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Trundle Build Guide by Poro Star

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poro Star

Keep your enemy close and your club closer! (S4 Jungle)

Poro Star Last updated on May 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I am a regular player like most people on League of Legends and I'm here to share my personal guide and how I utilize in the jungle, ganking, and in team fights. I haven't put too much effort into this guide but I have put what I think is essential to playing trundle. I will update this guide in the future to better suit players and their needs of bashing heads in with a giga club. Please feel free to criticize this guide and offer different opinions in the comment section so that I may update this guide to be better!

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Pros / Cons


Able to make the enemy burn flash super early
Pillar OP when used right
Great life sustain in the jungle
Can downsize the enemy tank's HP/MR/DEF with your ulti
An extraordinary tank mid-late game

Weak early game
No fast escapes unless you take flash
Not a great damage dealer
Hard to chase enemies
Mana issues early game
Difficult to gank lanes efficiently

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Creeping / Jungling

My jungle start is red > kill the 3 small wraiths(the reason behind killing the 3 small wraiths is because when you go to blue you'll be able to hit level 3) > blue > look for lanes that are gankable between Top and Mid( meaning the enemy champion is over extended) if no lanes are gankable then > wight > wolves > kill the last remaining wraith that was left behind > golems > look for a gank between Mid and Bot, if none are presented then farm to 1200g then recall.

Jungle route in a nutshell:

    3 SMALL wraiths
    Wraith Camp

IF you are able to have a successful gank then push the lane creeps to the tower and deny the enemy champion exp/gold then head back to the jungle if you still don't have 1225g

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Jungle Route, Warding The Map, And Ganking!

    Star - Starting point for your jungling

    Blue Arrows - Direction of order

    Orange Squares - Where pink wards should be place

    Green Circles - Where green wards should be place
Do NOT forget that you can gank at early levels! To be more on point; ganks can be done immediately after red or blue! As for , you want to put a point into Pillar of Ice if you are going to gank at level 2 so you can force the enemy champion's flash! These ganks are most successful in burning flash or getting first blood.

Another good gank would be right after doing the double buffs! Having double buffs will increase your output of damage by decreasing the cooldown of 's abilities. This mean you can get up to 2-3 Chomp's before the enemy champion completely escapes! Meanwhile, the red buffs applies a slow that can help you stay in the chase. So to maximize damage from trundle's gank you want to start off by cutting off the enemy champion's escape route with your Pillar of Ice (be sure the Pillar of Ice is adjacent to the wall that way they have to: A) Walk around the Pillar of Ice or B) Burn flash!) This is when your trinket ward comes in handy! When the enemy champion runs for safety inside the brush, immediately place your trinket inside the brush (more effective if you place the trinket inside the brush before the enemy champion runs into the brush) so you can continue to the chase! When you come into contact with the enemy champion, please please please AUTO ATTACK the enemy champion then use Chomp followed up by another auto attack! This will greatly put your double buffs to use!

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If you are behind!

I just played my first draft match of the day as jungle on 3/4/2014 and I have to admit that I fed a mid on accident due to always being there at the right times. My score became 0/4 around 20min of the game and I couldn't afford the stuff I would like to afford, so I ended up completing the core build around 25-30min which is really bad because I need to tank for my team and peel, and I can't do that when I'm so behind! If this is the case for anyone then I suggest to keep farming the jungle and complete your Spirit of the Ancient Golem asap as it will give you a gold boost by 40 for each big neutral monster you kill. If you are being pushed super hard then I highly recommended trying to protect your tower with your *team!* You won't be going in unless you feel it's necessary otherwise don't, but if someone else is decently fed on your team and you're not then throw out your Pillar of Ice to see if you can trap someone and make a play with your team!; even poking is a great way to lower the enemy's team health. Surprisingly, my team was really nice and lead me to believe that we can still come back! So if you think being nice doesn't help then I highly beg to differ because it can boost one's attitude to play better so don't ever think that being nice isn't helpful for the team because being mean and ugly doesn't help and can lead the team to their own demise with each other! My enemy team was fed with a 10/3 and a 9/1 which became extremely difficult for me to do anything for my team, and as I became more and more convinced that it was gg for my team I decided to click yes on the /ff; however, we were granted another chance by a 3/2 vote, thus, I decided to give it one more try. That try became a morale booster +100 as I was able to come back in the game after catching people with my Pillar of Ice under my team's tower with my team! The Pillar of Ice can make a huge play if your team is there with you defending that tower. So if you are behind just remember to safe farm (meaning your jungle is warded), guard your towers with FULL HP and with your TEAM! otherwise back off!, and throw out your Pillar of Ice in FRONT of the enemy champion to poke or to make plays! P.S. NEVER guard a tower with a quarter of its HP when there is 1 of you and 3 of them! Oh btw, I won that game shortly after I had 1v1 under my tower after she was super fed and I was still 0/4 with the core build + visage! When someone is fed they intend to get cocky and dive you under tower thinking they are bad ***es but little do they know about trundle and my summoner spell exhaust. I diminished her after subjugating, blocking her escape under tower with pillar of ice which made her balls deep in my face and exhausting her damage output and bashing her head in with my club with frozen domain to my advantage. KDA 4/5/17 :3

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The reason why I chose Exhaust over Ghost or Flash is because it can help peel or minimize damage to my carry or team. It's best to use it on enemy champs that have a gap closer such as: , , , etc OR the ones that are doing the most damage aka fed enemy champs. I feel that Exhaust has a better use than Flash because it's for my team and not for myself. If you NEED Flash and you aren't great at escaping with 's skills then maybe Flash is the ideal summoner spell for you; however, you will be sacrificing a spell that can hinder an enemy team or even turn the tables of the match!

As I stated in the first paragraph of spells, I had mention that Exhaust is great for team fights and it really is because it can shutdown burst champions or even fed champions who are making the plays for their team. However, I would like to also mention that flash is more than likely to take as a summoner spell and I have come to agree that it is 90% useful in league, obviously. While flash can escape, initiate, make plays, last hit champions, it can also save your teammates lives or secure baron or dragon. Flash is an all around summoner spell which makes it potentially effective on champions with no escapes like [icon-=trundle size=35]. If you like Exhaust and the idea that it shutdowns enemy champions for a period of time then I would suggest taking this summoner spell for champions who already have a gap closer like or . These champions can easily escape without the use of flash which gives them capabilities to carry Exhaust to increase their potential in chasing and killing.

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Unique Skills

Okay, the skills on trundle are very important during team fights so these are my thoughts on how I think trundle should be played so our opinions may differ!

During team fights you want to Subjugate the enemy champion with the most HP/MR/DEF items on the enemy team such as: , , , , etc. This will give a substantial amount of health, def, and MR; allowing you to tank beyond normal tanks. When this happens make sure to lay down your frozen ground with your W to get the full effect of your ulti. I can't stress this enough, but use your pillar to split ALL IN enemy champions such as: , , , and anyone else who has a gap closer otherwise your carry will be deleted. Your job as a tank is to PEEL and not to go after the carries; let someone else on your team do that for you. You want to be able to soak up A LOT of damage and peel for your carry and or team. Q's are great for giving that extra slow and reducing damage to enemy champions so use it on whoever is closer to you or closer to your carry!

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3/4 - It's best to maximize trundle's attack speed early game since we aren't using any runes for attack speed.

1/1 - A contribute to clearing the jungle faster. A must need!

3/3 - Pre-requisite for Martial Mastery

1/1 - Helps to sustain in the jungle

1/1 - Helps with red runes so we can at least have some damage to gank with rather than none!
2/2 - Reducing the enemy's regular attacks is always great when you go to gank at early levels.

2/2 - Just adding on what's already a beast!

1/1 - Simply to add on for early ganking so you can take less damage.

3/3 - More HP, more tankiness.

1/1 - 3% Max HP, more tankiness.

3/3 - Always great to have more armor which helps in damage reduction; after all, you are a tank!

3/3 - Again, if you want to be an extraordinary tank then I suggest taking the extra MR.

1/1 - Tired of being kited? Then I suggest putting a skill point into this for plowing through those slows like a beast which also stacks on Spirit of the Ancient Golem or Mercury's Treads.

4/4 - +4DEF/+2MR for each nearby champion? So 5 champs x +4DEF/+2MR = extra 20DEF/10MR! Why wouldn't you want this skill?!

1/1 - Reduce crowd control effects by 15%?! Not to mention it also stacks with the Mercury's Treads?! 35% + 15% = 50% CC reduction!! It's like you want to someone to even DARE to try to slow you down from becoming a beast!

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
9/9 - These will be the only damage runes in this guide due to the new meta and re-instating trundle in the jungle once again! :3

9/9 - Total of 27 armor at level 18 which greatly scales into mid-game and late-game. Please get these runes!

3/3 - These runes and trundle's frozen domain is a compliment to each other when it comes to ganking an enemy. It provides a better chance to land your auto attacks and trundle's bite. I wouldn't pass up these runes

9/9 - Scaling MR just because trundle is a mid-game and late-game champion and this stacks really well with spirit visage. So basically, what is AP? Lawls