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Kha'Zix Build Guide by darkdan191

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkdan191


darkdan191 Last updated on May 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Marks: Greater Marks of Armour Penetration. These Marks will give you the late game advantage and will shred the little armour that squishies have allowing for even easier assassinations.

Seals: Greater Seals of Armour. These are standard runes for jungling, Recently all champions received a buff to armour which meant these runes are not as good but they are still viable on Kha'zix as the Attack speed runes are not the most efficient on a caster who does not use the Feral Flare.

Glyphs: I Have a little bit of magic resist which can be flat or scaling but the main thing in the Glyphs is the 6 CDR runed which when combined with my masteries gives 10% CDR as soon as the game begins.

Quintesences: I Prefer to have Movespeed quints here for better ganks when combined with masteries. These can be substituted with AD Quints.

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This mastery page is for A Very Offensive Kha'zix, like most of the build will be. I Prefer to run 21 0 9 as it will allow me to get the most out of the kit of this AD Caster. I Put 4 into Sorcery for the CDR which is better on Kha'zix than attack speed. Next i add Double edged sword and Brute force for more damage, the Double edged sword will not matter much as you will be insta-killing people so they will not be able to get much damage on you before they die. Next i have Spell and Blade Weaving, Kha'zix is an AD Caster so most of his damage comes from his abilities this means that the extra spell and auto attack damage will benefit him and not just one of them. Next add the bonus of executioner as it will allow easier kills which, On an assassin will be an invaluable resource. Drop points into Warlord and Devastating Strikes for the bonus AD and Armour Penetration. Finally Havoc will give a 3% Damage Bonus which when stacked with Double Edges Sword will do 5% extra damage while only taking 1% more.

The Utility tree is the other important set. Grab Fleet of foot and Phase walker for the first 4 points to make escaping and chasing easier. Follow that with Summoners Insight and Alchemist to have more ganks early because you will have more pots when you have finished clearing and less time on the Smite/Flash. Finally, Runic affinity will give the extended Red and Blue buffs which can make ganks more likely to get a kill.

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Summoner Spells

Not Much here. Standard jungle summoners:

Smite: Must have for jungling. If you do not have smite as a jungler you will struggle to secure objectives and will probably have to avoid dragons and Baron. Another problem with not running smite is what and decent jungler will do to you for not picking it up in champion select. If you forget smite or ignore it the enemy jungler will not hesitate to take your buffs and start dragons when you are alive.

Flash: This is not as important as you have an escape but it is still not worth switching it out as the cooldown on leap is really long if you cant get a kill. Flash also help significantly with offensive plays and can ensure your escape with leap.

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Kha'zix, Pros and Cons

In general Kha'zix is a late game assassin that can potentially take out any of the enemy team without much trouble with continuous resets and tonnes of damage.

+ High damage
+ Can only get stronger
+ Choice with evolutions
+ Evolved Claws is and execute spell
+ Slippery
- Reset reliant
- Squishy early game
- Relies on power spikes upon reaching levels; 6, 11 and 16
- Needs to find picks
- Cant fight long engages
- Struggles vs Disengage comps

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Starting with the W is not necessary if you have played a lot of Kha'zix but it feels a lot safer because of the healing factor and AOE affect if you are starting at blue. If you wish to start red for say an early gank bot lane, start with your Q and pull the red buff around into the bush to get the isolated bonus allowing you to clear it faster. This tactic sadly cant be implemented on the blue buff and the 4.7 patch removes this entirely because of the range for isolation being buffed.

Kha'zix generally has a good clear speed and good ganks so it isn't really necessary to have your laners act around you although that will always help. When jungling in general don't get to caught up in what people want of you, it is your choice where you gank and who you give YOUR buffs to. Remember to save smite for objectives if they are coming up. I recommend ganking mid and top lanes the most as they have no duo to fall back to they will be more likely to be isolated. Always remember wards as not only can they save your laners and secure objectives but can also allow for amazing counter ganks that can pick up easy kills.

Despite the invasion nerfs Kha'zix can still make use of this tactic as he has more damage in the enemy jungle because of isolation. Always think before invading however and some champions like master yi are strong enough to out damage you as you are squishy. But with a good ambush gank you can take advantage of the shock and insta kill the target. However the isolation is important for this tactic so you must avoid being seen or fighting near camps. To make this more effective make sure to hit your auto attacks when coming out of the bush to deal more damage and to buy a sweeper when you hit level 9 to get more assassinations.

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Upon reaching and leveling your ultimate you will receive an evolution point, this can be used to evolve any of your abilities but cannot be reset meaning that you can only evolve 3 abilities unless a specific event is activated.

Q - Taste their fear - When evolved the spell now does 8% missing health as extra damage against isolated targets. I recommend evolving this spell second as it just re enforces the reliance that Kha'zix has on isolation and without a way to close a gap and take advantage of the isolation this spell becomes useful in a 1 on 1 fight in the jungle which is to rare to consider evolving this first. More recently it has been nerfed and its damage reduced which deters me from evolving that until level 16.

W - Void Spikes - This is the spell that i would leave unevolved as it only provides slight damage boost at the moment, when it was in season 3 it used to proc the unseen threat passive and do massive damage when evolved but now it cannot proc more than once. Void Spikes allows Kha'zix to fire 3 spikes instead of 1 but unless you are really bad at skillshots i would leave this sit as is.

E - Leap - The best thing about Kha'zix by far is his slipperiness, this means that even if you get miles out of position you can still survive with a very well aimed leap. Kha'zix Evolves wings that allow him to jump further and (i still don't know why he does this, he eats and gets energy maybe?) Upon getting a kill resets the spell and allows him to cast it again. This spell is what makes Kha'zix what he is and i recommend evolving this first. It can be used in multiple ways but a good way is to use it to intiate a gank or jump in get a kill and jump out in turn removing one of the enemies from the fight. the nerfs have not really hit too hard with his ganking potential and so this is a good option for the first evolution in solo queue.

R - Void Assault - If his ult wasn't annoying enough suddenly he can use it a 3rd time and cant be killed by a stray skillshot. Evolving Void assault last is generally the bast thing to do as you will start to be focused and get weaker then a sudden power spike gets you back in the game. Remember when you use your ultimate to auto attack after each use because of each auto attack activating the passive dealing extra damage and the ult really isn't on a long cooldown so don't be afraid to use it when you feel in danger. The Nerfs to Kha'zix's other abilities have left void assault untouched. if you plan on doing a competitive 5 man premade i would recommend that this is your first evolution as i can provide some excellent tank stats while allowing you to have 4 slows onto a single target.

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Wards, Wards, Wards. I cant emphasis how important it is to get your laners to ward. Dont get me wrong im not saying to go on strike if they refuse but lanes who dont ward are significantly more susceptible to counter ganks if you were to go in. One of my favorite quotes about wards is "They Dont just tell you where the enemy are, They tell you where they arn't" This means that a good ward in the bottom lane can secure a kill, To add to this a ward on the other side of the map could see the enemy waiting for a gank on your top laner, announcing to the world that the dragon is yours. But more importantly if you are behind the ward you have in 1 bush can show you that there is no enemy there, this means that you can just stick to this side of the river. If there is an enemy there you will have time to react. I dont care if you drop 16 wards at baron, At least you have vision. And, yes there are good and bad places to ward, and you will learn this over time, but Warding dragon is significantly better than warding your own nexus.