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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Zero47

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zero47

Kha'zix Jungle Terror (SR)

Zero47 Last updated on November 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys I'm Zero74, I play on EUW under the name Aatroxious. I'm a Gold 3 player (currently) with a lot of games under my belt (I'd say around 2500), I've played Kha'zix for at least 150 games now in jungle so I thought I'd write a guide on him. I'm sharing my way of jungling Kha'zix, it's the way that for me has been most effective (and I've tried a lot).

Why jungle Kha'zix?

+Amazing dueling (from level 3 up).
+Great ganks.
+Great mobility.
+Great teamfighter.
+Snowballs hard.

Ofcourse jungle Kha'zix has his fair share of downsides as well:

-Low sustain.
-Blue dependant.
-Weak level one.
-Bad manner champion ks everything hue.

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My Marks and Quints are all about doing maximum damage to champions starting at level 3. I believe for that purpose Armor Penetration is just about as good as flat AD at level one while quickly becoming better as you get more AD, I find going for damage more effective than anything else. Seals are armor as usual for any jungler, Glyphs are MR, flat because you want to be able to duel people straight from level 2-3.

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21/9/0 is in my opinion the most solid mastery configuration available for Kha'zix. Early damage is extremely important on a volitile champion like Kha. As far as 21/9 goes the only real choice in masteries is wether to go for AS or CDR in the offense tree, both are fine I prefer CDR, the rest is clear cut.

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Kha'zix is an assassin but I feel like once laning phase is completely over he is better played as a teamfighting bruiser/assassin rather than a squishy assassin. As a squishy assassin you don't get to abuse his low cooldowns, invisibility, mobility, dueling potential and damage reduction to the fullest.

In the early game I build my assassin core of Boots, Ravenous Hydra, Last Whisper because I'm confident I can outplay my enemies in small skirmishes and not die (much). I believe this is the most cost efficient way to increase your physical damage (consider that the hydra activation can be cast while Leaping), as a bonus the Hydra also serves to boost your clear speed.]

After my assassin core I build my bruiser core, Warmogs and Guardian Angel. These two items have amazing synergy with eachother and offer a nice all around defense. The Guardian Angel passive is extremely valuable on Kha'zix. Against a full AD team I swap Warmogs for Randuins.

I usually finish my build off with a Trinity Force to further strengthen my teamfighting. Final item is very situational, other good options include Bloodthirster, Mercurial Scimitar, Maw of Malmortius and Randuins.

-Why no Brutaliser?
While brutaliser is very strong I think you can get more damage out of rushing AD combined with Armor Pen runes, I don't think the Black Cleaver passive is very good on Kha'zix and I do not need more CDR.

-Why no jungle item?
With a Ravenous Hydra you don't need a jungle item for clear speed or sustain, with Lucidity boots you don't need a jungle item for CDR. Elder Lizard is out of the question, all you're getting is that burn passive and 35 AD for 2k gold (+item slot wasted). Ancient Golem is slightly better but 2000 is just not a good deal for just some Tenacity and 500 hp.

-Why no Manamune
It takes too long to stack up before it does turn into Muramana, as Kha'zix I rely on getting a powerspike asap, building for mana regen or damage if I wait 20 minutes does not fit the picture.

I almost always go Lucidity because Kha'zix is great with CDR and Lucidity + Masteries + Blue is 39% CDR. If I desperately need Tenacity I go Mercs, Mobility boots are great as well, matter of preference.
I do tend to get my boots late, this is because Kha'zix relies on his damage to make ganks work, instead of a Jarvan who can just go Mobi boots I need to stack damage early. I don't always finish my assassin core before boots though, it all depends on the gold available when I back as well.

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Skill Sequence

Q is Kha'zix' main damage nuke, it has a shorter cooldown than W and deals more damage that's why I max it. W is great for sustain and damage so I get a second level in it early. I max E second because it resets once I hit level 6, allowing for more damage and because I want this skill to be at level 4 or 5 when the teamfighting starts, for teamfights mobility is king. I obviously level the ultimate whenever i can.

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Smite is obvious.
Ignite is amazing for ganks and duels, it has a shorter CD as well. Flash is a very good choice as well but I personally do not require it to do my job in teamfights, get ganks off or escape sticky situations.

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Final Comments

Well that's my jungle Kha'zix in a nutshell, do leave a comment/criticism all is appreciated :D

If you would like me to write more about jungle paths, matchups and make videos with commentary please let me know in the comment section. Gl and hf guys.