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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Danwatts85

Assassin Kha'zix jungle domination

Assassin Kha'zix jungle domination

Updated on May 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danwatts85 Build Guide By Danwatts85 31,549 Views 8 Comments
31,549 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Danwatts85 Kha'Zix Build Guide By Danwatts85 Updated on May 17, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Kha'Zix Runes

Starting the jungle

First off after purchasing your Hunter's Machete and Health Potion you want to decide with your team on an invade or not. In the case of an invadeyou shall want your Void Spikethis will allow you to do considerable ranged damage and heal yourself on impact. If you do take this route you will need a strong leash on the buff of choice. On most occasions i go for my own Blue as Kha'Zix has a huge early game damage output but has a rather high mana cost it may seem low as his Taste Their Fear has only a 25mana cost. But kha'zix starts with only 260 mana. And it works like Hecarim Rampage it needs to bespammed At your own Bluetake a medium damage leash and use Smite it will be up when you need it for this route. Take your Taste Their Fear and spam that sucker on the blue after all your mana regen from blue will replace lost mana.
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After securing blue

With blue having been secured. Head to your wolves, assuming your team hasnt taken any exp from blue you should be level 2. Take your Void Spike, use this to initiate on the wolves and use your Taste Their Fear on the main wolf in the camp use your Void Spike as soon as its up as it will weaken the other two wolves and heal you for bonus health while you drain on a pot.
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After wolves

Head to your wraiths as soon as you have cleared wolves use the same method on the wraiths and secure them. Then head to your red, assuming you have kept good time your smite should have between 10-15 seconds left on cd. Start up on red using your Void Spikeand Taste Their Fear respectively. Smite should be off or cd just in time for the secure. This will take you level 3 with double buff. This is where the fun begins.
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Making that first gank

This level three gank for me has always resulted in a kill or use of all the opponents summoners.
To go about this on the purple (red) team side head to the top lane providing a opponent is there and the lane is pushed. Most people tend to not have the river brush warded by this time becuase they either havent purchased one or it has expired. Wait in the river bush. Do not be tempted to use your Leap. If the enemy pushes up and you can get behind them, save your jump run in behind them and charge them down, save your Void Spike as it will most likely collide with minions and deal no damage. The top lane opponent will mostly run into the brush. This works to your advantage initiate with your Taste Their Fear then Void Spike. the person will most likely Flash. Jump infront of them and keep bursting them with taste their fear and Void Spike respectively. This should most likely gain you a kill or assist. That is all you need as khaz snowballs very very hard. And as soon as that wriggles is complete you can roam to bot lane and burst down the carry and support like they were a wraith.
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You are all set

Roam at will. you can roam more than most junglers, as you can clear with speed and have a high damage output, even with less farm than most other junglers require at this point. Apon level 6 you can Void Assault stealth in for a gank it is a short stealth but that element of surprise can allow you to do enough damage without the enemy being able to react in time. Apon the purchase of the black cleaver you will have no opposition. Even the tankiest of characters such as nunu, will be burst down in seconds and ad carries and their supports will be three shot.

Enjoy and remember you can stealth in to teamfights kill the carry and jump out freely.
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Pros / Cons


insane burst
three escapes, Void Assault, Leap and Flash
can solo most fighters
kitty nerfed gg Rengar


low total mana pool
easily killed if stunned or snared
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Other summoners

If Leap and Void Assault are suitable for you to escape thenBecomes a plauasable option it will allow you to cover more ground in your Void Assault for an escape or engage

For the reduced move speed so you can catch your enemy and they cannot turn the fight on you
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Jungler vs jungler

Who kha'zix is goodagainst

Nunu & Willump
Jarvan IV
Lee Sin

average equal to

Rengar not tested post vi patch

bad against

Olaf <-- this guy will ruin your day avoid him at all costs and do not attempt to counter jungle him as he is a fast jungler and has a slow.

Fiora her parry and dash are nightmareish against khaz
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Kha'zix always evolving

Kha'zix is an evolving assasin as such his abilitys are allowed to level up using his ultimate.

Evolving Taste Their Fear causes it to deal damage equal to 12% of your target's missing health[/colour]. I always evolve this first as it gives you that huge damage that can tear through the tankiest of foes. dont evolve this anymore (personally)

Evolving Void Spike causes 3 spikes to be shot out of Kha'Zix in a cone formation as opposed to just one, and consumes your Unseen Threat to deal additional damage and slow those hit! This spell will also heal you for a reasonable health and is what i evolvefirst in this guide!

Evolving Leap allows you to leap further! It also refreshes it's cooldown when you get a kill or assist! This is evolved second

I evolve Void Assault last
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The key to khaz

This item

Black Cleaver = GG
+ the spirit of the eldar lizard
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offense tree
the reason for this is i want the early Armour penetration many kha'zix guide insist on a heavy offense page. i don't follow along with this .

The Armour penetration is vital

for Kha'Zix as it accompanies his Taste Their Fear nicely. other builds insist that kha'zix be build to a reasonable degree of tankyness. in my opinion the 21 points in the defense tree is enough it gives that early health that helps clear the jungle. and closes the tanky gap. the only item that i buy on kha'zix is the Frozen Mallet this is the last item i buy as i believe kha'zix to be an ultimate dueler for this reason i go the FULL AD/LIFE STEAL build. this will give you the mental damage output to take out even the tankiest of foes and allows you to fight those pesky duelers such as: and this build also allows you do do what very few champions can do.

kill the ultimate enemy

yes that is right with this build i was able to 1v1 a late game well farmed vayne who destroys everything!!
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easiest way to hunt

with this build it requires the element of skill surprise. this is how you take out the enemy.
a stereo typical team comp looks something like this:


Ad carry

Ap mid



Top laner

in a fight this should be your target order
you may be thinking to yourself surely target thetop laner before the support? you may be right however in most cases it seems to be the top laner bruiser who engages a fight. if you Leap straight into the fight to get the top laner you will be burst down. your best bet is to let your team focus and melt the top laner while soaking up the damage from the enemy ad and ap carry. this is where you come in. Use the brush to your advantage try and work your way around the back of the fight but be quick the quicker you reach your target the less time they will have to notice you are missing. go in with your Void Assault but be swift as it has a short duration. activate it when your are about to be in vision. use it also to get in range for your Leap as soon as you hit the carry use your Void Spike and then Taste Their Fear. this will most likely get you the kill. however after the death of the carry the team will be quick to turn on you. but as luck would have it. your ult can be used a second time!! activate Void Assault for the second time and flee to the brush. if things get hairy you should still have Flash. with the enemies main damage dealer sat on a juicy respawn timer you should be free to turn around when the attention on you has switched. this is now called

cleanup duty

if by some chance your ad carry has awful focusing skills and the enemy Ap carry is still alive you will see a big red cross over their head. literally (if you have mecha kha'zix) and metaphorically because this is your second free kill. simply use Leap then Void Spike then Taste Their Fear and your second kill is secured. if you die now it doesn't matter you would have done 2 for 1 and their main fighters dead if your team doesn't score the ace after this then i'm afraid you are part of the new experiment to see if monkeys can play league of legends. however in this position there is most likely one last option. the poor little Bambi playing the role of support in this case Taric will be running for the hills or spinning in circles at the death of his team mates. if he doesn't ghost for your fountain to commit suicide with the shame of letting his team die. and most likely being flamed at by his/her team he will be rendered useless and be a third free kill. this will secure you the ace and type /all GG EASY rinse and repeat every game
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Runes the underestimated advantage

flat runes only. none of that scaling stuff. the reason i say this is scaling runes give you less of the level one advantage. with attack damage quints and marks. you get a bonus 9.6 ad. when you start at level one with 50 ad that extra 9 ad in my opinion is much more beneficial than an extra 18 ad at level 18 when you have a build with a surplus of 520 ad. which one makes more sense? for me it is the flat lvl 1 ad and Armour. say in a scenario where the same champion uses the exact same ability and auto attack at the exact same time on each other and one has the scaling ad and Armour runes and the other has flat ad and Armour runes. the one with the flat runes would win the level one exchange. that is what i believe runes are for.
3 attack damage marks give you that small extra base ad
3 attack speed runes for putting down the extra amount of damage in a shorter amount of time.
3 Armour penetration runes to add compliment to the masteries and the black cleaver also buffing the Taste Their Fear.
9 armour runes for that jungle aid and reduced minion damage
9 ap resist runes for that tricky gank on the higher level higher farmed mid laner. Too many times has a jungler 3 levels lower than the mid laner over committed and got his nice blue/red/double buff freely transferred to the enemy midlaner
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tell me what i missed ill keep adding and updating

changed build was stale and pretty bad as ive played more khaz now this is the proper build

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