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Singed Build Guide by The Ton of Fen

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Ton of Fen

Keep Chasin' Singed S4

The Ton of Fen Last updated on January 22, 2014
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Hey Everyone! I may sound grumpy at times in this but I'm not... just really passionate about my boi Singed!

I have seen many Singed players get destroyed and he is becoming a less popular champ. This breaks my heart because Singed is one of the best Late Game Tanks in the game. I'm here to help....

The purpose of this guide is NOT to nit pick and give you guys every little detail... (I also do not have time yet to make it pretty or tell you everything I know... maybe someday when I don't have a life)
I am not writing this guide for new Singed players! This is more for people who like to play Singed but are frustrated that they aren't getting what they want out of him.

This guide is also written for any person who thinks that Rod of Ages is a must buy on Singed. (Because it's not, in fact that is what you should buy if you are a new Singed player). With this guide, I wish to dispel the idea that Rod of Ages should be bought on Singed ever again.

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Pros / Cons


[*] Close to Immortal Late Game
[*] Tons of AOE Damage
[*] Very Easy Mid/Late Game
[*] Farm's Like a Boss
[*] Great CC, Hard and Soft


[*] Kind of a Puss Early Game
[*] ONLY one single target spell
[*] Very Hard Laning Phase
[*] Expensive Build/Farm Dependent
[*] Useless When CC'ed

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Tear of the Goddess
This is the first actual item you want to pick up on your first back.
You can get this stacked simply by running your q poison and it will stack mana really fast. Having more mana also makes you tankier with his passive. Wait to build this into Archangels Staff until after you have some other tankier items. (such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter)

Once you have Tear, get Rylai's Crystal Scepter as fast as you can. It gets you Tanky, gives your poison some stank, and makes it really hard for anyone to get out of your poison trail. This also helps a ton when proxy farming because the minions can't get as far before they die. The slow will be important as well when you get Liandry's Torment for doubling the damage.

The next step is very flexible... you can either get tanky first with some armor and health, or go damage with AP and burn with Liandry's Torment. Its really up to you and depends on how you are doing against your opponent. By now you should be tele-ganking and racking up the assists.

Why You No Have Rod of Ages??? (Derpitty Derp)

Don't argue with me in the comments please, argue here on this awesome Forum where many more people are already fighting. Seraphs Embrace VS. Rod of Ages

Here is my argument...
[*] Why People Choose Rod of Ages
People are stupid and try to get all the cs with a poison trail in the first 8 minutes of the game, they get poked to death and so they need some form of sustain that gives them lots of health.

If you read the following Laning Phase section, then you will understand why that is not the way you should be playing for the first 8 minutes. NOT playing that way will alleviate your health sustain problem.
Try to pick up cs here and there with auto attacks, that's important, but if you can grab a tear early game, Seraphs Embrace by mid game, (instead of wasting money on ROA) then by late game you will be much more powerful. No Mana problems, and way more cs later on.
You must play Singed with a Late Game mindset and too many people try to grab Rod of Ages to help his early game, but this comes with an expense to his late game power, which is what Singed was created for.

Comparing The Stats


[*] ROA = 2800g
[*] SE = 2700g

Ability Power Full Stacks

[*] ROA = 80
[*] SE = 120+ (60 + 3% of Max Mana... at 2000 max mana = extra 60 AP)

Health Full Stacks

[*] ROA = 650 + 188 (Passive) Max hp
[*] SE = 250 (Passive) Max hp


[*] ROA = 450
[*] SE = 1000


[*] ROA = Health/Mana on Leveling up
[*] SE = Mana Regen/sec and huge active shield every 2 minutes

Some things to think about...
Late game you don't need 150 health restored on leveling up... that's maybe one spell. Instead you could have a 400+ shield every 2 minutes instead of only when you level up. (Shield can be used when you need it... otherwise I hope you level up right when your about to die... even then the heal is over time and not instant)

Mana Regen/second is probably more useful then getting mana only when you level up as well.

With only seraphs Embrace, Singed at level 18 has over 2000 mana.
This means he receives 120 AP from it and another 250hp from his passive.

To analyze these stats...
Health ROA Wins (unless you take into account that SE gives you a shield)
Cost SE Wins
Mana SE Wins by A LOT
AP SE Wins by even MORE

Does the 400 Max HP out weigh an extra 40 AP, 550 Mana, and a 400 Active Shield?

The only time I would get ROA on Singed is if I'm playing an ARAM!

Just found this too! Druiddroid builds Seraph.
Druidroid's Build Guide!

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Laning Phase

Early game is where people really struggle with Singed. Late Game is easy... just run around poisoning the whole enemy team and toss people.

There is a very special way you have to play early game though. Most importantly to remember is that you are going to get bullied a LOT! And you actually want it that way...

Make sure you start with enough health and mana pots to take a lot of bullying til your first back. Let your opponent push you back to your tower and take all the cs he wants. They will get ahead of you and that's ok. This will usually make them pretty cocky. THe quicker you can make them think they are way ahead the better. They will start trying to poke you under your own tower and when they do, you simply pop your q ( Poison Trail) and then flip them back into tower for a quick kill.

More often then not, the people I play against will either not learn form this, and you can keep getting kills that way, OR they will back off and let you start your farming dynasty.

Farming with Singed is really important, because his build is expensive. Focus on killing every minion you see once you have a Tear of the Goddess. You should finish a 40 minute game with 270 cs+ no matter how badly your losing. Proxy farming can be done if your comfortable with singed as well. (Google Proxy Farming if you are lost) Just make sure that you are ok with getting pushed around for a good 7 or 8 minutes early game. Play extremely passive until they start getting too close to the tower.

Once you have tear, rush Rylai's Crystal Scepter and no one will be able to get away from you. Finish your build and become Immortal... Greatest Uber Tank in the game with a lot more damage then most tanky champs can put out.

Make sure that when you start getting into mid/late game, be tele-ganking and split pushing all over the place. When it's time to team fight, DO NOT STEAL KILLS WITH YOUR FLIP! You will be taking enough kills accidentally with your Poison Trail, you don't need to be flipping low-health enemies unless they are going to get away. You will have more then enough gold if you are Farming correctly and stacking assists.


Playing against Teemo or Nasus.... You do not want to let Teemo poke you. Honestly... I still dont know what to do against a good Teemo... your going to have a rough game. Sorry :(

Against Nasus, you dont want to let him farm with his Q... So early game you have to play aggressive as well. Toss him and run trying to take the least amount of damage possible but try to get him to focus you instead of farming.

Anyone else..... give them a false sense of security early game. Patience will get you stacked in no time.