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Kennen Build Guide by demonlordraiden

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demonlordraiden

Kennen: "You've Been, Thunderstruck!"

demonlordraiden Last updated on April 14, 2012
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I. Introduction

Hello! Welcome back Mobafire! I'm demonlordraiden, author of Lulu, the Fae Machinegun and The Mutha' F*cking Snake in Your Mutha' F*cking Lane, and I welcome you to my third guide!

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I.I. Build Summary

Allow me to begin with a song (I will put a couple of these in here XD)
/league-of-legends/champion/kennen-49 AC/DC. With the right build (a mostly Ability Power Build in my opinion), Kennen becomes a killing machine fueled by pure lightning.

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I.II. Pros/Cons


Hits Like a Lightning Bolt
Makes Your Enemies Scream Louder Than Thunder (See Below)
Moves Un-Godly Fast with Lightning Rush, Being Perfect for Chases and Escapes
No Mana!


Haven't Found Any :)

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II. Pre-Game Preparation

As I have said before (and will say again), Kennen (like ANY OTHER CHAMPION) requires Masteries and Runes to be fully effective.

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II.I. Masteries

Kennen's Masteries are the first Pure Set I've ever used. 30/0/0

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II.I.I. Offense

Summoner's Wrath improves Ignite and Ghost if you choose to use it.

Mental Power makes Electrical Storm and Slicing Maelstrom to deal more damage. Anytime I see Ability Power up, I will say "MP" and move on, redirecting you here.

Alacrity makes Marks of the Storm generate more often, allowing Electrical Storm to be used more. Anytime I see Attack Speed up, I will say "A" and move on, redirecting you here.

Sorcery was only takes to get to it's upgrade :D

Weapon Expertise allows for more Penetration, allowing MOAR DAMAGE!

Arcane Knowledge allows our abilities to Penetrate, allowing MOAR DAMAGE!

Havoc help all of our DPS.

Blast is "MP."

Sunder , because I love to penetrate nooblords...yes, like that.

Archmage is "MP."

Executioner is godly. F*cking godly. Best mastery. This plus Lightning Rush allows for plenty of pwnage.

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II.I.II. Defense


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II.I.III. Utility








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II.II. Runes

I'm gonna make my life easy, all of Kennen's Runes are Leveled Ability Power, because you end up with a higher Ability Power this way.

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II.III. Summoner Spells

Ignite is my buddy, dealing DoT.

Flash is for teh ninja, allowing for saving of you.


Ghost, which allocates extra Movement Speed.

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III. In-Game, Part I: Basic Information

Now for the fun stuff, in game with Kennen. Get your raping shoes on, and get ready for some fun.

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III.I. Abilities

Kennen's Abilities are so good!!!

Thundering Shuriken automatically procs all three Marks of the Storm. Also a skillshot. Papa loves his skillshots.

Electrical Surge is your bread and butter. With this, you can deal insane damage with anything. This is why we build Ability Power.

Lightning Rush is just...god. It is your run, your gank, your safety, and a proccer of the Marks of the Storm.

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III.I.I. Level Order

Electrical Surge > Lightning Rush > Slicing Maelstrom > Thundering Shuriken

Thundering Shuriken is Kennen's worst skill, and it is still pretty amazing.

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III.II. Items

Kennen's Items are similar to most AP Carries, with a little bit of AS.

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III.II.II. Justification(s)

Sorcerer's Boots, because ladies love nice boots.

Phantom Dancer. Speed = Marks/Second = Damage Output.

Lich Bane. Better AP AND AD.

Guinsoo's Rageblade AS and AD/AP Bonus per Attack? Yes please.

Deathfire Grasp. Active. Enough said.

Hextech Gunblade helps with everything, plus a good Active.

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IV. In-Game, Part II: Strategy

For once, I don't have much to say here. All of Kennen's strategies are similar. Jungle when possible, then Gank and Lane at times. Go for the kills, you can do it with Lightning Rush and Electrical Storm.

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IV.I. The One Strategy I Could Use Differently Than the Basic

Kennen can be used in ONE other way that I've seen.


Kennen can either be a Jungle Gankist, having enemy champions (squishy and tanky) getting in his thunder van to the eye of the storm, OR used as a Laning Pwnographer.


Push. They cannot stop what they have no chance to hit. Go into the brush, and ambush their *** when they get close. Lightning Rush, Electrical Storm, Thundering Shuriken, Repeat. If More than One are there, Lightning Rush, Slicing Maelstrom, Electrical Storm until Slicing Maelstrom is over. GG? GG.

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V. Conclusion

Kennen is an extremely powerful yordle, and deserves to be played more. Yordles rule!