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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Kayn Build Guide by I Love Thighs

Top Khan? Kanye? Oh Kayn Top! [UPDATED S8] [IN PROGRESS]

Top Khan? Kanye? Oh Kayn Top! [UPDATED S8] [IN PROGRESS]

Updated on January 15, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author I Love Thighs Build Guide By I Love Thighs 239 19 967,245 Views 13 Comments
239 19 967,245 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author I Love Thighs Kayn Build Guide By I Love Thighs Updated on January 15, 2019
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Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

Coup de Grace


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Im actually going to make a real kayn top guide, as this is about 2 years outdated lol

Look for it this weekend or next week, i'll try to put as much information as I know and put him in the top lane. (posted 1/15/2019)

just know, this is a JUNGLER so he is by far a troll pick top, but a fun troll pick for those who want to play them

heres my plug
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PROs and CONs


Shadow Assassin

+High Burst
+Lots Of Mobility and can roam
+Can escape ganks with E


+Lifesteal Tank
+Frontline bruiser
+Gets Hard CC from W
+Good Dueling
space CONs

-Falls off later
-Can Be Peeled off

-Dodge your W = no hard CC
-Can't hop in and take all the damage without dying
-Doesn't really act like a tank
-Tankier means more team based
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Abilitys AND how to use them

Kayne's Passive

"Kayn hones his shadow skills by hunting ranged opponents, while Rhaast fuels his bloodlust by going toe-to-toe with melee enemies."

Easy right? Fight Melee champions and become a Darkin whos
Heals for a chunk of all spell damage dealt to champions.
Fight ranged champions and become a boss shadow assassin who
Deals bonus magic damage during the first few seconds of combat with champions
NOTE: If you don't get the form you want there is a 4 min timer to be able to pick the form you want

Kayne's Q

"Kayn dashes forward, striking nearby enemies at the end of the dash. Both the dash and the strike itself deal physical damage. Reaping Slash deals BONUS DAMAGE to monsters."

To get max damage with this ability try to hit the dash AND the slash.
In Darkin form it deals bonus percent-health damage against all enemies except minions.
At 40% CDR this ability is at a 3 second cool down. Utilize it!

Kayne's W

"Deal damage in a line that significantly slows all enemies hit."

Does exactly what it says.
When Kanye is a Shadow Assassin he Leaves behind a living shadow that casts in Kayn's stead. The living shadow's Blade has increased range.
This means after you cast you can keep moving and/or use your other abilitys
NOTE:You can catch people off guard by casting W then Q almost simultaneously for insane burst damage
When in Darkin form, briefly knocks up struck enemies.
Since your more of a front line in this form this acts like your hard CC

Kayne's E

"Kayn gains a burst of movement speed and the ability to walk through walls. When he first enters a wall, he'll heal for a small amount and the duration of Shadow Step will be greatly extended. Kayn won't get the duration extension if he's in combat with enemy champions."

Phew alright. When you first enter the wall you will heal and the duration of the cast will be increased.
NOTE: If you are damaged or you leave the wall too quickly you will not get the duration increased and will be puzzled as to why you just got stuck. BE CAREFUL
When in Shadow Assassin you gain additional movement speed and immunity to slows when activating .
Use this to juke, roam, or in some cases sustain.

Kayne's R

"Kayn may infest any nearby enemy champion who he has recently damaged. Trespassing into a champion makes Kayn untargetable for a few seconds. Reactivating the ability during this period ends the effect. Kayn then wrenches himself free from his victim's body, dealing a burst of damage."

In Shadow Assassin form, it can be cast from further away and resets the bonus magic damage from The Darkin Scythe[/color]
In Darkin form, it deals extra damage as a percentage of the champion's max health, then healing you.

Alright lets see. You want to use this ability to chase down people who might flash/dash OR to dodge hard CC

An example of this is if an ori shockwaves on top of herself in which you can ULT to not get hit and stay on her while dealing damage

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Runes & Keystones

Shadow Assasin

Electrocute or Electrocute

This is just an all around good keystone page for kayn in both forms, especially top, and heres why. When you go blue, you will blow up anything its just a better version of storm raiders that gives ADAPTIVE DAMAGE. Which means if you build lethality AD, the damage is applied as AD with your lethality.

As for other runes,

Sudden Impact will activate with your q because it is a dash, which gives EVEN more damage.

Ghost poro can just let you never be ganked or to leave it in those top laners who play around the bushes

Relentless hunter lets you roam, because you aren't going to be doing anything top

The precision side tree just gives you more damage, because you do not wanna to be in lane after you get your first turret.
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Who are we kidding. Flash is a staple. Best spell in the game. Hop over walls, run away, chase, you name it

Always good for any top laner. TP ganks or TP back to lane, you can never go wrong taking this spell

instead of TP and If you wanna be one of those Ignite top laners who crush the will to live of their enemy laner, than go ahead take ignite. Just make sure you dont fall behind.

If you wanna be a hipster and use this instead of flash and instead of storm raiders be my guest. No one will catch you
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What makes this item so good on Kayn is that he utilizes the stats very well. 20% for using your abiltys on low CD, 400 HP to keep you from getting blown up, 40 AD which any AD champion can use, and the movement speed from RAGE which lets you stick to champions and prevent you from getting kited. A nice bonus is the armor shred can be applied with your abilitys quite easily.

This will 1 shot ANY squishy if you have this before going in. The damage boost duskblade adds plus your passive will be unreal. You are very strong when you get this item, dont be afraid to just flash 1 shot a squishy



Lets Start with Tabi
Ninja Tabi should be built against auto attack dependent champions to get the most value out of them. This means if your up against say a Tryndamere or the enemy team has a double ADC comp, you most likely want these bad boys on.

Now with Mercurys,
are for when you DON'T need tabis. They are good vs magic DMG and help you not get as easily kited with all this CC floating around. Don't by this for MR dammit! Buy it when the enemy team have lots of CC.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence should probably never change

> > >

Always max ult,

will be on a 3 sec CD at 40% CDR which will be your main DMG ability and a way to stick to a target

is 2nd DMG ability and slows/HARD CC's

Will just be for roaming/escaping/chasing

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But wait, when do I go Darkin? When do I go Assassin?

Shadow Assassin

True to the name, you are an ASSASSIN. You are here to kill the squishy targets. Squishy mid laners, ADC's even supports just pop them. As an assassin, you will be stacking assassin items, such as , , and

NOTE: You dont have to be going against ranged champions to be an assassin. You could be going against other assassin's or squishy top laners such as Gangplank or even Yasuo


Becoming a Darkin makes you a Disrupter not a frontline tank. You are there to hack and slash to anything in a fight and force the enemy team to HAVE to respond to you. Life steal or Even sustain items in general are your best friend. Deaths Dance is personally my favorite because it just makes that much harder to kill with the life steal it gives and your Darkin's sustain. Same thing can be said with The Gage

Same with assassin, you WANT to go Darkin against some ranged champions who just have that much more HP. This could be applied to , Graves, and Jayce to name a few
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Coming soon
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Coming soon
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This was my first guide and I hope it turned out okay. If this gets popular I will add champion match ups and item explanations .

WOW i'll work on this whenever i get the chance thanks guys

Alright I never got around to working on it, but hey. Its pre-season, and ima play him top and hope I dont feed

Update: You get destroyed by jayce and riven or anything bursty o.o

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