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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stigger

Kayle-Flying around supporting

Stigger Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This Kayle is actually viable. There's a lot of people who play Kayle and don't do much, or people who hate you for playing her. With this build/strat you'll be able to effectively take down towers, support your team, and get some kills.

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is always good to reposition yourself within the team in fights, it also helps to get away over walls obviously (especially in 3v3's).
I like because not only does it slow down your enemy, it also disables them greatly and they can't hit you much either. In conjunction with your They can't catch you/run away

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For runes I like to use attack speed marks because early game it will help you last hit/push your lane. because I think they're just about the best bet you can get for what it's worth, an extra 7% dodge always helps. because the more you can use your abilities the better. I don't like per lvl runes because a lot of time you don't get to lvl 18, and most of the games where you do you don't spend 40 min. at lvl 18. most of your runes are more useful giving yourself an edge early game so you can get fed/not feed.

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I like the 9/21/0 build. It lets you stay up since you're not buying a bunch of armor items, and it also gives you some damage to your Righteous and your .

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Skill Sequence

You can pretty much see how you're doing in your lane before you pick exactly what sequence you want. It all depends on who your with and who you're against. If i'm solo I get my heal up pretty early so i can stay in the lane, but usually always I get my Righteous up quick, because that's your bread and butter in killing minions/getting gold/pushing.

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Here's what everyone comes to see...
I start with the for some early on mana regen, also to build out of it later
I also get 1 and 1 because If i'm running low on mana I can get more, if I'm low on health and don't want to heal i can pop my pot.
After your , make your into the .
Next time going back back (ASAP) get your , and start on the next part of your , which is .
After that I get the because I like to have some life steal to keep myself up mid game and run around and farm and not have to go back and heal up or anything unless I need to.
Next I get because it's cheap, has good attack speed, and reduces Magic Reist, which is nice.
Next build up to your and then to the .
If you still have time, then you have to look at the OTHER team and see if they have more magic dealers, or melee champs. Who are you getting hit and killed from? If it's mages and you need magic resist, get a (which can be purchased earlier if needed), or I like to get a if there's lots of melee on the other side.

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How to play:

Kayle is pretty easy.

Early game: Stick back, use Righteous whenever it's up and there's a fresh creep wave. Heal your lane partner and just farm. Remember that your increases mov. speed, and slows them so if you're ganking early on and the other team is running back to the turret pop a heal on yourself or your teammate and finish him off. If you're noticing that your mana is going good and you're not using a lot of it, start harassing the enemy with .

Mid game: Mid game is my most fun time in LoL. You get to get out of the lane, start moving around and actually doing something. Just stick with your team a bit, go around and gank, heal and support your team. You can pretty much always have your divine blessing speed buff on since it lasts 10 sec and has a 10 sec cooldown, which will be around 8 sec with your CD reduction.

Late game: Stick with your team! Kayle is a great support or stand alone champ. End game is meant to be played with your TEAM! Heal team when needed, speed buff them when running away or catching an enemy. Nuke the enemy with your , keep range with your , and always the biggest dmg dealer on your team. Your ult lasts 3 sec but it's cooldown is under 1 min with CD reduction. Use it whenever it's up and there's even something close to being a team fight. It'll be up pretty much whenever you need it. Use it even if you don't need it, but think you might.