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Kha'Zix Build Guide by JakeTheImmortal

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JakeTheImmortal

Kha Zix Top

JakeTheImmortal Last updated on November 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Kha Zix top guide. Kha Zix is a common jungle champ but lately has branched into Top and Mid lanes. He is very dominant in top lane. He out damages just about everyone and has built in sustain. I've been playing league for 14 months now and I'm currently ranked in Silver V.

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+ Insane Damage
+ Easy to play/ High Skillcap
+ Lots of escape/engage methods
+ Hyper Carry (Get fed enough and you can 1v5)
+ Amazing roam potential

- Hard to make up for mistakes
- Your Leap can be cancelled by CC, in which case you will fall to the ground.
- Team fighting is not his strong suit.

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Mobile boots: Kha Zix has incredible ganking potential and most of the time you're lane opponent will decide to tower hug after you murder him 2 or 3 times. These boots will give you the opportunity to run down to mid lane, grab a kill, and then get back to top before they can push your tower. If they're stupid enough to stay to long you can pick up another kill.

Last Whisper: Kha Zix's main damage source is his Q Taste their fear and his Passive. His Q does Physical damage based off his AD and if the target is alone deals extra damage. Once evolved that damage escalates even more. Last Whisper allows you to slice through the armor that anyone with half a brain would build against a Kha Zix.

Blood Thirster: High AD and lifesteal for surviveability, Add's alot of damage to your kit.

Blade of the Ruined King: The bonus Atk Spd and on hit affect increase your basic atks overall damage, while the Lifesteal adds to your sustain and the passive can turn any fight around in an instant or allow you to chase down fleeing enemies as well as get away from them.

Trinity Force: Kha Zix uses all of the stats given by this amazing item. Spell Blade also increases the damage of you're Q greatly.

Gaurdian Angel: Buffs up you life expectancy a bit and makes up for any error you accidentally make.

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Kha Zix has the ability to Evolve his skills. Increasing their effect.

At level 6 you get you're first evolution point. This point should be used to Evolve Taste Their Fear. The evolution increases the damage applied by 8% of the targets missing HP and 12% if they are alone. Also increases AA and Q Range by 50.

At level 11 you gain the next Evo point. This point should be spent on Either Leap or Void Assault.

Leap: Increases the range of Leap to nearly double what it was and resets leaps cooldown on assisst or kill of enemy champions.

Void ***ualt: Gives you a third charge of the skill and while cloaked you take 50% reduced damage.

If you have no trouble with any of you're enemys evolve Leap. If you've been losing duels against one or more of your enemys evolve Void Assault. The extra passive will greatly aid you in duels.

At level 16 you get your last Evo point. use this point to evolve whichever skill you didnt evolve at 11. Do not evolve W. It is very lackluster compared to the other 3 options.

In a game where Rengar is on the enemy team you have to possibility to obtain a 4th point. Once both of you have reached level 16 a secret quest entitled "The Hunt is On" begins. The first of the two to slay the other unlocks their item. For Kha Zix it is a 4th evo point and for rengar it is Kha Zix head. Assissts count, it does not have to be a direct kill so be careful.

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In Lane

Use Void Spikes to poke the enemy, AA to farm (Q once you have tear). Once you hit level three the real fun begins. Wait for a clear shot at your opponent and hit them with Void Spikes, run up and AA them and finish with a Q. Continue AA"ing if possible. If they get away duck into a bush or Leap away if necessary. People generally under-estimate the damage increase from evolving Q. SO at level six jump on them, Leap, Void Spike, AA, Q, AA Ignite. If they run and might escape don't waste ignite. If they try to fight use Void Assault to get your passive back after using it.

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Mid game.

Once you've taken the inner tower in top lane its officially mid game. Camp the enemies jungle, steal buffs, gank other lanes. Do whatever you can to be a pain in their ***. Keep an eye on the minion wave top lane. When you gank stick around a while to push the lanes. If the enemy top follows you go back to top and take the inhib tower (inhib if possible).

When roaming keep a close eye on enemy positions. Wards are your friends, dont forget that.

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Team fights.

Try to avoid this if possible. Its much better to 1v1 or 1v2 if possible then 4+v4+. In team fights lay down Void Spikes on as many as you can. Let someone else initiate but follow immediately with Leap, Taste their fear, and Void Assault. Leap out if necessary or run away while cloaked. If your team is losing the fight, try to escape and defend turrets. If you get out with enough HP you can wait for the weaker enemies to try and recall while their team pushes forward and you can get an easy kill or two.

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Kha Zix has amazing potential and great escape potential. Evolved Leap has one of the top 5 distance skills. His Evolved Taste their Fear has one of the highest Single target damage stats, and his ultimate re-applys his passive each time you activate it. Remember to isolate targets, you're damage increases exponentially.