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Kayle Build Guide by Lyrdian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lyrdian

Kayle, shred em like paper

Lyrdian Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 30

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Kayle, Shredding is for winners.

Every champion, except maybe supports, benefits from the enemy missing their defenses (and them possibly not realizing it). She is a master in taking a champion, ripping their armor off and beating them to death with it. I play Kayle aggressively to max out the chances of already having resistance reductions on the enemy when my team goes to start a fight.

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    Rewards offensive playstyles
    Shreds enemya rmor/MR, especially when specializing in this department
    Is ranged AND melee
    Has a fairly low CD slow
    Has one of 2 godmode buttons
    can be AP, AD, AS, Support or Tank (ew)
    She flies!

    Very slow movement
    not the best heal support
    can be focused easily pre-level 6 and when ult is off-cd
    Did i mention slow?

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Need More Penetration

Penetration, penetration, penetration. Greater Mark of Desolation reds gives your melee a good kick early when mixed with your passive. Greater Seal of Vigor yellows let you stay in lane longer, but could also be substituted for Greater Seal of Replenishment . and gives your E and Q a relatively nice bite (which they need) and again they mesh really well with your passive. Also movement speed quints for our slow winged friend could be used.

For masteries i go with 30/0/0 for as much AD based **** as possible (skipping crit), Penetrations and AP as leftover point spots.

This rune build counter acts a lot (if not all) of the MR and Armor people tend to stack from runes/masteries.

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Summoner Spells

I advise and becasue you have a slow (2 if you look at the hextech) and you have godmode for 3 seconds. Other viable options are Flash size-16(pansy), (yay, more harass), (you'll do it anyways), (I was a laner like you once, then i teleported to mid), (ew but again, you'll do it anyways) and (more damage that is not affected by resistances, see a pattern here?)

I DON NOT recommend as this is almost useless if you are attacked by 2 high damage champs. I would rather ult and surge them both down quickly before they can kill me than waste exhaust on one so the other gets the kill. I also do not recommend or . And if you go with I'll hunt you down and beat you to death with your own lifebar (twice if you use revive int he proccess).

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In my build, I try to grab as much reduction type items that mesh together well. Kayle's ability set makes this extremely easy as she benefits from both AD and AP, as well as benefiting from Attack Speed.

I start by buying a , turning it into a Philosopher's Stone As soona s i can, as this will net me a gold supplement and a longlasting HP/Mana battery.

Next i build , moving into a . at this time you are packing a bit of a punch and your team is ALREADY BENEFITING from you attacking a person as they are losing 15% of their armor/MR and then an additional 24MR.

Now comes the more expensive items. Build and a . This gives you MASSIVE kick and now you are a serious threat, especially when paired with a carry, assassin or bruiser. The hextech keeps you from dying horribly int he first few seconds of combat and the cleaver/malady/passive combo make survival hard to achieve.

Now for some major choices. you can continue being a support/bruiser or you can go into Carry Mode. If they are continuing to stack resistances go Bruiser by building a and a to further punish them as well as giving your team HP regen/AS.

If they stopped being dumb and start focusing you, built pure offence or you really feel like being a carry, build a ] and a for increased survival, more damage and (i guess still supporty) aura Spellvamp.


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GIVE ME AN E! (Abilities)

Yeah, easy skill order. You ARE NOT a heal support (in this guide, not saying don't use it but don't be afraid to let a teammate die if it means cutting the enemies main damage dealer in half). E>R>Q>W. Yeah, E over ult (other than level 6, I never advise skipping ult at 6 for any champion, any role). Your E and Q are what make that malady/Black Cleaver combo deadly as the damage splashes and you get a ranged resistance debuff /slow.

DON'T be greedy with your ult. Ult your carry if they are doing their job, so they can continue to do so while the pair of you rain death and destruction down upon your foes while the enemy is going "NO! GD U KAYLE!" If your carry is a complete idiot and is about as useful as a untrained monkey with Alzheimer's you may as well ult your AP nuke/yourself (/slitwrist I mean Surrender might help here too)

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Creeping / Jungling

Don't You Dare.

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Team Work

Works great in a team, leaving the enemy defenseless and a bit angry when you save someone with your ult/heal combo. She can hold her own in damage and has a good bit of AoE damage from her E. She can slow an enemy as well as rip any one of them a new one as she make sit easier for her team to kill them passive and then reductions build (if you did it). She can fill almost any role well, she lacks tanky abilities but she CAN do it (doesnt mean should).

She can counter push fairly well with her E and does a fair bit of damage to turrets.

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Kayle isn't the best farmer but she definitely beats many champions because of her low cd, high damage AoE.

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Comment if i missed something, i will take everyone's opinion into account and will think about it (unless your being a jerk). I hope you enjoy this guide and remember, Guiges are GUIDES not death threats. Use them to your advantage to look at new ways of playing a champ and butcher them to your own tastes.