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Kayle Build Guide by moumoon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author moumoon

Kayle - Vengeful Angel

moumoon Last updated on April 14, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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09 April 2012: Added more stuff, such as the champion spotlight video.

03 April 2012: Changed items, built in a early game phage.

01 April 2012: Changed items for more sustainability. Lore went upside down. Happy April's fool guys!

31 March 2012: Changed masteries from 30/0/0 to a 21/9/0 build, and changed the corresponding sections to that (Masteries).

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This is my first guide on MOBAFIRE, I hope you enjoy it!

Recently, I have put my eyes on Kayle, and found that she is one of the most interesting champions to play with. With only 450 IP (No, don’t bother using RP, use it for her awesome skins), she is a very strong champion to play with.

Kayle is a great farmer due to her Righteous Fury, and can stay in lane a little longer due to her Divine Blessing. She is a great harasser using your Reckoning and Righteous Fury combo. Her passive Holy Fervor is great for 1v1 duels. Not mentioned her ultimate – Intervention can save your teammate’s *** out of a fight, and change the tides of a teamfight if you use it well.

My Kayle build is offensive. Its main target is to rip down enemy champions, turrets and push minion waves. It is build for sustainability in lane and farming for early game. After you get your Wit's End you should start doing extremely high damage to enemy champions, and start getting some kills. At the point you get Madred's Bloodrazor, you will be able to rip down tanks in seconds.

Please read my whole guide before rating up or down. It will be nice if you give me a comment if you’re voting, giving me advice on my item build or how the guide looks.

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Champion Spotlight

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In a world far away where an ancient war still rages, Kayle was a great hero - the strongest of an immortal race committed to destroying evil wherever it could be found. For ten thousand years, Kayle fought tirelessly for her people, wielding her flaming sword forged before time itself. She shielded her delicate features beneath her enchanted armor, the sole remaining masterpiece of an extinct race of craftsmen. Though a beautiful, striking creature, Kayle, now as then, avoids showing her face; war has taken a terrible toll upon her spirit. In her quest for victory, she sometimes would try to lift the wicked up from their morass of evil, but more than often she instead purged those she herself deemed beyond redemption. To Kayle, justice can so often be an ugly thing.

Ten years ago, Kayle's war against evil was nearly won... until her rebellious sister Morgana, a pariah amongst their people, suddenly gained powerful new allies: magicians of a hitherto unknown world called Runeterra. Morgana traded servitude to a number of the summoners in Runeterra's League of Legends for powerful new abilities that, if mastered, threatened to bring Kayle and her people to their knees. To save her world, Kayle had no choice but to make a pact with the League herself. She approached the leader of the League, High Counselor Reginald Ashram, with a deal of her own. In exchange for a thousand years of Kayle's service, Ashram halted all League interference on Kayle's world. With Ashram's disappearance five years ago, Kayle has new causes on Valoran: find out who or what caused Ashram to disappear, defeat her sister Morgana upon the Fields of Justice, and bring her own brand of justice to the League of Legends.

"In the League of Legends, Justice comes on swift wings."

"You call justice pushing people off cliffs? I'm sure not, Kayle."

- Morgana

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Pros / Cons


+ Great damage output
+ Good early game sustainability
+ Great at farming
+ Godlike ultimate
+ Heals
+ Ranged, splash attack

- Low mana pool
- Squishy
- Need to play defensive
- Shut down by CC
- Little CC (only slow)
- Slow early game

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It's a 21/9/0 tree. The 21 is for the extra offensive damage you can deal, while 9 for the extra survivability early game.

Summoner's Wrath because I take , or .
Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge because I use both AP and AD.
Vigor gives you early game sustain. I didn't take Durability , because it only gives you at max 6 health in level 1, and you don't need the 6 health early game.

Actually, I'm quite sure everything else is quite self explanatory, so I won't mention it.

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Main rune choices

This is just what I prefer, and you should be changing this for how you play.

Alternative rune choices

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Viable Summoner Spells

Viable summoner spells

increase attack speed by 35% and AP
No one knows how awesome this spell is. This boost can surprise your enemy early game, and rip tanks more quickly late game. Probably the best spell you can find for any AP Kayle. In fact, we'll be using it for our build, because the extra AP won't go to waste, and we need the attack speed.

Moves your champion to cursor location
Nothing much to tell you, everyone gets this as a escape spell. I prefer to not use this as a chase, always keep it for escape. Ghost is viable too.

Deals true damage and reduce healing for 5 seconds
great for finishing off low health enemies. Exhaust may be a good choice too.

Removes CC and lowers duration of incoming ones for 3 seconds
Due to the fact Kayle is easily shut down by CC, this is a viable summoner spell.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

We max first, because it your main damage and farm technique.

We take at level 4, because that's when you should start harassing/killing enemies with your > combo. We max it second.

We max last, because you don't need it for your heal-your role is not a support in this build. But we do take at level 2, for sustainable laning and a speed buff for chasing/escaping enemies.

Take whenever you can, cause its a ultimate (maybe you might not want to get it until level 16,17,18. It's great to challenge your self, you know). It's main priority, and you use this to save your teammates ***, or yours. Use this until you're quite low on health when in a 1v1, and can surprise your enemy and kill them, use it to turret dive for a kill, or use it when that ******** Karthus is channeling his . We all hate Karthus. He should be by Nunu.

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Ability Explanation

Ability explanation

Holy Fervor: This ability allows you to win nearly every 1v1 easily, because of your high attack speed and damage.

Reckoning: This is your only CC, and it's always good to throw Reckoning at an running enemy.

You're going to want to max out Reckoning before Divine Blessing and after Righteous Fury.

Tips and Tricks
  • Early game, use this, then Divine Blessing and Righteous Fury to shred their life away. You'll be amazed to see how quick they go down.
  • Always throw this at a enemy champion before attacking them.
  • Stating the obvious, don't use this on Master Yi and Olaf. Also, feel free to curse the users.

Divine Blessing: It heals an allied champion, and gives them a speed buff. Fair enough, and one of the abilities what makes Kayle and support.

You're going to want to max out Divine Blessing last. The only reason you will use this is for the speed buff, and you wouldn't be having any problem with catching up to your enemies if you used your Reckoning.
Tips and Tricks
  • Use this with your Righteous Fury to keep up with your enemies to shred their life.
  • Kinda obvious, but if you see anyone chasing (who is in front of you/faster then you), use it on him to give him a speed buff. It's good enough to get an secure assist rather then a unsecured kill, you know.
  • This keeps you alive in lane, but don't spam this early game. You will lose your mana, and I WILL REPEAT THIS. You will lose your mana.

Righteous Fury: Your bread and butter ability. You will gain an attack range of 125+400 (Same as Graves, LeBlanc, Orianna, Veigar, etc.) Also, your attacks splash - Great for minion farming and harassing enemy champions hiding behind minions.

You're going to want to max out Righteous Fury before Reckoning and Divine Blessing, as this is your main ability to harass, kill, farm and destroy.

Tips and Tricks
  • Even though its for farming, don't spam this ability early game. Always last hit with this early game. Once your attack speed starts increasing, you might want to auto hit the minions, because it would be way faster.
  • Always attack enemy champions close to other enemy champions. Because Righteous Fury splashes, it is important to maximize damage by attacking more clustered enemies.
  • If your enemy champion is hiding behind a minion early game, try hitting the minion in front with Righteous Fury. You should be able to harass without taking any damage.

Intervention: What makes Kayle a support, and what makes her OP. 3 seconds, is a lot. Don't underestimate this ability, it can change the difference of getting a ace, or being aced.

You're going to want to take intevention whenever you can, because it your ultimate (unless you're trolling, that's a different matter)
Tips and Tricks
  • If you are on a 1v1, use this right before you die (if you do get close to dying, or you know you're gonna die if the fight continues) to surprise them, and kill them. Just run away with Divine Blessing after that.
  • Do not use this on a tank. There's no point. Of course, if that tank can get a pentakill...that's a different matter. Use it on your teammate who can deal the most damage (which would most likely be you).
  • If you are getting focused down in team fights first (and you will be) use your Surge and Intervention, turn on Righteous Fury and Divine Blessing, hit for about 2-3 seconds, then run. You should have either died (if you failed) or got 5 assists by 10 seconds.

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You will need to be last hitting with kayle early game, as you need to build up to your Guinsoo's Rageblade as quick as you can. If you haven't noticed, never try to farm without Righteous Fury, you will get harassed quite a lot. If your attack speed is high enough, you should be farming very quickly with your Righteous Fury.

Getting blue buff at around level 8+ is very important, because you will lose mana really quickly early game, until you have your situational item. Red buff is not necessary, but if you should take it if your team does not have a jungler. Your Righteous Fury applies your red buff, and your other on hit effects.

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Starting items

These starting items do not change no matter what. You need the extra speed to dodge those skill shots, and to do more damage with your Righteous Fury against running enemies. The three health potions keep you healthy, but you can replace these with mana potions if you are sure you will use your mana quickly.

First return to base

If you can't afford to purchase the Recurve Bow, buy two daggers. The daggers you will buy here will build up to a Stinger, which would build to your Nashor's Tooth. Recurve Bow would build into your Wit's End, which would be your first core item. Wit's End's passive is great for killing enemies early game with your Stinger, which provides you attack speed for the passive to take place.


Now, which boots to choose from. It's quite simple, it works like this.

Wit's end, and building core items

You should get Wit's End as soon as possible. Get it if you can, especially when a teamfight has just ended. You need your Wit's End to start killing champions. Your Phage would provide you decent HP for extra survivability, and would build onto Trinity Force later on. Stinger increases your attack speed, which you need for your Wit's End passive. The 10% cooldown reduction is nice too. It will later build on to a Nashor's Tooth

Core items

Nashor's Tooth gives you greatly increased attack speed and ability power. The mana regeneration is quite good, especially if you have a jungler in your team and can't take blue. The 25% cooldown reduction is very big. Don't underestimate this.

Let's talk about The Black Cleaver. This is just a scary item overall - look at Wit's End, and now look at this bad a** item. You can see that you would be making every single enemy champion naked. They won't have any armor or magic resistance. It means your team (and you) can easily shred them like...melted butter. Trinity Force is overall a great item to get on Kayle, and it is the same for this build. It moderately benefits all stats on Kayle. A , and a built into one item, enough said. Madred's Bloodrazor are for ripping down the tanks, and gives you a boost in ripping down Karthus. But still, we all hate Karthus and his Death Defied. Also, while building this item, you get your Madred's Razors. This helps you kill baron and dragon faster (which usually is killed late game).

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Situational items

Offensive items

Phantom Dancer (Replace: Nashor's tooth) It is a great item to boost your attack speed for your , and . Extra critical strike chance is juicy, but what which really makes this item good is the movement boost.

Malady (Replace: Wit's end) this is one of the best early game items you can get for Kayle, due to not only it's ability power and attack speed buff, but it's passive. Malady with Holy Fervor would take down enemies really fast, and because you will be able to land about 10 hits if you use your Reckoning and Righteous Fury combo, you should be dealing quite a lot of damage, and would be easily picking up kills from squishy targets like Teemo or Annie. I take Wit's End over Malady, to activate my Randuin's Omen passive, and for the extra MR. Take Malady only when your enemy team has only 1 or none AP champions, and you don't have enough money to build your Wit's End.

Guinsoo's Rageblade (Replace: The black cleaver) Known as the best item for Kayle. But surprisingly, I'm leaving it out of my build. Why? Because we have enough attack speed, and the armor reduction The Black Cleaver gives you is way, way better then this item. Sure, it's cheap, and it's a good item for Kayle early game. But I find other items better, such as Wit's End and Stinger early game. It's your choice, but I won't get this unless you're not getting a few kills early game. If that's the case, don't use this build, you need to be more skilled using Kayle before. Sure, she's a hard champion to use, take your time!

Defensive items

Randuin's Omen (replace: Trinity force) is a great item on Kayle. The active and the passive is both great, reducing their damage output. You can stay in team fights longer. Use your active during Intervention, because you want to minimize their damage output in team fights. Remember to move this into a comfortable slot so you can use it easily. Get Warden's Mail instead of Phage when picking this item.

Frozen Mallet (replace: Trinity force) Health and a great passive. It makes your tanky while giving you more slow. Reckoning Righteous Fury (with Frozen Mallet) is inescapable. You still have the early game Phage when using this, so it's really nice to substitute. I use this when I feel like it, and when I feel enemies escape me often.

Banshee's Veil (replace: Trinity force) Blocks one ability every 45 seconds. Great item for enemies who are ability dependent. I won't get this alot, but I do when they have Karthus. No I'm not going to repeat that we all hate Karthus. Well I just did, anyways.

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Kayle is very easy to play with if you don't fail early game. She should use active farming as much as possible early game, and farm with Righteous Fury on. She should pick up kills on champions who were harassed by your team mates, by using her equation - Reckoning > Righteous Fury + Divine Blessing > Auto hit = kill. If you do get a kill, continue farming. FARM, FARM, FARM, I CANNOT SAY ANY MORE, JUST FARM EARLY GAME.
  • Early game: Farm, farm, farm.
  • Mid game: Start picking up kills and blue+red buff.
  • Late game: God mode. You shouldn't be running into the middle of a team fight though, you will die.
Early game (Lvl 1-8

Kayle in this guide is really weak early game, so you need to stay behind your tank. It would be nice to have a tank as a lane partner, but certainly not a CARRY or a SUPPORT. They won't fit you. Mages are a decent pick, but they would usually go mid.

What to do:
  • Farm with your . Use active last hitting.
  • Never overextend your lane. It would be better if you let them overextend it. Kayle is not good at this, but try your best. Farm with normal attacks if you are confident to dodge skill shots.
  • Call your ******** mias. I hate people who don't, trust me. I don't like feeding.
  • If you have 75 gold to spend on, buy sight ward. It is not a waste to buy a Vision Ward if you have Twitch or Akali in your lane.
Mid game (Lvl 9-14)

You should have built up to Wit's End by mid game. You should have 3 or more kills now, and should be the most fed in your team. You should start to be able to take on champions and initiating ganks, as well as farming consistently with you Righteous Fury.

What you should be doing:
  • Farming consistently
  • Ganking enemies
  • Teamfights
  • Blue golem, Red lizard and Dragon. These are important to get.
  • Warding (unless there is a full support in your team) as you should have the most money in your team.
  • Destroying towers. Be careful for ganks when doing this, you don't want to lose your killing spree.

That's about it. I'll teach you how to use your skills now.

General combo

> > >

Slow with Reckoning, use Righteous Fury and Divine Blessing to keep auto attacking them, and use Reckoning whenever it's up.


> > >

It's the same as general combo, but use your Divine Blessing onto your teammate who can use CC to stop them. It shouldn't be hard to kill them, unless they are quite tanky.

Late game (Lvl 15-18)

You should be dominating by now. If you are not yet doing so, you should be doing now. After getting your situational defensive item/ Trinity Force, you should be easily ripping down enemies. Be careful, you are not a tank, and you should be close to a tank. Roaming alone is very dangerous.

What you should do:
  • Kill enemy champions
  • Get baron
  • Finishing off your build
  • Pushing towers

You should also know who you should be focusing first in a team fight, because your team would be very dependent on this.
  • The carry - They deal the most damage, so you should shut them down as quickly as possible.
  • The jungler - They have CC, which can shut you down. You should kill these after using your Intervention. 3 seconds would be enough to kill and Udyr.
  • The support - They are a threat. It should take less then 2 seconds flat to take this one down - Prioritize this first if the enemy was Soraka, Alistar or Zilean
  • The tanks - They provide the least threat
  • Everything else

Full burst combo and in Teamfights

> > > > >

When fighting one on one or going into a teamfight, use your Reckoning to kick in it's extra damage (remember to use this on the top priority enemy, shown above) turn on your Surge and Righteous Fury on, and start hitting the enemy in the middle of where all the enemy champions are to maximize the damage dealt from the splash by Righteous Fury. If you are around half life, use your Divine Blessing and Intervention. Be sure you can run out and live, dying is not worth it. Flash out if you need it.

If you don't have Surge, be more defensive - you wouldn't be killing your enemy before you run out of Intervention, and you would die. Not the best idea.

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Kayle is a great champion to play with, especially for the new people. I wish you have enjoyed my guide on my offensive Kayle, and hope you comment and give me a vote! Sorry to repeat this again, but please read my whole guide before rating up or down. I'm not a marvelous player, and I'm still training to play ranked games, so I would like comments on how to improve my build for fighting against the stronger, pro dudes. Thank you very much for reading the whole guide.

"Into the fray!"

By: moumoon

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Credits goes to jhoijhoi for making such an awesome banner in the introduction section!

Thanks to jhoijhoi for the cute line separators she shared, and her guide on making a guide (Sounds awkward) which allowed me to make such an awesome, professional looking guide!

-By moumoon