be all the AP from items that you're gonna get. Furthermore some points in utility for the mana (regen) because Kayle needs alot of mana throughout the ENTIRe game, and Nashor's won't give you enough to take care of that.

Then I choose Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge , because you're going to need them both. Your E will be your main source of damage, and this one does both Physical and Magic damage. These 2 plus your passive will shred alot of that pesky armor/magic resist.

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Cooldown: 8
Mana cost: 70/75/80/85/90
Range: 650
Blasts a target, dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+100% of AP and +1.0 per bonus ad) Magic damage and slows the target by 35% for 4 seconds.
While the target is slowed, Kayle inflicts 6/7/8/9/10% more damage to the target. Damage increase applies to items and summoner spells Kayle uses.

This will be your engage spell. It's second effect is going to do massive damage in lategame, as well as giving you that edge you need in begin game, don't underestimate it! It also does a moderate amount of damage itself and if your enemy doesn't want to fight you because you've gotten too OP, then you can also slow him so he doesn't get away.

Divine Blessing
Cooldown: 15
Mana cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Range: 650
Blesses a target allied champion, healing them for 60/105/150/195/205 (+35% of AP) and increasing their movement speed for 18/21/24/27/30% for 3 seconds.
This is your heal, and the main reason people play Kayle as a support. This skill takes alot of your mana away for just a little health. The only reason why we're getting it at level four is because we want the second effect: the movement speed buff. That'll help you get in range with enemy champions, and once you are in range, use your Q so he doesn't get away and you're ready to finish him/her up. Depending on your lane enemies you may choose to upgrade Divine Blessing more, but really, not too often or else you will hardly do any damage.

Righteous Fury
Cooldown: 16
Mana cost: 45
Range: 300
Kayle harnesses her righteous fury to increase her attack range by 400 for 10 seconds. These attacks splash, dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+40% of AP) additional magic damage to her target with nearby units taking 20/25/30/35/40% of her attack damage plus magic damage. This splash does not affect turrets.
Hell yeah! Righteous Fury is going to be your main source of damage. It will do both physical and magic damage, which is pretty nice. Each attack you'll be doing this extra damage, and you'll be ranged for 10 seconds! With Nashor's Tooth and the ancient golem buff, it's cooldown will be 9.6 seconds, so you can keep it up forever! It also has a pretty low mana cost when compared to her other skills. Do note that it does both physical and magical damage, so even if someone has a high armor but a not so high magic resist, you'll still do decent damage.
And ofcourse you have the splash damage! The splash damage is excellent for farming alot of minions in a very short time. Also, if a champion is out of range, you may still be able to attack a nearby minion so that the splash damage will still damage him.

Cooldown: 90/75/60
Mana cost: 100/75/50
Range: 1200
Kayle bathes target ally champion (or herself) in a holy light, rendering them immune to all damage for 2/2.5/3 seconds.
Kayle's ultimate! If used right you can prevent alot of damage with this, and it helped me alot in winning 1vs3's (You will get those alot because you WILL be focused. Why will you be focused? Because you're OP. Always.) At level 2 with your cooldown from Nashor's Tooth it will be pretty spammable, which is awesome. 2-3 Seconds may not sound much, but it's awesomer then it sounds! You can prevent alot of enemy ultimate's with it, such as Fiora's ultimate, Lux' ulti and ofcourse many others. Do realise though that once you're stunned and/or silenced you can't use it, so once Warwick gets his Infinite Duress on you, you won't be able to protect you from that damage.
Crucial with this spell is timing. If you use it too early or too late, you'll be dead with a wasted ultimate. Realise that it doesn't block any incoming crowd control, only the damage it does. This means that a Pulverize will still knock you airborne, but won't do any damage while Intervention is up. You can still be affected by debuffs while you are in your ultimate.
The ultimate has alot of range for a reason! While in teamfights, use it on the ally that is focussed the most (which will be you in many cases, but still.) If you see an ally is close to dying, either fix it with Divine Blessing or you can just entirely prevent it.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
-> -> ->
So why did I choose these skills in this perticular order? It's pretty logical if you think about it.

Ofcourse you get the focus on your Intervention, because that is your ultimate. But, since you can't get it until level 6, focus on getting your Righteous Fury first, because that's your main damage output. Don't forget to put a point in Divine Blessing while you reach level 4, because you are going to need it at level 1. Even after hitting level 6 keep upgrading Righteous Fury until it is the maximum level, and if you can't upgrade it in the meantime, get a point in Reckoning, because this will also enhance your damage.

Only after you got both Righteous Fury and Reckoning at level five, and only then start putting more points in Divine Blessing. The movement buff speed you get from it at level 1 will be enough to get in range of most champions, and the heal isn't really worth the mana problems either, so just get it as your last skill. You'll probably be absorb most damage with Intervention anyway. If you do it right ofcourse. And you will do it right. Because you're reading this. I hope.

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Regular gameplay

This chapter is just about a regular Kayle game for me.
Mainly, when we start I grab a Boots of Speed, a health potion and 2 mana potions. The 2 mana potions will cover up for you nomming your mana in the start if you need to use Divine Blessing, and the health potion will hopefully prevent you from having to even use it. (If you are low on hp, just recall earlier, but don't use your teleport just yet! It'd just be useless since your lane won't be pushed much anyway.) Since Righteous Fury is awesome for farming minions, you'll be able to buy your Berserker's Greaves pretty fast, recall as soon as you can buy them and then tp back to your lane. If you have the 420 gold extra you should also buy a Dagger.

Just keep farming minions which shouldn't really be a problem, you might still even have your potions. Once you can buy a Stinger, you should recall again because of the cooldown reduction and the huge attack speed bonus it gives you. You should be able to move pretty quickly between the spawn and your lane because you have the movement buff from Divine Blessing. Just try to outfarm your opponents and maybe attack their tower a bit already. NOTE: NEVER, really, NEVER basic attack the tower without Righteous Fury (unless, ofcourse it is at 100 some hp). It leaves you very vunlerable to ganks from behind and you'll be trapped. Better wait a few seconds before continuing your attack then dieing and not even finishing the tower.

Once you can buy your Fiendish Codex you might be tempted to recall, but don't. Better wait for 400 more gold to buy a Nashor's Tooth, it gives a bigger bonus. Try to gank some lanes at this point, you should have enough cooldown, mana regen and farm to do this by now. Try to get them in range of your Q before engaging, else they might get away. Watch out for people able to cancel your slow, such as Garen. But even then, just use the movement buff from Divine Blessing to catch up with him. And kill him. Because you're OP. So OP.

Well, at some point you're going to have around 1000 gold. You're going to want to build your Madred's Bloodrazor by buying your items in this order:
-> ->
So why in this order?
Well, we're going to buy the Recurve Bow last, since you'll already have a decent amount of attack speed through your Berserker's Greaves and Nashor's Tooth, so we're gonna focus on getting your Pickaxe, your first attack damage item. You will see an increase in the damage once you buy it, so you want to recall once you can buy it, with a little luck you can Teleport right back into your lane. Madred's Razors are nice, although 23 armor may not sound much, it makes you take alot less damage from ad sources (ofcourse, you're not going to get much becauseyour ult is awesome). This item also helps you with farming even more minions because of the bonus damage it provides and it's unique passive.

Once you finish your Madred's Bloodrazor you have your key item. Once you finally got it you're ready to take on everyone. 4% of target champion's health will be taken away each hit, which is awesome at the 1.8 attacks per second you have around this point, and you're going to get more. This damage is only stopped a bit by magic resistance, but unless you have someone who builds purely on magic resist (like Galio), that shouldn't be a problem. This covers up for our attack speed-based build being blocked by alot of armor, because alot of your damage is going to be magical damage as well.

Gold isn't going to be your problem past this point. Your Madred's is done and you'll be doing ALOT of damage here. NOTE: PREPARE TO GET FOCUSED AROUND THIS TIME. Don't take too many risks because even though you are doing alot of damage, your escaping potential isn't that great just yet.

So what should we do to improve that? Yeah. Get more movement speed. So all you need to do now is recall every now and then to get your first Phantom Dancer, starting ofcourse with a Zeal. That should help you with getting both more attack speed and movement speed, as well as allowing you to make criticals, which will do even more damage! But, since I've seen that one Phantom Dancer doesn't quite do the trick of granting you an easier escape, I always build a second one. You'll be moving really fast, and then you can still throw in the [[divine blessing] to move REALLY quick.

You'll be unbeatable at this time, but there might still be someone who got fed alot *cough* Darius *cough* who you can't beat. You should have sufficient attack speed now (~2.4) and some critical chance (60%), so let's try get these 2 stats even more dangerous, and I found that an Infinity Edge does the trick really nice! You'll 85% critical chance on each attack, and they'll do 50% more damage then before. And you have that every attack, so it scales really good with your 2.4 attack speed. It also gives you a whopping 80 attack damage, which is also not a bad feat to have.

After you complete your full build, you might consider selling your Berserker's Greaves (you'll still have enough speed and attack speed from your [phantom dancer]]s) and buy something else for it, like maybe a Maw of Malmortius or a Trinity Force. Malmortius will drive your enemies even more insane because you'll be having a double shield, and your heal, and Trinity Force will increase just about everything, so that's awesome too.

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Storytime (with some messages :3)

You're playing Kayle. You want to win. For that, enemies have to die. But how?


It was a nice, warm summer day in Summoner's Rift, and Kayle was just floating around, relaxing, just being awesome and level 6. Soon she found herself flying towards the mid lane, and encounterd a wave of enemy minions. "No problem!", Kayle thought, and used her Righteous Fury to take them out.

"Hey!", someone shouted. "How dare you set these defenceless minions on fire and rob them from their gold!?" From behind the tower jumped Annie. "You... you... monster!" and she conjured a ball of fire in her hands and threw it at Kayle. "No sweat", Kayle thought, and used a Divine Blessing to heal herself from the fire. "So, you managed to heal that, eh? Well eat this!", Annie screamed while Incinerateing everyone in front of her, resulting in the death of all Kayle's minions.

This enfuriated Kayle. "That's it. The game is on!", she said while throwing her Reckoning at Annie. "Haha, you think that's gonna hurt me?", giggled Annie, and just a split second before the energy ball hit her, a ball of flames appeared around her, desintegrating the energy ball, leaving a red circle at Annie's feet.
"How did she just......nevermind. I'll get her another way", Kayle thought while engulfing her sword with fire, "let her block this!", and she started attack Annie. Annie, ofcourse, fought back with fierce power, and soon came the moment that the both of them were out of mana. "Okay, Annie", Kayle said, "Let's finish this, once and for all!", and started charging towards Annie.

"You shouldn't have killed those minions...", Kayle heard, followed by a ferocious, if not feral roar. The next second Kayle was stunned, both figuratively and literally. Before her stood a large beast, almost twice as tall as she was. It began clawing at Kayle, she being unable to do anything at all because of Annie's stun. The bear, to whom Annie refferd as Summon: Tibbers, kept damaging Kayle, dealing her alot of damage. "Urf... this can't go on like this... I gotta do something... but what?"

Suddenly, just as Kayle was about to faint, a strong light dawned upon Kayle. That was a Wish come true. She was released from the stun, and it restored a bit of her health and mana. Just a bit, but it was enough! A holy light surrounded Kayle, and her sword light up, burning brightly against the fiery sun. " Intervention, biatch!", Kayle screamed and with just a few cuts it was done: both the little girl and the feral bear defending her lay dead on the ground. "Phew... glad that's over", Kayle sighed while recalling back to her base.

When she returned, her teammates were cheering for her. "Whoohoo! You showed her!", Fizz yelled. "Hell yeah!", she said, while highfiving him. Kayle was overjoyed, but stil... she hasn't seen Soraka anywhere...

"Hey, whatcha standing around for! There's more to do this day then just existing!" Kayle turned atound, and found herself looking in Sivir's eyes. "C'mon, let's go already!" She was playing anxiously with her boomerang. "We've got lanes to push, towers to destroy, champions to kill and wars to win! What you did was just the start..." "Fine, fine", Kayle responded, "I'll go with you...", and together they ventured towards mid lane. "Soraka.... where are you?"

Chapter I, A faterful encounter

And so they pushed bot lane, taking down the enemy turret. Kayle glanced over the battlefield, proud what she and Sivir accomplished. But what was that? "A white shade near the jungle? Could it be? No... she couldn't possibly survive in there...But still." Kayle was shaken out of her thoughts by Sivir: "Hey! Let's keep moving! There's work to do!" Kayle drifted away. "No, you go ahead... I need to do something...", and she went inside the jungle. "Kayle! No! Get back here!", but it was too late, she had already dissappeared in between the trees.

The jungle was dark, but that didn't scare her. She was a holy angel! She'd make her own light! So she continued, her armor emitting a magical light. Suddenly, she heard a high-pitched laugh going over her head, and got a little scared, but waved it off. It kept getting darker as she was walking, despite her armor shining brightly. It felt kinda... unnatural. But still, she kept going, determined to find Soraka.

After floating for what seemed like hours, Kayle still hadn't found anything. She was just about to give up the search, when she heard a noise nearby. Thinking she may have finally found her, she rushed towards it, only to be greeted by an angry golem. Once again she heard this weird voice. "Meh... eat this!" Kayle fought the golem, but just as she was about to land the killing blow, it already died, the gold floating to a random spot. That didn't concern her though, because behind the tree, she finally found her!

"Soraka! Soraka, what happened to you?" She had darts all over her body, and she was shaking uncontrollably. "" "No! I won't leave you again! By the way, you saved my life back there, now I'm gonna save yours!", and she started casting Divine Blessings on her. " hurts..." "C'mon Soraka! Don't be such a baby! Here, just hop on my back and I'll get the both of us out of here, alive." Soraka climbed onto Kayle as she began flying towards the forest exit. The extra weight of Soraka denied them to recall, but they would be there soon enough. But, ofcourse, it was not gonna go that easily. Although Kayle kept healing her, Soraka didn't improve much. "Just... why... won't... this... heal?"

"Oh, how cute. The poison worked better then I expected!" Out of nowhere, a bottle exploded on Kayle, and some weird substance got through her armor, it plunged into her blood. "Poison", she mumble, "ofcourse..." "HEh, you like that? " The voice came from right in front of them but they couldn't see anyone. "C'mon! Face me", Kayle yelled, activating her rightous fury. "Pay for what you've done to my friend!" "Fine. I'll play with the little kitty... you're nothing to me!"

Kayle felt a dart being launched into her back. she turned around to find a deformed, mutated rat, better known as Twitch. He had Ambushed them, shooting darts at them without them noticing. "Heh. Let's go."

It was a fierce battle, both sides took huge damage, but eventually Kayle got the upperhand. Twitch surrendered, kneeled and begging Kayle to save his life. "Hmm... I don't like it... what do you think Soraka. He hurt you after all, not me." A weak voice answered. "Leave.... leave him be..." "Allright then... but we're not done yet Twitch." With those words, they turned away.

" Spray and Pay, baby, spray and pay!" Kayle quickly moved in front of Soraka, but it the dart had already hit her. "Twitch you coward!", Kayle screamed, but he was already gone. "Damn... c'mon Soraka. I'm gonna get you outta here alive, whether you want it or not!"

Kayle flew as fast as she could, though halfway she feared it was already too late, Soraka lost conciousness. "Just... a little longer... hold on..." Kayle was exhausted as well, but she kept moving, she couldn't fail... not now.

Finally, after what seemed aeons for Kayle, they finally arrived at the fountain. "God... what... I'll get Sona...", and Fizz ran off. He returned two minutes later with Sona. "Kayle? Soraka? What have you done? No matter. You come with me right now." "Twitch... attacked... us...". Kayle was doing her best to speak, but it proved too much for her and she collapsed.

Chapter II, Rise of a nemesis

"Twitch you idiot. You had one goal: Eliminate Kayle. I even captured you a bait and still you cannot find victory. Hmphm." He walked in circles, obviously irritated by the fact that his prize had not returned. "You're not worthy of my crew anymore it seems. And you know the code..." He put a dart in his gun, and aimed it at the failed rat. "No, boss!", Twitch' squeaky voice plead,"please give me one more chance, I can make it up to you!" "Hm. fine." He deloaded his gun. "Yet I have no use for weaklings around here. Just leave here right now, and never show your face to me again if you want to live." "Thank you...", and Twitch faded into the shadows. "Useless minions", Teemo grumbled. "Can't do anything right... guess I'll have to do this myself."

When she woke up, Kayle felt a burst of energy entering her body. "Awesome! It worked!" "Yeah, didn't think it would though. Are you awake Kayle?" She nodded. Fizz and Sona were standing in front of her bed. "Now just take it nice and slow, eh? Kayle? Kayle... just stay down", but Sona knew it was useless. Kayle had already managed herself back inside her armor, ready for about anything. "Where should I go to?" "Well... that's not really my job, is it now? I guess you'd better follow Fizz for that." "Wait... how about Soraka?" Sona hesitated. "Ehrm... she's stable... but by far in a concious state. She somehow just doesn't want to heal up. But she'll be okay, don't worry."

So Kayle and Fizz went on their way. At the first mid tower they found Sivir and Gangplank. "...and then we'll smash 'em to pieces!", Sivir said with her usual fierceness. "Sounds like a mighty fine plan to me, Sivir", Gangplank said. "Okay, then it's decided. Fizz, you're top with me. We're gonna cause a helluva distraction so Gangplank can push the bot lane." "Hey, got anything for me to do?", Kayle asked. "Wow Kayle! Didn't expect you back this soon? You OK? Ah, what the heck am I asking, ofcourse you are. But still, I'm not gonna let you do anything big yet. Team policy. Anywayz. we've had a lot of random minion deaths in mid... we want you to check that out." "Allright. I'm off then. Good luck with whatever you guys are gonna do!"

She continued along the lane, killing a few stray minions on her way. By the time she got to the second turret (which takes alot longer then it seems).