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Kayle Build Guide by Starstalker

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Starstalker

Kayle Jungle | The Judicator | S5

Starstalker Last updated on July 19, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 27

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 3

Threats to Kayle with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo Teemo rely heavily on his shrooms to know if you are coming. Gank him before he gets level 6, don't waste your time after that: clearing his shrooms will reveal you anyway. Heimerdinger and Shaco are similar to him.


About the author, Pro's & Con's, Kayle's description.


Runes, Masteries, Items, Summoners.


Role objectives, Abilities, Routes, Ganking, Clearing.


Credits, Updates notes, Closing.

About the author

Greetings everyone. My summoner name is Jade Cristale, I am a very experimented platinum player. I have been playing League of Legends since the Season II and have known Defense of the Ancients since it's release. I excel at coordinating plays and my best roles are by far Support and Mage. My favorites champions are Karma, Elise and Morgana.

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Pro's & Con's

  • Polyvalent
  • Mobile
  • Great scaling
  • Splash damage
  • Decent range
  • Nice heal
  • Hybrid
  • Simple
  • Safe pick
  • Rewarding to master
  • Vulnerable to burst
  • Can be counter-jungled
  • Items reliant
  • Weak early
  • Mana hungry
  • Need cdr
  • Melee
  • Softs crowd control
  • Autoattacks dependant
  • Need a perfect positioning

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Kayle's description

Synergies SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpace Kayle SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpace Counters

Kayle bring damage, protection and utility. She can carry or support her allies depending of the situations and build according to her team needs, making her an exceptional pick in solo queue. Her fast clears, decent sustain and strong mobility allow her to survive in the wilds and her incredible slow makes her ganks redoutables. With a weak early game, Kayle can't duel most junglers, but her excessivly strong late game turns her into a real nightmare.

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Movement speed is great to stick to your target when you gank or kite during fights. It's also very practical on junglers in general allowing them to quickly reach any places.

Attack speed increase your damage per second and allow you to clear camps quite fast.

Anything else is quite bad regardless of what your building. You really need a minimum of defenses in the Jungle. But you can still remove a few seals of armor for some mana regen if you are experimented: Kayle has a naturally high armor.

Scaling cooldown reduction is essential to optimise your dps and avoid to turn melee during teamfights.

Some other runes can be viable, but they aren't as good as these. The masteries I recommand are probably the best you can find. An offensive set-up allow you to secure kills, clear faster and scale better into the late game. The points spent in the utility tree allow you to have a bit more of mobility. Don't waste any points into the defensive tree, it's not worth it.
On Hit Build

The only viable options you have are Flash and Smite. Flash will allow you to reposition when you need it and secure kills. Smite is simply essential when you jungle ... I don't recommand anything else. As a fighter, your job is to deal as much damage as you can and cover the back-line. You can tank some damage if you use Intervention properly, but you are not a real tank. Don't run into the enemy team to attack the carries. You can't cast when you are stunned, and they knows it. Doing that will make you vulnerable and you won't be very useful dead.

Kayle can totally change the turn of a fight with Intervention and her strong sustained damage. You have to use it to block damage during critical moments. Kayle's ultimate is not meant to be used as a save escape, its made to swallow damage.

You have to use your judgement. The person you ult as to have a strong impact in the teamfight otherwise: its a waste. If protecting yourself bring more damage and is safer, keep it for you. If your marksman is fed as hell but vulnerable to an enemy assasin, keep it for him.

There are many ways to use Intervention. You could use it to dive someone and finish him or simply help an ally in a fight. Be logical and original.

Try to not blew it too early in a fight: it can bring the aggro on you. Don't hesitate to use it, it has a low cd and don't cost any mana (it's normal to use it for stupid reasons when you first play Kayle, you will improve with time).

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Attack damage ratios

Attack damage increase Reckoning damage, the splash associated to Righteous Fury and lastly the autoattacks.

Reckoning has a 100% Ad ratio: which is very good. Although, it deals magic damage. Which means that you would have to get magic penetration along with some Ad to maximise it's potential.

Righteous Fury has a 40% Ad ratio: which is far from being fantastic. The damage from it apply on everything around what you autoattack but not on what you actually autoattack. It's great to clear waves: but pointless to bring a single target down. Just like Reckoning it deals magic damage.

In order to make a good ad build, you would need it to be similar to a marksman's one. Focusing on the damage from the abilities is pointless. They are there to bring you damage during the early game and mid-game but that's it, after they only give you utility. An ad build has to exploit your autoattacks damage potential, the rest just supports it. It's a bit like Tristana, her abilities scale with Ap but bring her utilities: Jumps, Knocks, Range. The point of having a kit like that is to protect yourself while you land your autoattacks.

Theoricly, her abilities would be ideal for a marksman. In practice, you need more then that. Without Righteous Fury, Kayle is melee. And that's an huge weakeness that alot of marksmen can abuse in lane. But what if you have full cdr ? Then you use too much mana. And if you add mana regen ? Well, you won't have enough slots for all the items you will need. By playing her jungle, those weaknesses are parried. But you still need to reach a decent amount of cooldown reduction to stay ranged during fights.

Ability power ratios

Ability power increase Reckoning damage, the splash and the hit effect associated to Righteous Fury and lastly the heal and haste of Divine Blessing.

Reckoning has a 60% Ap ratio. It deals magic damage and fit very well with a mage build. It's not as bursty ad the Ad ratio, but it would still affect person that stack magic resist since it can be built along with magic penetration.

Righteous Fury has a 25% Ap ratio: which is terrible. It apply on hit and around the target. It deals magic damage and just like Reckoning would fit really well with some magic penetration.

Divine Blessing has a 45% Ap ratio on the heal and the movement speed buff is increase by 7% for every 100 ability power you have. The Ap ratio on the heal is decent and the one on the speed buff as well. You will never heal as much as a Soraka so getting an excessive amount of ability power just for that would be stupid. The base haste buff is great and the base heal is sweet. In other words: it's a decent heal with some ability power and a good speed buff with or without.

Briefly, the Ap ratio itself is low but match more the builds you could do then the Ad one.


In conclusion, the Ad ratio is better then the Ap ratio but everything deals magic damage.

The best way to do damage would be to get alot of magic penetration (since the ratio aren't so great) and attack speed (to abuse the hit effect). In the reality: you also need utility. Turning your build around penetration reduce the impact of most of your abilities and you need a minimum of cooldown reduction if you want to have Righteous Fury up all the time. Mana regeneration can also be a problem, don't spam your abilities if you don't need them.

Her abilities and playstyle aren't hard to understand, but you need to use your abilities at the right moments and handle your mana with care which make her way more complicated then you could have expected.

In order to master her, you have to understand how each items affect her in the game and adapt yourself to circumstances.

If you are on the Blue side: start with the Krugs's camp.

Its close to the botlane; allowing them to give you a longer leash. Plus, the effect given by the Krugs is great to receive less damage from the other camps: since you will stun the monsters after a few hits.

After, head toward the Red buff.

When your done, clean the Blue buff.

By now, you should have enough experiences, health and mana to gank a lane ...

You ganked, failed/succeded. If you are too low on health: Recall. If you are fine, head to the Wolves's camp. Smite it when you arrive; a spirit will scout the area while you finish it.(You might back right after the wolves, but its fine: the area is watched by your spirit friend).

Right after, get the Grump.

You are now ready to gank another time or go back to shop.

What happens if you are on the Red side?

Its quite simple, you will use the same tricks but in a different order.

Start with the Grump, Smite it, then head to the Blue buff. Don't clean the wolves: head straight to the Red Buff.

Use your smite, clean the camp: and your ready to gank.

Unusual things can occurs making the choice of other routes better: but this is the standard one.

You wanna come through the lane as fast as you can: the element of surprise is crucial.

To do so, you have to use Divine Blessing right before you get into the lane. The speed buff will make sure you get to your target in time.

Second: you want to crowd control the victim right away. Reckoning is the perfect spell to do so. The travel time is slow, but its totally worth considering its great damage and movement speed reduction.Now that you are in the opponent range, that he is slowed and unprepared: you wanna do as much damage as you can. Use Righteous Fury and keep autoattacking. If he manages to run away, well too bad: you did your best.

Never forget to ping 2-3 times to announce your arrival: ganking require teamwork. It's pointless to try to gank if your teamates are not ready: you risk to get killed and loose your time.

When ?

You must have a good timing and take logical paths. Try to gank from behind (when the lane is pushed or extended), unrevealed or on the sides. If you can't do that: your gank will most likely fail.

There are 6 things that determinate if a gank will be impactful.
Positions, Health, Mana, Vision, Cooldowns, Movement speed.

Kayle has the ability to make an enemy gank less effective with her kit, so don't hesitate to counter-gank to save your allies. You can also come to hold a lane or rotate to let someone roam.

Where ?

It depends of your team champions, their team champions and if you have opportunities.

Shutting down late game enemies champions such as Nasus, Tristana and Fizz can reveal to be very efficient. Making sure yours get some kills can also be good.

Camping a strong early game champion can ruin him and make him useless for the rest of the game.

Look at the match-up when the game is loading and make an order of priorities.
You might not follow it, but keeping it in mind can help you to take decisions faster. Time is precious.

A good jungler is always well-prepared and can make his mind quickly. Their ability to adapt to any kind of situations makes them strong leaders. There are 3 things you have to do to clear a camp fast and take little damages:

First Righteous Fury must hit every monsters with its splash damage.In order to do so, you have to position yourself to make the monsters gather in a small group.

Second You have to use Smite when you start attacking.
If you use it to land a final blow, the cooldown might not be complete when you will need it later on. The more you use it: the less time you spend.

And at last you have to position yourself in order to limit the monsters attacks. (It take some practices, the monsters might reset the first times you do it).

You must have noticed that if you stepback: you will come to a point where the monsters stop attacking and return to their original places.

If you stand on the limit of their range (where they don't heal and constantly stop their attacks) you will slowly melt them, while they simply keep moving in between you and their camp. After a few seconds (usually when Righteous Fury is on cd), get in their range to prevent it from reseting and get back again. You could also kite in a circle if there is enough space.

Its approximatly there (The green circle) that you should be standing. Garen didn't get it: it was expected. Doing that allows you to receive only a few damage and keep your health bar high before ganking. It works on almost every camps, but some are easier then others. It's hard at first, but with time it will become an automatism.

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A very short chapter to thank Lacorpse, Jhoijhoi and Astrolia for their dividers, BBcode guide and Columns guide.

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Updates Notes

The format of the guide has been completly recoded and some sections have been added and others modified. 2015-01-21

The whole build has been slightly changed due to the modifications to the devourer enchantment. 2015-07-19

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I hope that you enjoyed reading my guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. It would be highly appreciated to not downvote it if you didn't read everything through. You can also take a look at my guide on Karma. See you on the rift !

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