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Kayle Build Guide by PinoyStrike

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PinoyStrike

Kayle: Queen of 3vs3(AD)

PinoyStrike Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Welcome to my guide to Kayle. This build is not a guide for new players and recommended that you try Kayle out for a while and learn to use her before trying out for world domination...Not many people think Kayle is as useful as she once was. But since her recent buff for reckoning you can do INSANE damage with it. Her new buff is what some people made her worst, but actually its useful with enough attack speed. With enough killed in 3vs3( 4 kills) she can be quite deadly on a squishy or good against some tanks.

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8/31/11-Guide is released
9/2/11- Added Match history section and Update section(lol)/Mastery Section slightly updated. Playstyle changed to be more descriptive.
9/3/11- Updated item section and updated Rune section

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Pros / Cons


    -Good at bursting great damages if well timed
    -Surpasses Yi,gankplank, etc.. if used with Intervention in the right time(Anti-carry in s way)
    -High damage with reckoning early game
    -Good at early game battling
    -Gank survivalist
    -High base hp
    -Invincibility Skill(Ultimate-Intervention)

    -Requires at least one good partner
    -Somewhat squishy if ganked and don't have intervention at the moment
    -Scary if your a squishy against a good Kayle...
    -Takes some practice

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed- This is useful when added with the Quints

Greater Glyph of Replenishment- This is needed for your lack of mana

Greater Seal of Replenishment-Same as above

Greater Quint of Alacrity- With this,the marks, and Berserkers, you could reach an attack speed of 1(+) quite early in the game.

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In my opinion you should just go 21/0/9. Good for attack purposes and useful for your summoner spell Ghost if you got it. Eh I think you guys already know the reasons.

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Summoner Spells Explanations

Recommended Spells

One of the best spells for Kayle because it stacks with her Reckoning, slows, and item damage increase. Beastly for early game kills and ganks. Also useful for running away,but your Reckoning can be used for a replacement.

A useful escape spell in almost any situation. Stacks with your Divine blessing for a speedy escape or chase. Also don't use this when trying to move across the map just because you want to be fast, your divine blessing will do.

Okay spells

Not that as useful in most situations as Ghost is, but can be used for flashing through walls. I do not prefer this over Ghost, but it can be used for some situations pure speed won't work in.

In my opinion this isn't as useful as Exhaust but if your prey somehow escapes it can be used as a last second killer.

Just No...

I don't even know why this is even in this guide.

You have enough speed to walk around the map quickly so you don't need this.

You can learn how to use your mana safely

Idk don't know if I should add anything else...

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Core Items

Berserker's Greaves- Well its shoes, makes you go attack faster and helps early game.

Infinity Edge- Getting this game early game helps BOOST your Reckoning so much and allows for powerful and overpowered skills in the beginning. Higher Critical Damage, chance and damage, what else can you ask for. Trying farming or killing champs to get this, this is a MUST HAVE early game to be, umm, very useful.?!

Phantom Dancer It gives movement, attack speed and critical chance, a must on this build.

After you get a core, then one of the items below, that is when you become the most overpowered.

Non-Core Item Stuff

The Black Cleaver This would be part of the core, though I think it should be now that you think of it...This gives Attack speed and speed( how useful is that :D). One other thing that makes this great is the armor penetration and is almost a must have if your against tanks. If your not against a tank with a lot of armor, its not necessary, maybe this is why its not in the Core though I think it still might be needed.( Short explanation- Get if enemy has good tank0

The Bloodthirster Well this is useful if you think you want some lifesteal and damage. You can use intervention when you have half health left, then restore your health all the way back, while the person your facing will be dead...

Trinity Force Well this has everything you need, you can get this right after the phantom dancer if you think it is needed more then then lifesteal or something, but its very useful because of its slow, health, mana, etc..(Useful with spells and is recommended to have, but not needed

Last Whisper Useful if your against a heavily armored tank and you just need to do more damage on him/her(/it?).If the enemy doesn't have any tanks at all don't get this item.

Hextech Gunblade This gun gives you good amount of Attack damage and has a pretty good active if your Reckoning isn't available at the moment. Also it gives some AP, even though this is an AD build it doesn't hurt to have additional damage for your Reckoning and
Righteous Fury, This item also gives lifesteal and spell vamp. This in my opinion is a huge package in one item.

Frozen Mallet Eh you may think why you need this but if you get this item right after you finish the core the 700 health could be useful. Its passive is also a bit useful if you need that slow the person so you can kill them without worry of them escaping.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter This is like the ap counter part of frozen mallet, you may not need this, but the AP and health could be useful. I personally recommend Frozen Mallet over this.
Optional Boots

Allows for Tenacity

This will give you a speed boost if you need it but you have other speed stuff for it might not matter.

Alternative Build

Coming Soon

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Skill Sequence and Explanation

You max this out first. Why you say? Well because of its amazing damage once maxed and you have your Infinity Edge. It does a whooping 340 damage, a slow, and increased damage toward the target. This,exhaust, and some other random stuff allows for an (almost)instant kill if done right. if you solo top lane or with a partner bottom lane. Also useful for ganks because of its all useful poweful slow, dmg increase, and dmg. Also useful for harassing.

You max this out first. Well you don't have to max this out second, but I think this is needed if you want to survive longer. It helps with a speed boost and a good amount of health. Don't your still a support character so if your friend needs some health to fight or needs an escape use this on him, then slow the attacker. If you think your teammate can still die go use your intervention on him Then kill the attacker in rage.

The first skill you get, but the last skill you get maxed. I only use this skill when fighting a champion, leveling this early game doesn't help as much as a heal and somewhat nuking skill( Reckoning 0 doesn't help a lot until you have your attack damage higher. Good for good damage early and late game. Try not to use this for farming minions when no one is around to save mana.

Useful for everyone's survivability and helps keep your friends from dying. If you lower your health down a bit, you can go use this then attack back once they are far enough for the tower, lifesteal helps a lot over here so when you use it so you don't run out of health when fighting your opponent.

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Pre- Minion Spawn

Most of the time you should go bottom because its give better results pre-spawn. Don't worry if you do bad, you can still make a comeback, the whole game isn't decided in the first kill. Now that that is cleared lets start. Go buy a Dagger,put a point in E and go bot( if your going top just skip to the Early game section).If you think the enemy is in the bottom let the best survivalist go in it first since you have no good escape plans out and you shouldn't waste your spells. If they're not in the bushes go hide in it yourself and wait for the enemy. Once you see them, in bushes or not, go attack the squishiest one with your Righteous fury on and keep your distance.

Early Game

Once the minions spawn go top or bottom lane depending on which is necessary for your team. Always farm if you think their enemy team isn't nearby, never use your Righteous Fury if their team isn't near as it will just waste mana. After enough farming you should get a boots of speed]. Once that is done get a [[Mercury's Treads if the other team has a person that can stun, if not get a Berserker's Greaves. If you think you have a "Need for Speed" go get a Boots of Swiftness. After that just farm or get kills until you can get a B.F. sword. Always remember to keep your distance against any melee champs and to be even more careful when against a ranged champ.

Mid game

By now you should have an Infinity Edge and your hidden power to be released. Always go Q,E if against a non-deadly champ like a tank alone. Use your heal once your HP is starting to decrease a lot. If your heal is a good level it would give you the chance to a) Kill em or b) run away. If you manage to kill the champ gj. If your against a carry don't forget to use your Intervention to escape damage and to whack their butts. Once you got enough gold go get a dagger~>zeal~>dagger~>Phantom Dancer. once thats done your kinda overpowered, if not keep working on farming. Once you get enough money decide on which you think you need most. The Black Cleaver/Last Whisper(*)/Bloodthirster. Once you get these you might start to look better. You have two choices now a) Go kill everyone in enemy team or b) Just farm, farm, farm~>????~>Profit :D
*If your not against any major tanks you don't have to get a Last Whisper.

Late game

If you ever make it this far, try killing any enemy champion that puts up any kind of resistance or is dumb enough to go in the woods alone. If they have a fed Yi, when you fight him alone use your intervention right away so he doesn't do any major damage on you. Use exhaust on him if you think it is needed. However, if your team is losing and you don't have a lot of good items at the moment try to farm as much as you can and don't go out of the base until you got everything you think you need.

Notes:- During the early game phase try not to use your Righteous fury during farming.(Already mentioned)
-Always stay in the back with people around you
-Make sure you use your Righteous Fury before fighting champions(Pretty obvious so idk why i put this here.

~More to be added~

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So this was my guide for Kayle. This was my first guide I ever made and put a lot of work on it,I think I will have a good amount of updates for this build. Kayle isn't just a weak support champion anymore. Ever since her nerf she was "downvoted" and used less. My goal is to make her greater then ever and rise from her previous potential. This build was mainly for sharing this build with you guys and hope you guys liked it. Please add any comments you think will make this guide better. More sections will be added so don't worry of this build being turned into something rusty and old. Photos and videos will be added if people think this is good and more information into each category will be better explained then now.

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Match History

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