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Kayle Build Guide by BlatantlyJesus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlatantlyJesus

Kayle - Support to Carry!

BlatantlyJesus Last updated on October 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction to Kayle

Hello, and welcome to my first guide!. Kayle is an interesting champion who is played in a variety of ways. Thanks to the most recent patch Kayle is now back to being a hybrid and with her base attack speed she brings a lot more damage in earlier. Although it is true she is a late game champion that does not mean she cant pull off some epic kills in early game.

Officially she is listed as a support and in most ways i would say she is, Her passive quite clearly supports others in ganks and her ult and heal are there to save and assist other summoners, her role as support diminishes over time and she forms more into a carry using her attack speed and splash damage to push and kill aided by her slow of course!.

Pros and Cons of Kayle as a Carry


-Can easily take down minions waves in late game
-Still supports and saves people
-Damages all Enemies in a gank
-Not always the main focus
-Has a Slow


-Heal is not worth using :(
-Can be fairly Squishy
-Very slow early game
-hard to solo/hold a lane early game

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I use runes to maximize damage at level one, because Kayles start is slow its important to get first blood and as many kills as you can before other champs overtake you.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Mpen is Pretty important seeing as her attacks are magic, it helps alot in early game to boost your damage output

Greater Seal of Ability Power: Nothing wrong with getting a bit of extra damage in this is great for getting some nice damage at level one and with your mpen runes in should be enough to scare anyone away

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown reduction is important for achieving 40% cooldown, this gives 6% when combined with the 9% from masteries you get 15% and after getting nashors tooth that takes you up to 40$

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: i like the AP given by these quints really turns reckoning into a level one nuke, If you wanted to you can swap the AP quints for HP quints as her starting health is pretty **** but if you play it right you shouldn't need them

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The goal of our masteries are to boost out early game and support our items, im not going to list them all as it is a fairly standar 9/0/21 however i will talk a little bit about the more important ones and why.

Sorcery Gives us the all important 3%

Itelligence Gives us the even more important 6%

theese combined with runes give us 15% reduction, this is the most important masteries we have.

Archaic Knowledge very powerful early game, takes of a decent chunk of our enemys magic res combine this with voidstaff and thats half of an enemys resist gone.

Haste / Blink of an Eye combined with Presence of the Master this can give you the edge other summoners with the same spells, flash is almost a must just because nearly everyone has it

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Skill Explanation

Holy Fervor:A great passive, very useful in ganks. With attack speed and reckoning you can quickly build up the 5 stacks enabling you and your team to do extra damage.
Tips and Tricks

Reckoning:Kayle's Damage Nuke! Reckoning does immense damage especially into late game.Its cooldown with 40% is pretty low and its mana cost isnt anythign to worry about so can be spammed easily, all this damage comes with a pretty epic slow! oh and an additional 10% damage for further attacks. An all round epic ability.
Tips and Tricks
  • Use this first during a fight to ensure you deal maximum damage
  • Hybrid items really make this hurt

Divine Blessing:Divine Blessing....,Kayle's "heal",this is a pretty low priority ability i get it at level 5 for good measure but generally it isn't that great. Its heal amount is terrible even into late game with at max healing 300 - 400 health early game its pretty good for healing you from ignite. Its only saving grace is it has a speed buff, as speed buffs go its still pretty slow, don't expect to be catching up with Master Yi or becoming the new Ziliean but if you need to get out of gangplanks ulti or save someone who is running it can be a lifesaver.
Tips and Tricks

Righteous Fury:This is what makes Kayle. Its more of a late game ability as it draws from attack speed but even in early game its great for farming, it increases your range enough so that you can safely farm minions and its splash damage means you can get a lot of last its from a whole wave or even take out a whole wave pretty quickly, After Nashors Tooth you can keep it up indefinitely and it isnt really a drain on your mana.
Tips and Tricks
  • During late game you can keep this spell up indefinitely so use it!
  • Dont forget that Reckoning makes this deal additional damage
  • Tiamat Can further the splash damage (Not 100% Sure)

Intervention:Kayle's ultimate is what brands her a support, with 40% i have got this ability to under 45 seconds, it can make you or another invincible for a short period of time and although it isnt as long as Tryndaqueers Undying Rage this combined with Divine Blessing can save anyone while being chased
Tips and Tricks
  • You can use this like Undying Rage to prolong your death to get a kill before you die
  • This is great for tower diving and taking no damage
  • Its cooldown can get pretty low late game so dont be afraid to use this
  • Its better to be safe than sorry, IF you think you need to do it.

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Early Game Items and Gameplay

Early Game

Grab a Doran's Ring and head to your lane i like to be in a duo lane, i find i lane well with Morgana (if shes not mid) but any one with good damage output early will do. The Doran's Ring helps reckoning do some great damage even at level one and can scare people away pretty quickly, combine this with a few Auto Attacks and Ignite and you got yourself first blood or forcing them yo use flash.

Recall when you need to but i wouldn't recommend it you need to be Last Hitting everything Kayle is very item Dependant and you want to get some good AS early if you want to survive mid game once you got 1k plus recall and its time to get our first item.

Boots of Speed: An obvious one no explanation needed.

From this we can go to various types of boot, look below for boot choices

If you have the Gold or would prefer to postpone getting tier 2 boots grab a Blasting Wand its good for early game damage and builds into later items.

Return back to your lane and continue playing, by now you should be able to Spam Righteous Fury to take down minions be careful not to over extend though, engagement wise you rely on your teammate to call the shots, wait for then to Initiate but be sure not to be too far behind Throw Reckoning at your enemies to slow them down and follow up with Righteous Fury at this point i find i don't have the attack speed to finish people off or if i do it is very close to their tower so make sure you have Flash Intervention or at least an Exhaust

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Boot Choices

- Combined with divine blessing this can help you escape and chase other champions with ease

- Extremely useful against enemy teams with high CC and Magic abilitys

- One of my more favourite boots very good for increasing your attack speed early game

- Great for the mpen to get through most champs early game magic resist

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Mid and Late Items and Gameplay

During early - mid game you should now be starting to think about building your next item well in my eyes you've got two choices:

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This item is great for building up your early game Attack speed, it really increases your farming ability, damage output with the added addition of both AP and AD.
I Generally get this if im underfed its not that expensive and can improve the amount of gold you receive through Farm and Kills

Nashor's Tooth: This Item is what you get if your doing much better for kills, its one of Kayles core items giving important attack speed and Ability Power, The mp5 means you can now sustain Righteous Fury and the Cooldown means you can keep it up indefinitely.

Which ever you choose to get return back to your lane and whenever you recall or have to gold build the item that you didn't get your game play dosn't change much, the team should be more active with each other and you should be right there to support, use Intervention and Divine Blessing if you need to, throwing out Reckoning to create successful ganks.

After those two items its time to make another choice.

Frozen Mallet / Rylai's Crystal Scepter: At the moment i am unsure which item would be better, Try both out and give me your ideas, personally Rylai's Crystal Scepter is much more powerful but with less added health. i would suggest you make the choice between health or damage however whatever you choose you will get the same passive and with you attack speed you wuill be getting plenty of slows off combined with Reckoning you can bring them to a stop.

Malady: Another one of Kayle's core items, this gives amazing attack speed and AP, with it you are now unstoppable! If you dont get it straight away you will need it soon this item is the beginning of Kayle's Carrying ability .

Banshee's Veil: A pretty standard item but can make a massive difference, Picking up Banshee's Veil Straight away isnt really necessary unless they have annoying casters with ranged cc like Lux Ryze and Morgana, Instead all you need is too pick up Negatron Cloak this can make a massive difference against a AP heavy team.

After picking up Malady you can proceed to build a defensive item if you have not already, from now on items are pretty much situational ill list these items below but first a quick recap on how you should be playing during late game.

Reckoning Doing Damage, Doing More Damage and Slowing them down

Righteous Fury Doing the main core of damage, Attack Speed will be pretty high from now on and you should be shredding people quickly

Intervention Using this to Save your Self others or to Tower Drive

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Other Items

Okay So now we have the basics of what Kayle's build is, She is a very item Dependant champion and so its important to get whats right for her.

Core Build

This leaves us with 2 more slots to fill, Depending on how the games going and what their team comp is you have a lot of items to choose from, In very late game i like to sell the rageblade because your attack speed is substantial enough and it frees up a slot

Defensive Items

Frozen Mallet / Rylai's Crystal Scepter :Explained earlier, if you havent already got it its still and awesome item.

Banshee's Veil: Again if you havent already got it its an awesome item for stopping an AP heavy team.

Thornmail: Kayle shouldn't be the first to take this however i have had times when im being focused by AD champs and this really helps, combined with your ultimate this can pull out some pretty cool damage but i would leave to predominately Melee champs

Warmog's Armour: Again not something i would recommend but if you are being focused this can pretty cool in combined with thorn, be careful though if they have Madred's Bloodrazor i would take it off

Road of Ages: Another viable item this would solve any mana problems that you are having but to be honest kayle's mana isn't an issue, However the health and ability power are very nice. The passives call for this being built early so if you want it make sure you make the most of it.

Offensive Items

Hextech Gunblade: a very, very good item if you get the gold and the enemy hasn't already surrendered then i would recommend this, It gives both AP and AD, the life steal goes a bit wasted but the pros beat the cons, its passive is great for finishing off runners or a small burst, the only reason this item isnt in the core is because i build kayle more attack speed and in late game i prefer to choose to the situation where more defensive items are required, She operates just fine without it so think what she can do with it.

Madred's Bloodrazor: Another great item, especially if they have alot of high health champions like Mordekaiser, im not sure if the passive works with Righteous Fury but if it does AND it damages all champions hit by the splash then i would definitely recommend this item.

Trinity Force: Another great item, gives everything you need the only reason it isnt in the core build is because its so damn expensive and can put you back some if you are getting fed then grab it, its the standard hybrid item.

Wit's End: In most cases i would recommend this, you can never say no to attack speed and the passive with your attack speed means you will easily grab all 4 stacks

Rabadon's Deathcap: I find myself getting deathcap most games, its ap is as well all know amazing and it can really bolster the amount of damage you do through both Reckoning and Righteous Fury, it also makes your heal fairly decent!

There are other viable items, like the The Black Cleaver that would work well but as you can see late game i prefer AP to maximize damage from Righteous Fury, Its really up to you to decide what you need because shes hybrid it opens up allot of choices.

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Thanks for reading my first guide and i hope it was good enough and easy to read :)
Don,t hesitate to contact me if you think i could improve a certain section of the guide or have missed anything out, if you have any ideas on gameplay and item build make a note in the chat and ill add in into the guide

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26/10/2011 - changed comments about solo laning and made several spelling changed, Updated runes, boots and masteries. added deathcap to items. Fixed spelling and coding errors.